GALVESTON —  A woman who died early Monday in a single-car accident was identified by the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office as Diana Lane, 25.

Lane, a Galveston resident, was found dead at the scene of the accident in the 1100 block of Stewart Road about 2 a.m. Monday, police said.

The vehicle went off the road before crashing, and skid marks were found on the roadway, police said.

No other cars were involved, and Lane was the only person in the vehicle at the time of the accident, police said.

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Jim Casey

As far as I know there is no such address as 1100 Stewart Road.

Probably the report should read something like 11000 Stewart Road, which would be the so-called dead man's curve where Stewart Road joins 7 Mile Road for a few hundred yards.

My condolences to the survivors of this young woman.

- Jim

Melvin Herrmann

This is my daughter and son in laws cousin and it happened between 8 & 9 mile roads. Sad part for this family is the young lady's father passed away just over a year ago and she was getting married in September in a double wedding with her younger sister.

Rauline Vanda

I know her mother & knew her father. God Bless Her Soul & Her Family. Sincere Sympathy & Prayers to this Family & her friends.

Curtiss Brown

Terrible. Very sad.

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