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Mike Leahy

Just for the sake of clarity, could the reporter specify if this story indicates 11 people were charged because the no refusal policy was in effect and these 11 had otherwise refused? If that is the case, then what is the total number of people charged with DUI during this period, including those who did not refuse and would have been charged regardless of a no refusal weekend.

Or, is 11 the total number of drivers charged with DUI during this period, regardless of whether they refused and regardless of whether there was a no refusal policy in effect.

Maybe these questions seem like splitting hairs but, with out this clarification, there is no way to evaluate the effect of the no refusal policy. And the true number of people caught driving while intoxicated remains unclear.

Mike Leahy

If TJ Aulds or Laura Elder had written this story, they would have answered my request for clarification of the story promptly. Other reporters should take a cue from them in this regard...

Lars Faltskog

I have to concur with miceal on this one. Now with subscribers helping with the paper's coffers, it would be a nice courtesy to answer serious inquiries. It very well might be that in other organizations, it's a requirement for the staff to do so.

TJ Aulds
TJ Aulds

Michael. Actually we did review the initial post and Alex is working on a bigger story to examine the performance of the program. While we do review posts in forum we limit direct responses here because the forum is reserved for our readers to sound off. We have the reporters' contacts included in the story. If you reach out to them direct you will get an immediate response to any question. Thanks again and trust we will be receiving the request made by Michael.

TJ Aulds
TJ Aulds

Sorry Miceal. Auto correct change the spelling of your name.

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