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Stephen Murphy

The Crown Victoria looks like it is/was a police vehicle.

Valerie Beverly

Broadway is not a speed way. People drive crazy

Larry Kirkendall

IN the initial story the Crown Victoria was in the left most lane and attempted to make a right hand turn, passing in front of the Suzuki. Now the published report is that the Crown Victoria was merely changing lanes, I'd be interested in whether Mr. Gonzales rethought the events or it's now just being reported differently because the Crown Victoria looks to be an official car. How do "similar stories" not include the original version? Baseball, the symphony, and Rosenberg library are not similar stories. GCDN?

Christopher Webber

So... did the information on this ever get released? Looking at the antenna on the vehicle it has all the earmarks of being law enforcement. You just have to think somebody "protected" was behind the wheel. So much for investigative journalism.

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