Truly living life is not for the passive.

The other day, an out-of-town friend and I were trying to work out dates for a weekend this summer.

“My summer is literally booked on weekends between now and August,” he wrote.

Although he lives a few states away, he and I do a good job of staying in touch and calling each other periodically. With both of us with kids in the throes of teenage life, we’ve a lot to share with each other. Sometimes you just need a friend to talk to.

While we continue to compare schedules, I know we’ll both find a way to make this work.

Recently, in the past several years that is, I’ve come to realize life cannot be fully experienced on autopilot. We each get seven days in each week and 24 hours in each day. How we choose to spend them is what makes the difference between living life and marking time.

Someone once told me if something is truly important to you, you’ll make the time to get it done or make it happen. As I’ve grown older, I increasingly find myself truly understanding what my friend was sharing with me.

While we tend to placate ourselves by pushing off many decisions or actions with the justification of “we’ll get around to them later,” this formula is flawed.

Life, to our rude awakening, does not offer an endless pool of tomorrows.

The term “living life” places the emphasis on the first word — “living.” And “living” life is an active process, filled with the challenge of making difficult decisions or commitments you could easily justify pushing off to another day.

But truly understanding everyone’s pool of tomorrows is limited with each day the sun rises in our existence changes our perception of how we may choose to spend our personal time allotment.

Maybe you love to travel and have a long list of places you’d like to see. Or maybe there are some friends right around the corner whom you’d like to spend more time with.

The solution, surprisingly, is simple: Do something about it. Dial a number, drop an email or grab lunch together. Truly living life is all about investing your personal time to build a life of wealth that does not lend itself to be measured by dollars and cents.

Learning how to live a full life truly takes effort — but the payoff can make all the difference in the world.

Leonard Woolsey is the publisher of The Galveston County Daily News. You can reach him at

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