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Lars Faltskog

9:00 AM and alcohol may have been a factor? Holdover drunkedness from the night before, or did she start the new day with the drinking ritual?

J. Shaffer

Alcohol being a factor is especially worrisome since she is too young to drink.

thomas herring

How is the cyclist? Nothing in the article about how he/she is doing.

George Croix

Several years ago I helped get a guy on a gourney who was injured in a fall that occurred when he tried to take a pint of whiskey away from a coworker who had it on the job. Whiskey guy hit Good Guy in the head with the bottle, so Good Guy smelled like Jim Beam.
Anyone not there would have assumed Good Guy fell because HE'd been drinking.
Test. Results. Then facts...
Isn't there a type of tuberculosis that causes the breath to smell like beer...
I'm bad about it myself, but recognize a need for more people, me included, to get back to innocent until proven guilty, rather than tried and hung in the court of public opinion...

Kevin Lang

The article says that alcohol may have been a factor. It doesn't say what type of alcohol, nor did it say who it may have affected. For all we know, the cyclist may have been treating a case of road rash with rubbing alcohol, reacted to the sting and burn, swerved, causing the VW driver to hit the cyclist and swerve into oncoming traffic.

So, gecroix, I think that you're right that we should refrain from judging this case until we have the facts in hand.


There is more to this story. The reporter didn't even get it right. Do not judge until you know the whole story.

Lars Faltskog

Treating a case of road rash with rubbing alcohol? Isopropyl? Perhaps, but I wouldn't bet the farm on such.

We indeed can wait for more info...but many a journalistic reporting that state alcohol as a probable factor very likely stems from preliminary investigative conclusions. As with CSI, The Mentalist and other types of shows, those first-response investigators can gather up quite a bit of information and draw upon previous/similar scenarios. They are right on the money most of the time.

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