Late last week, the Department of State announced it was going to take more time to make a decision about whether to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline project. The announcement tried to make it clear that the process was not starting over but that they needed more time to review about 2.5 million public comments and vet them through multiple “relevant agencies.”

The timing of the announcement is interesting. The Administration delayed its release until the afternoon of Good Friday. “On a day when many Americans are observing Good Friday and preparing for Easter, the administration took the opportunity to quietly announce yet another Keystone delay despite the five successful environmental reviews of the energy project,” Senator John Thune (R-SD) said in a statement.

The criticism of the news was bipartisan, as Democrats from energy-producing states added their voices to the mix.

This project has been under review for five years. The Administration’s love affair with “green energy” and its efforts to shut down fossil fuel energy exposes the failure of President Barack Obama’s energy policies. While they are willing to squander $500 million of taxpayer’s money on the now bankrupt Solyndra, they are not willing to approve a permit to complete the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which will further our energy independence and employ thousands of workers. We also wonder how politically-driven the decision to delay approval of the pipeline permit was when billionaire Tom Steyer promised the Democratic Party $100 million should they block approval of Keystone.

Meanwhile, there is still hope. What the Obama Administration and its environmental allies fail to recognize is the power of the free enterprise system. When one approach is struck down or delayed by the government, an alternative will be sought.

In March it was revealed that Canadian oil producers are looking at alternatives that don’t require the president’s approval. Enter Canada and its railroads. Although a pipeline is the safest way to transport Canadian tar sands oil, using this method has its drawbacks. Tar sands oil is very thick oil and requires diluents in order to flow though a pipeline. Transporting the oil by rail requires far less diluents and unlike a pipeline, rail cars go in two directions, allowing the shipment of diluents back to Canada for reuse in subsequent shipments.

Additionally, unlike a pipeline, rail cars can move the oil quicker and to multiple destinations. It is estimated that within two years Canada’s two largest railroads could procure enough rail cars to transport between 600,000 and 800,000 barrels of Canadian crude on a daily basis. The Keystone XL Pipeline has a capacity of 830,000 barrels. In both cases the bulk of these shipments will go to the Texas Gulf Coast, which has the largest concentration of refinery capacity in the U.S.

Although the Canadian plan only requires two years, this option isn’t without its own issues. The hundreds of trains required to move the oil could further choke an already strained railway infrastructure.

The three of us still want the permit for the XL pipeline approved, but even if the Administration continues to stonewall it, rest assured it looks like Canadian crude will still be heading to Texas. And if it requires our railroads to beef up their infrastructure, that could be a good thing, too.

Bill Sargent, Mark Mansius and John Gay are writing a series of columns on timely issues for today. All three ran in the 14th Congressional District primary.

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PD Hyatt

I would be shocked if our left leaning administration ever approved of this job making pipeline.... After all they hate the oil field and the prosperity that it brings....

George Croix

This bunch quit leaning left and went into a full fall flat on the face on that side years before they ever began to 'fundamentally change' the greatest nation the world had ever known.
Wonder if anybody has told them that even their solar cells and windmills and Chevy Volts cannot be produced or delivered without the use of hydrocarbon based products...


Daniel 10:12-14 ( Angel from the Lord is talking to Daniel )
12) Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. 13) But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia. 14) Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the future, for the vision concerns a time yet to come.”
Very interesting Daniel was talking to an angel who was dispatched to give him divine information, as were common in that day! Here is yet another incident where GOD ALMIGHTY, "PULLED THE CURTAIN OF THE UNKNOWN BACK"... and allowed us to see what is going on in the unseen,...just as he did in JOB chapter one when he summoned the sons of GOD to his throne,...and SATAN came with them! He (SATAN) told GOD, that he was going to and fro in the earth and up and down in it. (Job 1:7 )
He did not tell GOD, ( as if God did not already know )...that he was trying to STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY against mankind, ..EVEN DEVOUR SOME HUMANS! He has not mentioned it to us either, but God has in John 10:10 and I Peter 5:8!
I went the long way around just to remind a few and inform the masses,...that just as the Angel told Daniel that there was a demonic prince,...( a powerful high ranking demon of principality who are over subjects,( Spirit and deceived humans ) serving under his command ) .......Washington DC has one of the same!
When is the last time we've had a leader to be elected and then double cross people who elected him and claimed he "evolved?" When was the last time we had a leader who went on a world tour and bowed his knee to foreign leaders in apologizing for America being a strong nation,...a beacon light of hope on a hill that many nations around the world respected,..LOOKED UP TO, and prayed for? When was the last time we had a leader who attended a meeting of leaders, and got in "CAHOOTS" with a representative from an adversarial power then instructed him secretly to tell his superior that,...."AFTER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE RE-ELECT ME,...I WILL BE MORE FLEXIBLE, (MUTABLE) TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT!" ( Translation in Piney Woods dialect: "I can then do a better job of *&^%* the American people! "Will you hold your water till then? ).
Satan has stepped up his game not only in DC but everywhere on this earth! It is just like he said,...he is walking around "TO" and "FRO" "UP and "DOWN" in the earth because his time is getting short!
Today, a man will not only steal your money and valuables,...he will steal your sacred name!!!!(sic). Pedophiles use to troll around the outer areas of schools where children played, on the hunt,..but now WE ROUTINELY find them behind a desk sitting in front of the kids' own classrooms in the schools! Progress? You bet!! Time is getting short!
"Charles Ponzi" and "Bernie Madoff"... might not have meant much to some people, but our Social Security system and National medical System is set up off of the way they did their business. That was, TAKE WHAT THE LATEST FOOLS ARE GIVING YOU, AND PAY FOR PROMISES MADE TO THE OLD FOOLS,..who also gave to you!
They call it a "PONZI SCHEME!!" Tune in tomorrow, here me take on another worthy topic! Until then, SEE YA,..."MAYBE"....

PD Hyatt

As per usual JB you said a mouthful in your post.... I wish others could see what you see but I know that many have been blinded to the truth....

Gary Miller

Why hasn't anyone explained why BHO and liberals object to the pipeline?
A pipeline is environmentally far better than rail and truck transport.

OPEC pays environmentalists to lobby against it. Every day of delay is another $86 million earned by OPEC.
BHO's other reason is almost all the 42,000 or 200,000 jobs it would support would be in conservative states the pipiline runs through from Canada to the Texas Gulf coast.
Progressives oppose it because the jobs would represent people escaping from welfare.

PD Hyatt

If people escape from welfare then the liberals have no control over them.... The liberals love the control of people....

George Croix

The current answer is very simple:
Thomas Steyer is giving 100 million bucks to Democrats if Keystone is NOT approved, and other 'green' ratholes continue to be dug.
More people would probably know this, if they weren't so busy listening to the Administration whining about the Koch brothers spending 30 million on conservatives.
The Democrats have always benefitted by a base that is a true reflection of the meaning of the word.
Verey 'progressive'...

Miss Priss

Gecroix must be watching Bill Maher again in super secret seclusion ...... Just sayn'

George Croix

Why don't you try just sayn' with a real name?

Leon Lion

There is more to the delay then just appeasing the environmentalist. Ever wonder who is profiting from the rail cars and trucks that are presently transporting the oil? Always follow the money.[wink]

PD Hyatt

You are correct.... There is big money in transporting the oil by rail and it isn't very safe as the tracks in this nation have not been kept in good repair.... If they had there would not be so many de-rails.....

Reggie Barnett

No one ever talks about the Ecana WRB (Wood River - Borger) pipeline that has been bringing Alberta Oil Sands crude to Phillips 66 Wood River, IL and Borger, TX refineries. Keystone is just another pipeline performing something that has been happening since 2007. Its political, lets see, Warren Buffet? Why is he against it? Burlington Northern owned by Berkshire Hathaway stands to lose millions if a pipeline is built and shuts down the rail. This has nothing to do with the environment.

George Croix

The money leads to at least two big money guys.
Warren Buffet, who's been 'advising' the White House on big money issues and the evils of the 1%, while quietly making more hay for himself.
Tom Steyer, who, as a very liberal 'green' guy with tons of green of his own, has promised 100 million bucks to Dems for their support for 'green' unicorns and pixie dust, and to fight the XL pipeline.
No doubt, there are others.
With a President who so loves campaign money for his team that he'd go to a Vegas fundraiser while Americans are begging for help and dying in Lybia, and who has worked harder for more government dependency than on livable jobs creation, why is anyone surprised at the delay.
It's just another version of 'It was the video' and 'wait until after the election'...

Gary Miller

All the studies say there is less environmental hazzard using a pipeline than a truck or rail car.
BHO's real reason for opposing the Keystone XL pipeline is the money OPEC and a billionaire are paying to stop it. The fact jobs added would start in Conservative states from Canada to the Gulf Coast could be a factor.
I'll guess the billionaire expects to make a lot of money shipping oil by truck or rail. Or has a deal to sell it to China. OPEC of course is trying to save 830,000 barrels a day market share. ( $86 million a day.)

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