I know y’all are not going to believe this, but I still have not caught the mouse.

My journalist friend from Killeen said I would probably get plenty of mail and plenty of suggestions, and he was right.

Not only that, he added to the suggestion collection by Googling about mice and reading up on the subject for me.

A visitor from way out of town wrote that of all the baits to try, the very best was a piece of a Snickers bar.

My Killeen friend also had read about that substance.

Another helper said that a tootsie roll is “like opium to a mouse.”

All along I have not wanted to kill this mouse. I just want him gone.

So, as you may remember, I got a Tin Cat from the feed store, designed to trap the mouse alive.

Directions on that trap stated that once my prey was caught, he should be transported at least 2 miles away before being released.

The suggestions kept coming. I had already been familiar with the old cheese bait suggestion, but there were some who recommended peanut butter.

One night, I put in cheese and peanut butter. Didn’t work.

I made a special trip to the store for Tootsie Rolls. Another day, I picked up one of the smaller Snickers bars as I was going through the checkout line.

Neither of them worked.

One evening, with the trap in the den near my recliner, I swear I heard a scrabbling sound on the metal, but by the time I got up to check, there was no mouse. I have definitely seen the mouse once.

My friend from Bedias, who summers in Colorado, swears while he is in Colorado he catches mice, multiples at a time, in his Tin Cat.

I got to see my Bedias friend last week and he checked my trap and shook his head in puzzlement. He said maybe I had a rat, which would be too big to get in the trap.

I said the mouse I saw was little. I also told him I have decided that this is a Texas mouse and Texas mice are just smarter than Colorado mice.

I returned the first Tin Cat to the feed store and they gave me another. But neither has worked.

And they reminded me they have lots of other stuff available to get rid of mice.

I may have to knuckle under to necessity. The mouse has eaten up a plastic cookie container lid. He has chewed on my recliner. He has consumed bananas.

I may have to set a trap, grit my teeth and dump his decapitated corpse in the trash.

But I have not reached that point as yet.

But soon. Maybe.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at cgillentine1@sbcglobal.net.

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Arnold Proctor

Try chicken nuggets

Gary Miller

You may not want to kill your mice but your mice can kill you. Dried mouse pee spreads a Hantavirus. The fleas they harbor can spread several ugly diseases. Are you protecting your friends and family by warning them away from your house?

Christopher Fluke

Have the same problem and didn’t want to kill them either. Thought it was one but it was several. The no kill traps didn’t seem to entice them and they got out of two type of no kill traps (they are fast, thin, and strong!). Ended up killing 4 after switching the traps and still have one who has become very smart and manages to get the trap food without setting off the traps, so I agree, they are smart.

Carlos Ponce

If you don't wish to kill them, you will continue to have a problem. Capture and release sounds nice but you are passing your problems to someone else. I suggest you hire a professional and relay your wishes not to have the varmints killed.

Doyle Beard

You are right Carlos. Some peoples attitude toward mice are really confusing.

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