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Mid-county residents calling for an end to violence

A spate of killings in La Marque and Texas City prompted residents to plan a peace rally.

Principal vows new vision for struggling campus

One person at a Thursday NAACP meeting in Galveston said the decision to hire Monique Lewis was the best Galveston’s public school d…

Porretto trustee threatens lawsuit over rights of way

A trustee for a high-profile bankruptcy estate has threatened to sue the city of Galveston over several right of ways with a hazy history.

Construction workforce declines even as homes and building rise

Galveston County construction wages are rising as a nationwide labor contraction squeezes the industry.

Turtles nestled at center of beach cleaning issue

It all started with one person, quite a few turtles and a whole lot of seaweed.

Throwback Thursday

2007 Puddles

Five-year-olds Parker Dean and Savannah Saver play in the puddles on Castlewood Avenue while they wait for the Friendswood Fourth of… Read more

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