DICKINSON — The City Council unanimously rejected a property owner’s pitch for a specific-use permit to allow her to open a special event center.

The council turned down Marsha Millstid’s plans to build an event center for high-end weddings on her 7-acre lot on Hughes Road.

At a planning and zoning commission meeting last week, more than 30 residents spoke against the permit. The commission recommended denying the permit, but the final decision was in the hands of the City Council.

Millstid said she planned to build a rustic, barn-style structure that would host romantic, upscale weddings while still preserving the neighborhood feel of the area between Hughes Road and Dickinson Bayou. She said 99 percent of her business would come from weddings.

Neighbors complained about the possibility of increased traffic, noise, drainage and alcohol consumption. They expressed concern about the safety of people walking or playing on the street and about the capacity of the city’s sewer lines.

Councilman Louis Decker said a residential neighborhood was not the right place for an event center. 

“I wouldn’t want it in my neighborhood, and I therefore don’t want it over there,” he said.

He said there were other places, such as on the feeder road on Interstate 45, where the event center could be built.

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