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Smaller male flounder the first to move


This weekend is shaping up to be a good one for just about any indoor activity. If the forecasts hold, wind, rain and high tides will take their toll on fishing.

We are entering a period, mid-to-late October, when flounder and golden croaker anglers keep their eyes open for signs of movement among those fish. Flounder especially should begin moving although most likely it will be the smaller males, many of which are undersized.

Marine biologists studying the spawning activities of flounder recommend releasing the males, as it normally takes multiple males to help the big sows complete their spawning. For the first few weeks of the migration, or flounder run as we call it, the smaller males dominate the fishing, especially along the Galveston Channel and nearby pathways to the Gulf.

For a number of years now it has not been until well into November that the large females begin moving and they usually are the last ones out each season.

Several years ago I was flounder fishing with one of our local experts, Phil Ortiz, inventor of the popular Flounder Pounder lure. I asked Ortiz if he knew why the males were the first to appear and he gave this explanation.

Smaller fish normally move slower that their larger counterparts and, in this case the females, the larger overall of the specie, swim much faster. For that reason the males and smaller females have to begin their move earlier.

Saturday is the day for the West End Anglers Ninth annual Redfish Showdown and Fundraiser.

The event raises money for the Shriners Hospital and will be held rain or shine. It takes place at the West End Marina and Sand Bar at Sea Isle and costs $80 per person to enter. For more information, call 713-594-4252.

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Day Precip Temp
Late night thunderstorms Thu
80% 82° 77°
Showers and thunderstorms Fri
90% 83° 78°
Times of sun and clouds Sat
20% 85° 78°
Thunderstorms early Sun
90% 83° 64°
Mainly sunny Mon
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Abundant sunshine Tue
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