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Money for Washington should come from the person who put him on paid leave and then, fired him.

Walter Manuel

Rah, why would you say what you did when the article states, "The jury of five men and five women found that Russel Washington, who was fired in a 4-3 vote by La Marque school trustees in 2010, was given a chance to defend his employment to the board"?

What doesn't make any sense is that the jurors found a conflict of interest with Cynthia Bell-Malveaux voting because of her pending lawsuit, but didn't have any problem with Annie Burton or Shirley Fanuiel voting on his job when they were outspoken personal friends of Russel's then and even in court supporting him?

$70, 000 and some change for mental anguish when the court found that the district was justified in terminating someone just doesn't make any sense, but it makes more sense to give him that money and send him on his way.

So did jurors really get it right??

Be ready to break open your wallets LMISD taxpayers because I wouldn't be surprised if the districts insurance doesn't cover for "mental anguish".

Valerie Beverly

Ummmm some people will sue just cause they cant take what you have to say......

Valerie Beverly

Or feel its justified to try and silence people with threats of such, when it has no basis. They will try anything some people.

Gary ONeil

Everyone wants to sue.....Don't get your way, don't like having to do your job, don't like your boss...get fired THEN SUE.....It's the American Way......Jurys are made up of people that 'wish they could be lucky enough to get a big settlement'. Sad Sad times.

Andy Aycoth

I want some !

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