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Terry Moore

There needs to be a sting for the "johns" as well!

Lars Faltskog

Maybe so, terrymore. Interesting how the johns get to escape unscathed.

However, in the reality of it all, prostitution - with it being legalized in many European nations - might as well be legalized here. If there were in organized brothels, it would stimulate the economy (as would casinos) and make lots of middle-aged chubby men a lot happier. Plus, it could take some folks off of the government teat.


You would not hear Satan complaining that's for sure! If the European countries legalize Pedophilia , should America also follow suit? I'll bet you say yes, or think yes!
Either way, times are sure changing, by the hour here. Satan and his people are on the TROLL! The Church and those on the side of truth better wake up!

Lars Faltskog

Well, JBG:

A "john" who hires a prostitute normally is with an adult, consenting woman "of age". Pedophilia involves children/minors. Of course, in that case of pedophilia (if "john" hires a minor), then that's illegal as well as "immoral". Furthermore: a child or teen is not mentally equipped to handle the decision-making act of opting to sell her body.

Those in favor of legalizing prostitution are supporters of such changed law in regard to 2 consenting adults. Now, if the "john" wants to hire 2 or more consenting adults for a "3-way", then, if it's legalized...that would be his prerogative. As they say, "If you've got the money, honey, I've got the time."


Ahhhhhhhahhahahhahah! Hoooooooooooooh! You are the man! LOLOLOLOL:OLO!
You are .....ahhhhhahahhaaqaaaah. Well! I can cut this thing off now. I got my laugh quota for today.
One thing, if I ever get into trouble, I am going to do my best to inform my attorney to hire you at my expense, to help with my problems! You got a way with words! lolololol.

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