Chapter three shall be the last, God willing, on the saga of the mouse.

But first, when the man who sprays for bugs came on his regular visit, I told him about the mouse.

Searching all around the house, he noted the droppings he was finding belonged, not to a little mouse, but to a rat.

I had a rat!

He expressed surprise that the mouse and rat were coexisting. He said usually a rat will kill any mouse around the house.

This rodent expert climbed up a ladder, put some poison in the attic and promised to return to check on the results.

“If this doesn’t work and we have to use the big traps, I will come and empty them for you,” he said.

What a hero!

But there have been no droppings for days, and we have not seen a mouse.

They have apparently left the building. But not before I have received even more suggestions from readers concerning mice, and the eradication of same.

The latest missive comes from a reader who swears by the use of Bounce dryer sheets.

She said, and I quote: “We use Bounce original fabric softener sheets. Wile traveling in our motor home, folks on the RV circuit told us that rodents hate the sheets. So we put the sheets everywhere in and around the motor hood, in the hookup area. Never had a problem.

“Then we stored our furniture for 18 months in a facility located countryside in Arkansas. It was not climate controlled. I stuffed those dryer sheets everywhere. In the sofas, in all the boxes, on the floor, and every little corner of the unit. Eighteen months later, we moved into a new house. Went to the storage unit. The only sign of a critter was a cobweb in the top corner of the roll up door. That was 10 years ago.”

This Tiki Islander adds she uses them in the bottom of closets, in boxes of keepsakes, etc. She adds, “I would suggest that you use a few “bouncers” whenever you have seen that little mouse, in your main living areas and doors. He may not come around anymore. Best regards!”

Add the bouncers to baits made of Tootsie Roll, peanut butter, cheese or Snickers bars and you have a pretty good array of solutions.

Thanks to Russell of Mike’s Pest Control, I have found mine.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at

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