GALVESTON — A bicyclist seriously injured in a Feb. 9 accident with a car died Monday at the hospital, an official said.

Anthony Martin Kingsley, 49, of Galveston was bicycling north on 28th Street on Feb. 9 when he was struck at 6:30 p.m. by a Hyundai traveling eastbound on Harborside Drive, said John Florence, a spokesman with the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Kingsley died at 7:02 a.m. Monday of head trauma at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Florence had not been able to contact Kingsley’s family, as no relatives visited him at the hospital.

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Steve Fouga

Galveston sure has a bunch of bicyclists! And very few obey the traffic laws. It also appears that most motorists have gotten so used to the cyclists' presence that they more or less ignore them, rather than taking pains to be careful around them.

I obviously don't know who was at fault in this case, but I'm certainly not surprised at yet another cycling fatality in Galveston.

Blessings to Mr Kingsley and his family, wherever they are. Poor soul, exercising or just trying to get somewhere on his bike...

jesika salehian

In response to Jake- I am not sure who was :Truly" at fault in this case here however I have the police report and they seem to be blaming Tony for this accident. It is really hard to believe because I do know how cautious he was when on hs bike.

RIP Tony.

Lars Faltskog

And, no family to speak of who the authorities can contact. It goes to show us how often folks are living "on the edge".

Now I have an image of me in old age rockin' alone in an old rocking chair.

jesika salehian

Tony has family. His family lives in California (not TX) and I am not sure how the city of Galvestion tried to locate his next of kin but if they had put the pcs. together and asked his "friends" in Galvestion where his family was, they would have known that his family was in CA (not TX) and they could have taken it a step further in looking in his phone to find a ralative in CA instead of having him lay in a hospital bed for "16" days and then die. His family would not have known he had passed away if it had not been for his friend in TX which happen to get permission to get into his apartment after he passed away to look in a phone book to locate someone in CA so that his mother could be found and advised.

Honestly, all the city of Galveston had to do was call LAPD and notified them of the situation and LAPD would have done whatever was needed to locate his mother (that is what I did) which is how I reconnected with his mother.

RIP Tony. :(

jesika salehian

Averige1 - In response to your comment- the victim was not living "on the edge" as you put it. he has famly that lives in CA.

jesika salehian

Was anyone out there a witness to this accident? Does anyone have pictures of the scene? Suprisingly, there are no photos and nobody can give any more information about what happened. I am a very close friend of the victim and to the victims family. The family wants closure. Please contact me directly if you have any information you want to share. Thanks,

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