Truck catches fire near Gulf Freeway

Views from KHOU-TV's Air 11 showed a tractor and a truck on fire near the gas line, but there was no early word on injuries involved.


WEBSTER  — A Monday morning fire sparked when construction crews struck a gas line alongside Interstate 45 near Bay Area Boulevard was later contained by Houston firefighters, authorities said.

A back hoe and another construction vehicle caught fire shortly after 9:30 a.m. when the back hoe apparently hit a gas line, according to a news release from the Houston Fire Department. Crews had the blaze contained in a little more than an hour.

There were no reported injuries, according to the fire department, but the spectacle slowed southbound traffic on the Gulf Freeway.

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Kevin Lang

If any feeder road lanes needed to be closed, I would guess it would be the Northbound feeder. If my bearings are correct, Longhorn Steakhouse is along Gulf Freeway Northbound.

Anyway, I hope that the "no reported injuries" turns out to mean that no one did get hurt. Must have been a scary incident for those working at the time. I wonder if the survey failed to locate the line, or if it located the line away from the site, or if they either didn't survey the location or miscalculated the depth of the dig.

George Croix

All you can safely do to a gas line fire is block it in and let it burn out. Takes as long as the volume of available gas takes to be consumed by the fire.
I don't know about the gas line locators, but a couple years ago a 'location service' was marking up the grass along the ditch next to my property. When I asked what was being done, they said they were marking the location of the phone lines so the ditches could be cleaned out.
I replied that was great, except my own phone line wasn't where they were marking, and it would be broken (again... for the 3rd time...) if they didn't mark it, also.
After assurances they knew what they were doing, I assured them that having built this house 23 years ago, I knew where my phone line got buried by the phone company contractor at that time, and it was not where they marked, and I had photos to prove it.
After the photos were shown, the records have, presumably, been corrected.
Just like, presumably, they were the previous 2 times my phone line was destroyed...
I'm betting on the inertia of past practice to overcome the logic of corrective action...[wink]....again....

Kevin Lang

Years ago when I moved into my house, I waited for some time for the Cable company to come out and bury their lines so that I could commence landscaping. After 6 weeks of waiting and hems and haws about it being on their schedule, I went ahead and buried my cable line AND re-buried my phone line, as the phone line was only about 2 inches below the soil. I buried both lines about a foot down because I didn't want them in the way. Fast forward about a year, and I planted my first vegetable garden. Had some nice tomato plants. Used some nice wooden stakes, about 30" long. Stuck them about a foot into the soil. A few days later, my wife tried to use the phone, and the line was dead. I helped the phone company contractor dig along my vegetable garden to dig up the line. Somehow, one of those stakes managed to make a direct hit on that line. Probably never could have done it if I were trying. Either the contractor felt sorry for my luck, or gave me credit for all the digging, but I didn't get billed for splicing the line back together.

Lars Faltskog

Probably your being there with him and digging, while helping him find the problem was all in your favor for not getting billed. I'd be willing to bet that, as adept and competent most of these service workers can be, that they too make errors like that every day. That is, they dig into cables, lines, etc. Hopefully not live wire, electric lines.

shelley bishop

A few days before you dig dial 811 and utility companies will locate all underground lines for free.

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