In the press, as well as on TV, we are frequently reminded that those who are in the business of breaking the law are mostly pretty dumb.

That fact also holds true for lawbreakers who operate, not in the dirty streets of America’s cities, but out in the country, where illegal hunting and fishing fill the reports of countless game wardens.

Those who work for the great state of Texas are no exception, and courtesy of news releases from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, we get to hear about some really unusual miscreants.

Here’s one: “A game warden was heading home at the end of his shift when he observed a suspicious vehicle ahead of him stop in the roadway and obstruct the entrance to his driveway.

“The warden got out and made contact with the driver of the vehicle to investigate. The driver exhibited signs of intoxication and there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle as well as open alcohol containers in plain view.

“The driver refused to submit to field sobriety testing and was placed under arrest. The subject was booked into the Dawson County jail on a driving while intoxicated charge, a third-degree felony.” It was his third DWI arrest. Not too smart.

Sometimes it takes a little help from civilians, even very young civilians, to make some interesting cases.

Officers were at a boat ramp after patrolling the lake for water safety violations when a young boy came and told them he and his dad has seen several suspicious looking bundles floating in the water where they were fishing.

The boy showed them a picture he and his dad had taken of a bundle and the GPS they had taken while in the boat.

The officers drove to the location by boat and found 17 large bundles of marijuana. Weighed, the pot was 705 pounds, worth more than $560,000.

They found out later the border patrol had an incident with smugglers the night before in the same area. The officers recovered two more big bundles the next day in the same area.

In Scurry County, a game warden took two local 10-year-old boys on a youth deer hunt. While the warden sat in the box blind with the young hunters, one of the boys asked what would happen if a poacher came here right now? The warden said he would arrest him, of course. Less than 30 minutes later, they were watching a spike buck from about 300 yards away when a pickup truck on an adjacent county road rolled up, a passenger got out and shot the deer.

The driver and passenger both ran into the field where the boys were hunting, grabbed the deer and began dragging it back to their vehicle. The warden watched in disbelief. True to his word, the warden called the father of one of the boys, who was already nearby, and asked him to come watch the boys so he could chase down the suspects. The warden raced to his patrol truck and initiated a short pursuit. Both placed under arrest and transported jail. The boys got to experience firsthand life as a game warden.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at

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Linda Vaccaro

I DVR Lone Star Law and North Woods Law every Sunday. Love watching the crooks get caught!

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