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Mike Meador

I guess is another place the federal government should put their foot into.....they've done everything else, why not regulation of women wearing spiked heels.

Lars Faltskog

Well, I've heard of spike heels being a stabbing [sic] devise also. I believe a Houston woman had claimed self-defense by using her stiletto to kill a UH professor - her boyfriend. I don't see any updates in the papers on her case, and unfortunately I haven't kept up with this particular case.

Anyone know? Either way, those high heel spikey shoes really look uncomfortable. I do know that ways to mitigate wearing high heels (besides simply not doing it) is to wear a different height of shoes each day so that tendons don't acclimate to the same height. That is, tendons can stretch and vary, instead of staying in an unhealthy, stagnant position.

Also, a high heel shoe wearer should stretch his/her feet forward as small daily exercises - before or after having them on. Then, there's the common sense strategy of wearing comfortable "flats" while commuting/walking to and fro the office, wear flats on sidewalk, and ancillary areas. When you are at work/event, then put on the fashion high heels. Finally, wear wide heels as opposed to narrow heals. That allows more heel surface area, thus placing less stress on the ball of the foot.

Jim Forsythe

“Trujillo said they had been fighting and that it was all done in self defense, according to investigators.
Police said that Andersson was face up on the floor with 10 puncture wounds to his head. Some of the wounds were as deep as an inch and a half, investigators said. Fifteen to twenty other wounds were on his face, arms and neck."

Lars Faltskog

Response to Bigjim posted at 12:58 pm on Mon, Mar 24, 2014:

What I find a bit hard to believe is that the professor could not fight off this woman. The reports' pictures seem to show him as rather tall and certainly not weak. Or, perhaps she was quite a strong woman (stronger than him), caught him off guard, and/or overpowered him?

Then again, I suppose if some of us saw a woman going after us with a stiletto, we very well could "freeze" and not be able to appropriately defend ourselves.

Mike Leahy

I believe that, if a woman will just confine the wearing of spike heels to short walks from the bathroom to the bed, no permanent damage will results...

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