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The Galveston County Daily News: Opinion

December 4, 2016


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In League City, an Emersonian affair plays out

If you missed the article, Hallisey told The Daily News on Tuesday he intended to get an item on the agenda for a Dec. 13 meeting calling for the council to consider firing the two.

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Saturday 12/03/2016
We all need to do our part to stop bullying
Posted: December 03, 2016

 A beautiful, vivacious, young woman with potential for being a productive citizen in our society has been snatched away by a very ugly epidemic — bullying.

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Freedom of speech includes flag burning
Posted: December 03, 2016

But isn’t that the point of the flag burner? Isn’t the action of the intentional destruction of a deeply shared symbol designed to provoke a powerful reaction in others? Does the burning of the flag, an emotionally terrifying as it is to some, make the action a perfect tool to motivate and inspire discussion?

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Friday 12/02/2016
Shelter deserves congratulations for 2016 numbers
Posted: December 02, 2016

Seldom do we get to report good news about an animal shelter.

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A Rotary holiday tradition continues
Posted: December 02, 2016

For the past 40 years, the Rotary Club of Galveston Island has helped ring in the holidays with the residents of what is now known as The Meridian, 2228 Seawall Blvd. The tradition continues this year on Tuesday when Santa and his Rotary elves host their annual holiday party.

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Bag ban a narrowly focused approach
Posted: December 02, 2016

As the debate rages on about plastic bags, we start to get a good feeling that we can do something beneficial for the environment. Before we pat ourselves on the back, there are several things to consider.

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Thursday 12/01/2016
Texas A&M made the right decision
Posted: December 01, 2016

In reaction by the administration to a white nationalist being invited to speak at the Texas A&M campus was right.

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Trump's the president — now what?
Posted: December 01, 2016

When Ronald Reagan was elected president, commentators thought him a simpleton; a Hollywood cowboy who somehow got elected president and was then probably asking himself, “Now what?” The question more aptly applies to Trump.

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Thin blue line keeps us free
Posted: December 01, 2016

We decry the violence in our cities, yet we persecute the very people who can and do try to keep us safe, our police officers. They are being executed in the streets of America. They are truly that thin blue line who keeps us free and safe in our neighborhoods.

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Not happy about code enforcement
Posted: December 01, 2016

Recently, there was a nice article about city code inspectors ("It's Island Code," The Daily News, Nov. 23); however, I feel sorry for folks mentioned on the East End. They will lose.

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