A State Bar of Texas public reprimand of former county court Judge Christopher Dupuy was upheld by an appeals board, according to a state bar publication of disciplinary action released this month.

The bar publicly reprimanded Dupuy in June 2012 and was ordered to pay $2,500 in attorney’s fees and $2,000 in direct expenses for neglecting a “legal matter entrusted to him” and failing to clearly explain the matter to a client, according to the disciplinary action.

Dupuy appealed, but the judgment was affirmed by the state bar’s board of disciplinary appeals last July.

Dupuy, who resigned from the bench of County Court at Law No. 3 in September after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of perjury and abuse of official capacity, remains licensed to practice law in Texas, according to the state bar.

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Brian Cann

This is why people don't trust/like attorneys! The state bar, made up of attorneys, just sanctioned this scumbag's actions. What exactly does someone have to do to embarrass the bar enough that they will disbar them???!!!!

I guess it's called the criminal justice system because the criminals are running the system!!!

Maybe Shakespear was right

Chris Gimenez

Dupuy got away with it for so long because the DA Jack Roady refused to act in the face of overwhelming evidence of criminal conduct by Dupuy. Roady insisted that all the evidence be sent to the Bar Association so he didn't have to investigate an elected official. The Bar sent it back to Roady telling him it was criminal in nature and his responsibility to prosecute. Roady then gives it to the AG's Office which quickly acted because the evidence was so overwhelming.

The DA Roady is loathe to investigate elected officials and law enforcement, effectively creating a two-tiered system of justice in Galveston County.


"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"
-----Isaiah 5:20
In this day and time, it would seem from Washington DC to Sacramento, California all one has to do in order to refute or undercut right and truth,...is to magically "EVOLVE" his feelings, or thought process,to match current reasoning and thinking of the society he lives in.
-------JBG 2014
Ohhhh where did honesty,...integrity,....morality.....and character in public service, or society in general run off to? Where did doing right just because it was the right thing to do,...even when nobody down here was watching, go to?
When an individual does wrong,...one of the worst things concerning it other than the deed itself, is THAT INDIVIDUAL KNOWS HE/SHE WAS WRONG,...even if nobody else witnessed the wrongdoing. It builds that individual up, and strengthens him in the wrong places,...where habitual wrongdoing sneaks in, and causes a "MIGHTY FALL"
sometime later in the life of that individual.
That is exactly what happened to my favorite Judge.

George Croix

What does one have to do to NOT retain their license to practice law?
That 'bar' must be set pretty darn high....

Stephen Maradeo

Didn't he have some felonies too? Or did those get dropped?

I guess in the end, when enough time has passed, all Dupuy will get is a stern warning and a small (given his salary) fine.

Meanwhile, someone with a quarter gram of crack will get 20 years...

Robert Young

The state bar is is staffed with lawyers..About the same as a regular bar....full if lawyers..

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