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Dwight Burns

With the County growing by leaps and bounds, seems we would be adding more Constables and JP's rather then reducing their numbers.

The citizens of Galveston County have only themselves to blame for this turn of events because they voted for the individuals who are making the cuts.

Carol Dean

Very happy to see many of our County elected officials present yesterday to support our Constables. Of course, that does NOT include any of the Commissioners or King Henry.

Ron Shelby

Be Clear. The county's primary emphasis is in unincorporated areas. The city and School Districts should be handling those incorporated areas.

Some constables are excellent. Some are poor. Some I'd give an F to, if they had to get a grade.

First priority under the constitution, serve warrants. Many blow it off. Serve as Bailiffs. Generally they do that. Then they ask for a lot more staffing to "fill in" for local government. Cities and schools truly need to handle their own needs under their own tax rates, ...not shift it to the county because they are getting near capped. That's what happens.

The sheriff's office is the one to be the main "on point" for unincporated areas of the county. Constables are definitely secondary, not primary. In the end, a properly staffed city police force, school district police force, and county sheriff's off, would remove the argument for supplemental constable staffing. The proper costs should go to the proper places. They can DEFINITELY help, but if we swear in 50% of the county, that might help too. You have to decide what's reasonable.

Ron Shelby

These deputh constables should go to League City that is currently offering a sign on bonus. If they can't get hired, then look into why. Were they taken in by an elected constable because they were elected and no longer hireable elsewhere? Not common,...but it happens.

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