GALVESTON — A Galveston man accused of sexually assaulting an underage relative was found not guilty by a jury Thursday.

Duane Charles Parker, 51, was acquitted of the charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Attorney Adam Brown, who represented Parker, argued in court that his client had a healthy relationship with the relative he was accused of abusing.

Brown argued that the child’s mother encouraged the girl to fabricate a story of abuse in an effort to attack Parker.

There also was no DNA or forensic evidence connecting Parker to the alleged sexual assault, Brown said.

The case, tried in the 405th District Court, started more than six years after an initial investigation in 2008. 

The case was not presented to a grand jury until 2012, prosecutors said.

Parker and the child lived together with no issue during the four years between the initial investigation and the grand jury indictment, Brown said.

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Chris Gimenez

This is more misconduct by the criminal District Attorney Jack Roady. He'll abuse citizens without evidence and yet when it comes to law enforcement he'll dismiss felony charges without even taking it to trial.

Fortunately Roady has the GCDN covering for him.

Carlos Ponce

How did Jack Roady "dismiss felony charges"? Duane Charles Parker was acquitted by a jury trial. Now you may argue that the District Attorney's office did not present a good case but charges were filed, a trial was held and the jury found him not guilty. The initial investigation took place in 2008. Jack Roady did not take office until 2011. The case was presented to a Grand Jury in 2012. Maybe Kurt Sistrunk should have filed charges earlier and you would not have had a cold case.

Chris Gimenez

Carlos, maybe my post wasn't clear to you when I spoke about Roady dismissing charges against law enforcement. The accused in this case was not law enforcement but it was pursued with apparently little evidence.

The case I'm referring to is that of TC Police Officer John Thorn who was indicted by a grand jury on felony child abuse after an investigation by CPS and the GCSO.

His case was dismissed-quietly and without anything in this paper-after the accused voluntarily took some counseling sessions. It was dismissed "In the interest of justice" (which was for Thorn and not the child) so Thorn could keep his law enforcement license. Thorn should have had to go through the same trial process the accused in this story did and take his chances with the jury just like you and I would have to do.

Carlos Ponce

It was the Grand Jury who felt the case had merit. If you want to place blame for the trial, put it on them.

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