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Carlos Ponce

What I see are only a few good commercials. Most commercials have loud obnoxious music and what's with the ukelele music in some? Some commercials are downright creepy. Take the commercial with a man in his bedroom with a marionette in a red negligee. Very freaky. To answer your question,"Are commercials getting better?" the answer is generally NO!

Willis Briggs

I rather like the Coke commercial that sings "you are my sunshine", just music no loud hard sell, just an old song from years gone by. Nice. [smile]

Richard Worth

And then there's the father/daughter Priceline commercial where he throws her prom date to his death from a 20th story window, complete with screams of terror and a "Splat!" sound. What passes as humor has obviously passed me by.

Carlos Ponce

I think you're talking about the Priceline Negotiator Rises Commercial where William Shatner climbs into a hotel room through a hole he created catching his daughter with a man who says “I got everything I wanted. I always do.” Shatner then throws him out the window into a pool saying "He seemed 'nice'." It was not a Prom Date. Tasteless, perhaps but not a throw to his death. I object to the original in this series where Shatner leaves a sad little girl at a monastery to learn the ways of "deal making."

Doyle Beard

I am of the opinion there is not any good commercial. Paying for TV and then wasting so much program time for commericals is insulting

Steve Fouga

I can't comment, because I see so few. I like most of Geico's that I see, even the ones with ukulele music. Or is it mandolin?...

Curtiss Brown

Good conversation

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