Sunday was a good day. Finally!

We finally got the weather we all love. And it actually happened on Easter weekend.

It was perfect with sunny conditions, mild temperatures, flat blue-green water and heaps of people out enjoying themselves.

The crowds were well-behaved, and everyone seemed to be really thankful for finally getting the chance to hang out on the beach.

I enjoyed the entire weekend.

It was great to drive the beaches and finally see so many local and tourist families making sand castles, swimming, laying out, cooking barbecue and getting to spend quality time with each other.

It was one of those times that makes you thankful for the life choices you’ve made to put you where you are.

We had a good turnout Saturday morning for lifeguard requalification and tryouts as well.

On Sunday, I started my normal high season weekend routine.

I like the weekends because I get to do what I originally joined Beach Patrol to do — spend time helping people on the beach.

I got up early and checked the entire beach, then had a good long surf-ski (a long, skinny kayak) workout in the ocean.

Next, I checked the beaches again and got to our headquarters to meet with the second-shift guards before they went out to their towers.

After a few administrative duties, I had my Sunday indulgence that I look forward to all week — a Whataburger!

Generally, I try to eat fairly healthy, but this is different.

My Grandma and I were close and, after an injury, she moved from her apartment into an assisted living space.

She was kept on a strict diet, but on Sundays, she’d give me a call and say, “Are you bringing my package?”

So, I’d sneak in two Whataburgers in a backpack, we’d barricade her door to keep out potential snitches, and get to business!

As I went through the drive-through, the food took a while, so I chatted with the woman working.

She was telling me about a reunion she’d been to the day before up on the beach at 29th Street.

She grew up in the neighborhood around Menard Park and many of the old crew have moved out.

They all still get together each year for Easter for a friends and family reunion.

Back when I started working as a tower guard, I was assigned to 29th most of the summer.

There were huge neighborhood parties across the street every Sunday, and all the kids came down to my beach to play.

I never had to bring lunch as someone always showed up at my tower with a huge plate of food to thank me for watching the kids.

When I got off duty, a group of guys around my age would move to the beach side of the seawall.

I’d tell them the trouble spots and they’d keep the kids safe well into the night.

Talking about those days brought back some good memories.

Like I said, Sunday was a good day.

Peter Davis is chief of the Galveston Island Beach Patrol. The views in this column are Davis’ and do not necessarily represent those of the Beach Patrol, Galveston Park Board of Trustees or any other entity. Information on the Beach Patrol is at

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