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Matt Jones

The Galveston County Constables Office continues to be a waste of money. The county should do the bare minimum to meet the requirements of the Texas constitution and combine the precincts to the minimum allowed and begin some type of oversight of the precinct offices to bring accountability and to save the tax payers money.

Kim Blankenship

I have seen Mr. Giusti around at events on evenings and weekends in uniform. This tells me their job is - as required. My job is 8:00 - 5:00 basically. However, I work many nights and weekends on projects in order to meet customer's deadlines. My boss allows me to take off during the day at times for appointments to make up for the 100's of hours I work beyond 5:00. I would say that if his boss is not concerned with the hours he is working (my guess far more than 40), then that should be good enough. Where are the pictures of all the hours when he is supposed to be "off" the clock? You will never see that from a political attacker. These appear to be the actions of a desperate candidate in my mind. Why wait until the week of voting? I'll tell you why - so it is fresh in voter's minds. My guess is Mr. Giusti's flex time has been on-going for years and it only became an issue when he became his opponent.

I am not disputing there are costs that can be eliminated. That is the case in every business, organization and government setting in the country. Why just target the Constables - it goes clear up to the White House!

Mike Carr

Mudslinging 101 - make a charge that ambiguously calls a person's conduct into question, coordinate a quick followup, and time it so the victim can only deny the charges before the election occurs.[sneaky]

JD Arnold

Maybe someone could explain exactly who has oversight of the constable precincts? Just wondering. I tend to agree with some that they should be combined to save some money and perhaps greater oversight. Why are there so many precincts in a county this size?

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