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Jeanie Doreck

Are you sure you have your facts straight?

The Daily Blues
Stevie Maradeo

Not many facts just yet. I am sure there will be more in tomorrow's paper. "Father's Day ends in Murder", Or "Father's Day Slaying". or "Nightmare on Pine Street"

Jeanie Doreck

According to people that actually live on Pine Street, the shooting happened on 16th street and the shooter fled to the house on Pine Street. So, I can't wait to read tomorrow's version of the story.

Terry Moore

Boy GDN you mucked this story up!

George Croix

“The case is in its infancy,” Schirard said.

So, it seems, is the reporting of it.....[whistling]

Dwight Strain

Thanks for bringing it to us as it unfolds GDN. If somebody out there can do better, start your own newspaper. Lol

Kellie Buchanan

She should have waited until she got her badge

Chris Gimenez

You're not kidding. If she was law enforcement or an elected official she'd have been able to turn herself in at her convenience and then have the charge dismissed in less than a year just for taking some counseling sessions.

The Daily Blues
Stevie Maradeo

I can't believe her bond is so low for murder


I think I will wait a little until more details of what actually happened in that house on that particular night is released before I label this young lady a murderer. I have found in my time on this earth, that not every person who is charged with doing a particular crime is always guilty or even convicted of the crime they were charged with.
Beautiful young lady, with enough drive and pride to go to college, and work to improve her station in life,...charged publicly with a crime, which very little is told about the HOW, WHY, and under what circumstances, it was committed. Yea,...I think I will just HAUL-DOFF and wait a little longer until more details, facts and truths are offered up!

Meg Cagnola

I agree Jbgood, we don't know what happened in the house that night. It is just a very sad situation.


Someone who had recently gone through peace officer training surely should have been able to handle stress in all situations. Sad that she ruined her life for not thinking about her actions. No one deserves to die in domestic issues. She should not have had a gun around. Sounds like it was kind of premeditated because she picked up the gun and the place of his wound. And leaving the scene of an accident? Perhaps. she was under the influence of something. Prayers to both families.
May justice reign.

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