What should we think about the fighting in Iraq? Will Baghdad fall? Who are the insurgents and which Muslim religious sect, if any, should The United States, support? There is no shortage of questions but few answers.

Why? The short answer is we Americans have been trained to be Politically Correct and we don’t have the will to project our national power.

According to The Associated Press, officials — who could not be named because they were briefed by U.S. intelligence agencies in classified meetings — do not believe Baghdad will fall.

These officials estimated there are less than 10,000 insurgents and the insurgents have faced little resistance because the areas where they have taken control are overwhelmingly supportive of the militants because they too are Sunni Muslims. 

Unbelievably the Obama Administration has been floating the idea of partnering with the Shiite leadership in Iran to solve the problem with the Sunnis in Iraq. 

This is the same Iran that made many of the weapons that killed U.S. solders; the same Iran that applauded the destruction of the World Trade Towers; and the Iran that is threatening to destroy Israel and attack the U.S. someday with a nuclear weapon. 

Why would Iran be interested in helping the Iraqis?

First, the Iranians and the people in charge in Baghdad are Shiite Muslims. 

Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims are sworn enemies and they are only united in their hatred of the U.S. and Israel.

Second, the Iranians dream of control of the entire Arabian Peninsula and have promoted the overthrow of Islamic States there.

Third, the Iranians want more delay on the inspection of their nuclear capabilities including the nuclear production facilities. 

The Obama Administration has taken financial sanctions off Iran, which it can use to continue to develop its nuclear program.

The next meeting with Iran about their capability to produce nuclear weapons is scheduled for July 20.

Coincidentally, some intelligence agencies think Iran may complete its production of a deliverable nuclear weapon by that same date.

So what are the Sunnis and Shiites fighting over?

Once again it’s oil. The Shiites have been cheating the Sunnis out of money for the oil that is produced on Sunni lands in northern Iraq. 

The dispute is about whether the Sunni-Kurds get 25 percent of the profit or the 17 percent offered by the Iraqi Shiite leadership in Baghdad.

The aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush has been ordered to the Persian Gulf by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and the President announced he is sending up to 300 military advisers to Iraq.

The U.S. should stay out of this internal religious conflict — which has been going on for centuries — except to warn the participants not to cross borders with their violence.

The U.S. should also warn Iraq’s neighbors not to spill over into Iraq or use this as a distraction to attack Israel or U.S. Interests in the region. 

Looking back, President Obama should have heeded the advice of his military commanders and Republican leaders who warned him not to announce when the U.S. would withdraw our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The president should not have lifted the financial sanctions off Iran and released the Taliban-Five Dream Team. 

But once again our foreign policy is in shambles and, according to The Associated Press, the President has been on trips to North Dakota and California where he was fundraising and playing golf!


Capt. Buddy Wellborn, USN (Ret.) of Dickinson, provided technical advice for this column.

Bill Sargent, Mark Mansius and John Gay are writing a series of columns on timely issues for today. All three ran in the 14th Congressional District primary.

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Carlos Ponce

What's done is done. BO has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. His bungling has led to this situation and there is no proper exit other than to cut and run. I hate to say it but the best thing to do is leave that part of the world and shore up our own borders. Give our support to Israel and let them mop up anything that threatens. The situation BO has placed us in has placed the Homeland in greater peril. It's time to prepare.

Curtiss Brown

I have a question: Just who got us into this mess in the first place?

Willis Briggs

the community organizer in residence at the White House got us into this with his ability to lead from behind therefore being able to leave others holding the bag.

Carlos Ponce

Saddam Hussein got us in this mess when he paid the families of the men who crashed the commercial jets into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon or attempted to.

Kevin Lang

As far as I know, there has been no proven link between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 attacks. There were many attempts to prove that link, but nothing has come out that really even hints that there is an avenue to pursue there. Now, there may be some highly classified documents that our intelligence community has that do prove that link, but if they weren't made available to the 9/11 commission, I'd have to wonder why they haven't been put to some other use in the War on Terror and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't think you just sit on juicy morsels like that for 13 years.

Carlos Ponce

A federal judge today ordered Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and the Taliban to pay nearly $104 million to the families of two victims of the September 11 attacks. In a 33-page opinion, Judge Harold Baer wrote that lawyers for the families "have shown, albeit barely...that Iraq provided material support to bin Laden and al-Qaeda" in the attack on the World Trade Center.

Kevin Lang

Quite dubious that you'd latch onto that as proof that Saddam Hussein paid the families of men that crashed the jets. A default judgement against a dead man suffices as proof for you? OK. Case solved. Now what? Shall we claim Iraq as a US colony until it pays for all of the wrongful deaths from 9/11 and since?

Jim Forsythe

Are You talking about vicotry like Vietnam ,or like Korea.We either have to stay forever, or let it go.
Refresh my Memory what country was the hijackers for 911 from?

Kevin Lang

My understanding is that most were Saudi (15 of the 19). 2 were from UAE, and one each from Lebanon and Egypt. The assumed mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is either Bosnian, Kuwaiti, or Pakistani.

Bigjim, I think you're right that if we want stability in Iraq, we're talking about occupation for at least a generation or two. In other words, nation building. Something that just about every presidential candidate in the last two election cycles pretty much agreed, with varying levels of conviction, that we should not do, and would not do.

So, in the case of Iraq, should we be building the nation for them, or should we just be hanging around for decades being targets for every rogue group that wants things their own way, but are unwilling or incapable of working or negotiating for it? And if we are going to be a nation builder, do we build something they want and would care for, or do we build it for our own pleasure?

Carlos Ponce

Kevjlang writes "A default judgement against a dead man suffices as proof for you?" The judgement was made when Hussein was alive- May 7, 2003. Saddam Hussein was executed on December 30, 2006.

Kevin Lang

OK. I change my statement to "A default judgement against the leader of a country at war suffices as proof for you?". I saw the May 7, but didn't notice the 2003 further up the page. You still didn't answer the core of the question. I know you know that civil court has a much lower bar for burden of proof than a criminal court or international tribunal. Hence, OJ Simpson is Not Guilty of Murder, but still got hit with a huge Wrongful Death judgement.

Kevin Lang

There never have been jaws of victory in Iraq. Unless you're suggesting that we colonize Iraq and construct an iron curtain around it in order to keep the neighbors out, what they're doing there today is what they would have been doing all through Saddam's rule had he been less despotic. Our stated mission there has never been anything other than to incapacitate the WMDs and enable them to establish their own, non Saddam, government. That they're currently unwilling or unable to do that is, frankly, none of our business. As long as they keep it within their borders, it's their problem. If it spills over their borders, it becomes a regional issue, first, and a global one if the regional powers are unable to keep things from escalating beyond Iraqi borders. At some point, you've got to pull the hands away from the toddler and make him responsible for his own ability to walk.

Carlos Ponce

Apparently you missed Obama's "spiking the football " on that one too.
Barack Obama declares Iraq war a success


The fourth thing the writers forgot was that IRAN has sworn to annihilate Israel! The United States is supposed to be Israel's best friend. So What are we doing even talking to IRAN? Somebody better go do a little bible study!!!!! ( Or NOT).
I think Mr. Obama is a smart man, he has a lot of book sense, but in this cut throat world you have to have more than that going for you! You have to know a little about what goes on out there on the corner! In other words you cannot afford to let yourself get out-foxed, nor be made to look like a fool! If so, being the United States President, you would look weak to the world, and gas could go sky high, Diet Coke could go up! Allies and friends could start making contingency plans behind our backs!
He is not alone, this happens more times that one would thing and to many who gets involved in politics. If you look at the United States Presidency today, it looks huge and weak! Huge at home and weak abroad! The lower Mr. Obama sinks in the job, the bigger the jobs looks! The more he comes out on the wrong end of major issues, the weaker this country looks to our allies and the world!
There was a time Vladimir Putin would not dare do what he is doing because he would have been scared to death of what that COWBOY ( RR ) would have retaliated with. Putin is like the neighborhood bully, and if you have every dealt with one, you know straight up, that you must "BUSS HIM" in the "MOUF!"
If you don't ....life is going to be rough until he is put in his place. I believe Mr. Obama to be a decent man, but he has no......"BUSSING-INDA- MOUF" experience at a crucial time in history, where that is exactly what we stand in the need of in DC! Ronald Ragan as I said above would be excellent and John McCain would be close to him! If McCain was sitting in the WH,....you cannot tell me he would not gain more respect form Putin that what we are getting now!
One reason is he knows war, he has been trained in strategy, and he knows those around him who knows, and who he can trust! They talk the same language at critical times before a DECISION has to be made, and they WOULD not hesitate, DOUBLE-DOUBTING if a decision is or was right.
Think McCain would have had a Rose Garden party for a Taliban looking father who regularly texted and emailed the Taliban, speaking in their language, almost guaranteeing he would help close down the terrorist jail in Cuba? His son having walked off his assigned post more than one time, after having dropped his expensive night-vision and M16 Assault rifle and ammo, before he left. I'm waiting on the pardon from Mr. Obama for him now! I'm also wondering if each of the DEAD soldiers who got killed looking for him, and the VETERANS' who died because of greed, incompetence, apathy, and neglect, if their FAMILIES are going to get invited to ROSE GARDEN and get apologized to?
JBG you act like you are hot! You **& SKIPPY, I'm hot!!!!! Let me ask you this? What did the "HAG" sing? He song, "WHEN YOU'RE WALKING ON AMERICA...YOU'RE WALKING ON THE DOWNSIDE OF ME!" There it is, right there! Straight to the house!!!!! Let me get off of here before I get loose. Go find me some sports,...football!

Kevin Lang

At this point, I would think that Iran would know that sending a nuclear bomb at Israel would be the last thing that would ever come out of that vast desert acreage. There's be a lot going back in, but nothing coming out for a very long time. Their threats are just hot air, even with nuclear bomb making abilities. I question whether their military even has the tactical ability to launch such an attack. Even more, I question their ability to tactically deal with the retaliation.

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