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The Galveston County Daily News: Opinion

January 24, 2017


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Islanders, what are your top five?

Image this: It’s 2037, and some Galvestonians are looking through the files of The Daily News, trying to figure out what their grandparents were doing in 2017 to make the city better.

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Monday 01/23/2017
It's a lot going on in the city of Texas City
Posted: January 23, 2017

If you’ve always wanted to make a big splash, your wants may be fulfilled. Especially if you are a kid, or his parent, living in Texas City.

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Judge Cox on wrong side of bathroom bill
Posted: January 23, 2017

On the night of Jan. 10, Judge Lonnie Cox of the 56th District Court was the featured guest speaker for a local political group at a restaurant in Texas City. There was a good turnout to hear him speak.

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Sunday 01/22/2017
Caught between the ceremony and the stupidity
Posted: January 22, 2017

During the presidential inauguration Friday, which should be a day of celebration, three things happened — two that should have and one that shouldn’t have.

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Clinton's 'Emailgate' is back in the news
Posted: January 22, 2017

On Jan. 7, the FBI released another 300 emails and the Hillary Clinton unauthorized server “saga” continued. This fifth release by the FBI came while Americans were watching the Golden Globes or Sunday Night Football. It came with little notice, no fanfare but with possible major explosive consequences. This release contained information proving that highly sensitive classified emails — the type which a secretary of state promises to protect and keep secret — were hacked and had come into the possession of both Russia and China, countries which many believe are not our friends. These emails were also accessed by our ally Israel.

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No one has secrets anymore
Posted: January 22, 2017

When I was a prosecutor in the 90s, most criminal cases resulted from drug use. Property crimes were committed to pay for drugs. Acts of violence were committed by persons high on drugs. The largest part of the criminal dockets were drug selling and possession cases. Cocaine, crack and alcohol were the drugs of choice. Driving while intoxicated cases dominated the misdemeanor dockets.

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Saturday 01/21/2017
First Amendment bigger than a reverence for authority
Posted: January 21, 2017

It’s easy to get annoyed with people like Phillip Turner. After all, Turner on Nov. 4 last year was looking for trouble and complained when he found it. In conducting what he called a “First Amendment audit” to test Galveston police officers’ knowledge of laws regarding our rights as citizens to film law enforcement officers, he was arrested.

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Case was about keeping confidence in our justice system
Posted: January 21, 2017

Recently, our office tried a case in which a grand jury, comprised of Galveston County citizens, indicted an officer for unlawfully entering the vehicle of someone he had arrested without probable cause. The trial caused impassioned responses from across our community and drew some national attention.

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Haircut reveals journeyed soul
Posted: January 21, 2017

Little steps lead to big steps.

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Friday 01/20/2017
Court was right to delay game room rules
Posted: January 20, 2017

A vote this week by a majority of the county commissioners court to hold off on implementing new rules governing game rooms was a wise move.

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