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Ellen Morrison

Interesting corollary, more extreme, posted on the same day nationally... is this vaccine day or something?


Mike Trube

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about the hypocritical oath doesn't it? [sad]

Kevin Lang

Miket55, I htink you mean the Hippocratic oath. :-)

Island Bred

It's National Immunization Awareness month - or...... the time kids get shots to go back to school........ yes it's a very very big deal. Just a reminder Medicaid and CPS are not afraid and do review immunization records and compliance. They will cut your Medicaid off if you are not keeping your child healthy. That means well child checks and immunizations. I have seen it happen.


George Croix

"Do no harm" does not mean you have to allow yourself or your other patients to be harmed.

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