FRIENDSWOOD — Police on Sunday arrested four teens accused of vandalizing a vacant Friendswood home.

Officers arrested the teens after an on-foot pursuit in the 16600 block of Forest Bend Avenue shortly before 4 a.m., Friendswood police spokeswoman Lisa Price said.

Three of the four teens had white paint on their shoes matching graffiti left inside a vacant home, Price said.

One had pictures on his cellphone depicting graffiti at the vacant home, police said. All four were charged with evading arrest.


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Don Ciaccio

The parents should have to pay for the damage.

ole dad

Yes the parents should bear the punishment. However, this does nothing that rehabilitates the kids. And they are just kids. Inside each troubled child there lies a responsible citizen eager to learn and willing to be a part of society. Rehabilitation probably should have begun with these same parents years ago when they were students. This is a sad event in their family's lives. I pray they all "right their ship" and recover from this.

J. Shaffer

Sure, you can hold the parents responsible. But, like the kid who killed four while drunk, you provide them the opportunity to throw money at the problem and teach children that money will fix your mistakes, so keep going. Affluenza, I believe they termed it.

Steve Fouga

Shouldn't they have been charged with vandalism?


My thinking here is the owners have to press charges or agree to press charges for that. It's been a while, but I think that is the reason, they got them on what they could for now.

Steve Fouga

Okay, makes sense.

George Croix

Maybe it's just me, but I don't believe that everybody can be rehabilitated...or that many even want to be...

Andy Aycoth

You all talk like these kids are harden criminals . I can assure you everybody has made bad choices in their youth .
If this is something they do all the time and is gang related that is a different story.

Lars Faltskog

I'll have to respectfully disagree with Alvinbr62. I think an individual either learns right from wrong in the "big" things. In the "big" thing category is respect of property and knowing that it is wrong to be so bored that you go into somewhere you don't belong and try to graffiti the place.

We have too much of this wanna-be gansta culture where we all go, "Well, they're making a mistake and will grow up." From where a lot of us are, we learned that you don't do things like cuss in public, take handicap pkg places when we're able-bodied, and you don't graffiti up a place with your friends.

Then, to run away like little spoiled "escuintles" makes these little thuggy wannabe's even more pitiful. Lots of community service hours, i.e. serving at soup kitchens, doing work for habitat for humanity, etc. will wean away their pangs to want to graffiti.

Andy Aycoth

Sverige1 Ithinkyou are too easy

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