GALVESTON — The U.S. Army’s plan to use the old Galveston County Jail for urban warfare training was canceled late Wednesday afternoon. 

Calls and emails to the Army were not returned, but the county’s Dudley Anderson, who coordinated the use of the facility with the Army, said the military was a bit “sensitive” to the publicity the training generated. 

The Army and city of Houston Police Department took some heat on Monday for conducting exercises at an old school in a residential neighborhood without informing residents ahead of time. 

The Daily News reported on the planned drills in Galveston in Wednesday’s edition, but did not provide details of what the training would involve. 

The Army also conducted training near the old P.H. Robinson power plant in Texas City on Wednesday afternoon.

Anderson said he did not know whether the Army would reschedule training at the jail facility.

He said the Army had used the facility.

Not all was a lost trip to the island, Anderson said. Military personnel were able to set up some scenarios at the jail during the day and worked on some drills before deciding to cancel the nighttime training.

The county leased the jail facility for $4,000 to a detachment from Fort Bragg, N.C., home of the Army’s 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment, better known as Delta Force.

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Lars Faltskog

l still say if this all were supported and publicized by the likes of Perry, or someone like Huckabee and his friend Texas Ranger Chuck Norris - people would be singing a different tune and lauding over how wonderful it is to host an All-American training session for all us civilians to witness and applaud.

Chris Gimenez

Lars, we all know you keep saying it. It's just that we all know you're a hopeless mouthpiece for providing excuses for your president. The fact is that under George Bush neither these types of military exercises in suburban areas were held nor were drones allowed to patrol civilian areas. That's the facts and your president has absolutely no respect for the Constitution or the rights of law-abiding citizens unless they're riding on his entitlement train.

Lars Faltskog

How is it unconstitutional to have urban army exercise drills? Would you have written what you just wrote below at "7:56 am on Thu, Jan 31, 2013" if, at this moment, we had Mitt Romney as our President? Or would you have written this in 2007 when Bush was still our President?

Bet you wouldn't be griping about these military exercises if that were the case. Admit it.

Rainy Brown

Why would they not finish their exercise here in Galveston?

The military said to the Chronicle,of these same exercises in Houston, that it was the responsibility of the city to make their citizens aware. They completed their exercises.

Ellen Morrison

OK, everyone should do a little research before getting all worked up. Oh yeah - and stop listening to Faux news. Listening to it as your sole news source turns normal thinking people into lemmings.

The military has been conducting urban operations since the 1990's. After the problems in Mogadishu, they realized they needed to train in urban settings.
Many cities have been used. Here is a link from the LAPD blog concerning their support for 2009 operations:

George Croix

It's easy to understand why the country is in the shape it's in.
Too many of the occupants are just straw men.

Chris Gimenez

Emmy, you are confused. Fox News presents the facts that obama's personal media outlets won't tell the public. I listen to CNN and MSNBC and then go to Fox News to get what they refused to disclose. You sound like your president complaining about a few media outlets who are actually willing to challenge the president on his actions and statements. You'll never hear anyone from the left-wing media outlets doing that and that's why Fox News completely shames those other media outlets with the number of viewers they draw. The only lemmings I see are those who believe they're getting the truth from Anderson Cooper, Soledad O' Brien, David Gregory, and Bob Schieffer. And of course Chris Matthews who gets "a thrill up his leg from listening to his president". Bizarre.

As for your "research" you stopped short. If you continue your search you'll see that there aren't any instances of these urban exercises in the 1990's. It all started in 2009 after your president was elected and every city notice I could find used EXACTLY the same wording to describe what was going to happen. That means they're being told what to say by the military.

Neither you, nor Lars, nor BOI will state what the specific threat is that is being prepared for. Are they preparing to come into urban areas in the U.S. for military action or is this training for another country? If it's for another country shouldn't they be using structures and locals that most closely resemble those countries, ie: Mogadishu?

Your president is completely dependent on his followers being sheeple rather than thinking, concerned, questioning citizens with regard to his actions. You're doing a fine job of being a follower. Some of us are a little more skeptical of your president's intentions.

Marine One

Wise up. The days of standing in line and marching towards the enemy in a pasture are long gone. So are the days of honorable and decent treatment during war time. Read the news. Watch the TV. House to house fighting is the new battleground. Suicide bombers inside a church, hospital or grocery store are the norm. Stop and ask the 20 year old boys at Bush Intl Airport what they just did as they get off the planes coming home from war. Get real.
These insane extremists are already here and there will be more to follow. The one's who believe this will never happen here will be the first to run. 9-11 was just the introduction I'm afraid.

Lars Faltskog

What better places to run drills than in urban areas? Isn't that where the targets would most likely be in the developed nations such as the US?

Sakes alive, 911 happened in NYC. I've always heard the first places terrorists want to come in are urban areas, places with AFBs (San Antonio), places of govt (D.C.).

Do you conspiracy theorists think the terrorists are going to target some remote area of Badlands South Dakota?

It's been observed that foreign Russian troops have been moving around in white/unmarked vans in URBAN shopping centers such as WalMart. Would y'all rather have us do NOTHING during Obama's 2nd term so that we can be rest assured that his administration isn't scheming a war against its citizens. Geez - this isn't Nazi Germany.

Oh, and BTW - there's a lot more urban areas now in the U.S. of A. Long gone are the open battlefield days where war will be fought in open fields. We don't have jungles in the US.

Ellen Morrison

No, Chris, I'm really not confused, and I'm not a sheeple.

I don't consider Mr. Obama "my" president because I didn't cast my ballot for him - but he is OUR president. And as a former member of the armed services, I respect that fact.

Anyway, Operation Foal Eagle has been going on since 2002. Google it. The wheels of the DOD turn very slowly. Take a look at this GAO report for some more information:

Kevin Lang

When Obama decides to take over Bayou Vista, it won't matter if the soldiers trained in the old county jail. It won't even matter if some of the citizens have Howitzers, Machine Guns, Bazookas, and Anti-Tank guns. Why? Because all of their other training still gives them far more of a tactical and strategic advantage in their pinkies that a handful of homes would be able to counter for long. If our military being able to out-fox and out-muscle you is concerning you, then you might want to go back to the 60's, 70's, and 80's and join the anti-war, anti-nuclear, and anti-ballistic missile protestors and perhaps provide them with what they needed then to tip the scales.

If and when the liberal commie-led military comes to capture us and make us scream for our mamas, we won't be crying about 10-20 years of "urban warfare" exercises, but more for the more than 100 years of heavy warfare training we've piled up through the two world wars, the Cold War, and all of the other smaller wars we've fought during the industrial age.

I would say that I have a better shot at winning the next 10 consecutive Powerball jackpots than Obama has of leading a military takeover of even a small farming community in Western North Dakota. Not trusting Obama is fine. But, to say that the military would accept an order to storm through America and trample all of our freedoms seems like a huge stretch to me. If the military would obey that kind of an order, I see no reason for them to hold off and wait for Obama's command. After all, there's a heck of a lot more of them than there are of him.

Healthy skepticism is fine, but I'm sensing something a bit more irrational than that.

Dwight Burns

"Loose lips sink ships." Old statement but still true.

It's totally disrespectful of the office of the Presidency to purposely not capitalize the Presidents name . Example: Emmy, you are confused. Fox news presents the facts that (obama's) .....

Oh! bvresident, who ever you are, we all get the message.

Island Bred

Wow - I get my $14 worth 2 days in a row!!!! Awesome!!!

These paranoid bunker preppers are also the same ones with the "We support our troops" stickers all over thier cars.........LMAO

Make up you damn mind - either you are FOR the military or you are NOT. Ya can't have both. Paranoia - it's a disease and there are meds for it - It's TRUE - look it up!!!!


Lars Faltskog

We have so many Dale Dribble's here it aint even funny. "I tell ya, it's a conspiracy! They're coming to get YOU, and they're gonna start with your dear ol' granny on her Hoveround!"

George Croix

With many things these days, the less the public knows, the less they can misrepresent, and the less the 'news' organizations can hand over to who should not know about it. All but one of them, anyway.
However, this isn't one of those things. It's a GOOD idea for the military to practice in urban environments, because door kicking, of the enemy, is one of the primary functions now. Practice never makes perfect, but it's better than guessing or diagram drawing. After all, they have to train realistically to put those 'clips' in their 'wham blasters'.
We do not, yet, have any reason, imho, to fear our military. They are far and away a majority of good people who may have to work for the clowns calling the shots in DC, but they are far from mesmerized and fooled by them, unlike about half the country. And I'd bet the farm they would never harm innocent civilians just because some sock puppet(s) told them to.
However, no good purpose is served by having unannounced or belatedly announced (to the folks most directly effected) drills that are guaranteed to cause concern at least, and perhaps even fear. For what? The public doesn't need to be surprised, because they are not, supposedly, the targets of the activity, or participants in it. Nothing will be lost in training value if Joe Blow is standing on the sidewalk eating popcorn watching Stockdale and Whitledge storm an old jail.
If anything, there is great value in an urban assault team being able to correctly identify non-combatants and bystanders, and the best time to learn that is when nothing worse than Simunitions might be involved, imho.
Let the military do their thing.
But let them be more up front about it, when nothing is gained otherwise.
It's hard to believe that a couple dozen comments in the newspaper forums or the prospects of a few onlookers had any effect on the decision, so wonder what the real reason for cancellation was.

Island Bred

Often times the joint scenerios involve DEA, Task force of our own agencies - many who are undercover - they don't want their identity known. Course they could all drive up in a SUB go to the sally port and enter unseen I suppose.

Truth is this was much ado about nothing and notice was given and they had plans to go door to door.

Way to support the troops Galveston - [unsure]

Island Bred

sorry - meant blacked out SUV that would of really scared the pants off the whiners. Seems to me most of these complaining are the very ones who need their howetzers and AR 15's, rocket grenande launchers and all that stupid stuff.

Seems they aren't so brave after all!!!! LOL LOL

Lars Faltskog

My little shaky-dog bischon frise is even braver. LMAO

Chris Gimenez

Lars commented: "It's been observed that foreign Russian troops have been moving around in white/unmarked vans in URBAN shopping centers such as WalMart." Wow! Talk about being in a different universe. If this is true how did you find out? Wouldn't that be super secret information? If that's true why isn't the military exercises being held in Wal Mart parking lots?

Looks like there was enough concern from the citizens of Galveston to put a halt to these unjustified exercises. We don't need more secrecy from the federal government, we need more transparency. You know, just like when your president took credit for the killing of bin laden and he and biden exposed that it was Seal Team Six who was responsible for that operation. Hmmm. Of course we can alway depend on the extreme left like Margarite to exaggerate the facts-"Seems to me most of these complaining are the very ones who need their howetzers and AR 15's, rocket grenande launchers and all that stupid stuff." Yep, all those in this country who believe in the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution have howitzers and grenade launchers. Typical left-wing loony talk.

I also have another tidbit for you Margarite. This planned exercise had absolutely nothing to do with supporting or not supporting the troops. The military personnel was doing what they were ordered to do and their leadership is under the direction of the president. That's a phony attempt at divisiness that your president would be proud of.

To drumb47: I remember well the venom and denigration leveled at President Bush by the loopy left so trying to insinuate that I'm being disrespectful to the office is a smokescreen. Your president has done more to disrespect the Office of President than anything I could possibly say or do.

Lars Faltskog

To bvresident posted at 2:31 pm on Thu, Jan 31, 2013 -

The following link on the 14th paragraph illustrates sightings of foreign Russian troops at a Wal-Mart.

I might add...It would not surprise me a bit if military exercises are practiced at Wal Mart parking lots. Maybe they need to be. Better there than 50 miles north of Missoula Montana out in BFE.

Island Bred

Hey BV - I voted for Bush - twice AND Papa Buch twice, Regan, and Nixon. You are trying to trash talk a girl who was republican for a good 28 years. I haven't been a democrat that long - I have althos been common sensed all my life.

It folks like you and your tea party friends that make it impossible for real republicans to identify. You intense hatred of things and people you don't understand just amazes me - it's the prime reason most moderate republicans are now democrats. We are becomming passionate democrats because you folks just get more extrememe by the day. You hide behind patriotism and fear.

The military and just years of living taught me - people like that are best ignored and should be called out for what and who they are.

Fearmongers and people afraid of change. You would rather let this country go to it's knees in failure than be inclusive in your opinions. Fear is what has kept the republicans in power - fear that no one else is patriotic, no one else can understand national security, no one else can create jobs, no one else is fiscally responsible, and on and on.

The lights are on, the gig is up. 2014 is close and 2016 is gonna really curl your hair!! It's all about diversity baby!!!

Lars Faltskog

If I was a god-fearin' holy rollin' sheep of the flock, I'd say 'amen' to this Margurite's 3:42 post. I too was a daddy and "shrub" Bush voter.

Then, praise Allah, Buddah, and the Sun King gods - I saw the light! We live in a big world - most humans I'd like to think they're kind. Just a few bad souls....and some of the paranoid christians are as bad as the Talibans.

With the subject at hand - maybe next time there will be a good training, timed well in accordance with good P.R. and publicity. Perhaps a respected veteran in the vein of at least minor celebrity status can support such an exercise. When it does indeed come here to the island, I will go see and cheer my great country on.

Chris Gimenez

Well Margarite sweetie, it may be about diversity but it sure won't be about fiscal responsibility, jobs, entitlement reform, securing our borders, or respect for the limits on executive power if the Dems are elected again.

You leftwingers all sound the same shrill cries (just like your president) anytime someone injects facts into the conversation. We all become-according to those on the fringe left-full of hatred, etc. because we won't roll over for the destruction of the greatest country in the world. You continue to suggest that Republicans are becoming Democrats left and right (no pun intended) but like Lars, you never seem to offer any proof of such. Maybe it's just the delirium taking over in your party.

Lars, your reading and comprehension is sorely lacking. I followed the link you provided and the first paragraph of the story you referenced is quite revealing. I'll post it for you and the rest of the readers. If I understood your babble correctly you use this story to prove the necessity of military training exercises in urban areas because we even had Russian troops casing our Wal Marts. Such poor reading skills could possibly be helped with a remedial reading & comprehension course at COM.

"Anonymous sources have been reporting that Russian troops are being spotted in Colorado at Fort Carson base; specifically at gun ranges practicing their marksman skills. The NORAD admission of US and Russian armed forces collaboration substantiates these claims.

Just this month, foreign troops were caught at a Wal-Mart. They were traveling in what were described as “large government vans”.

Moving around in white, unmarked vans, strange troops have been seen purchasing food and water at another Wal-Mart in Franklin, Indiana. Parading in military personnel fatigues where drone activity has been reported in Oklahoma City and black helicopters were spotted hovering over a construction site.

The increased activity across the nation in conjunction with the mounting citizen reports of seeing military on their streets, conducting urban warfare drills, and spotting foreign troops have prompted public interest in the US government’s plans to enact a full-scale martial law in America – expected by the end of this year."


Now here's the first paragraph of the same article you use to justify military exercises in urban US cities. I don't think it really supports your statemements that these exercises are just prepping for the next 9-11.

"The US Special Operations Command (USSOC) has conducted “training exercises” over Minneapolis. In a twofold effort, the US Armed Forces are acclimating the American public to seeing military everywhere, as well as being able to train their soldiers in real time on US streets in a manipulative effort to circumvent Posse Comitatus."

Jake Linkey

How about that.They dont like publicity...........

Lars Faltskog

TO: bvresident posted at 5:02 pm on Thu, Jan 31, 2013 -

And, bv - you fell into the trap, hook line and sinker. Not sure if you passed the TAKS reading test section that is called "making inferences", but you'll notice (as I did) the article has great tinge of incredulosity as you do.

Point is, you didn't initially agree that the US was participating in Wal Mart parking lot military exercises. Then, after I presented the link, you read (just as I did) how ridiculous it is to tie the US parking lot exercises to the Russians. Why are they ridiculous claims?: b/c of the language of the article- with the use of "anonymous sources", and conjecturitive language - "expected by the end of this year".

Well, all that didn't happen. Know why? Because that article was written in August 2012. So the "full-scale martial law in America – expected by the end of this year" quote you just cut and pasted for us proved the illogicallness of your stance that our Obama-led nation is going door to door to take over. Didn't happen. We're in 2013 now - no one's knocking at my door except Papa's pizzy delivery guy. BURN!!

Chris Gimenez

I bet you're never alone even when you're the only one in the room. That has to be the most unintelligible rabble you've ever posted and that's a pretty high hurdle.

Island Bred

They are very little words BV - I figured even YOU could understand them - but apparently not. My Bad.........[beam]

Lars Faltskog

Response to: bvresident posted at 8:23 pm on Thu, Jan 31, 2013 -

All I can say, BV and others who are so worried...I know of a couple of folks who spent the bulk of their middle-aged years in angst and turmoil.

Today they are at peace in their Golden Years. Peace and serenity can happen to anybody at any life stage, and I hope it happens to you and yours. Like they say, life's too short.

Chris Gimenez

Lars, you and Margarite perfectly complement each other. You can't write coherently and she can't spell. Maybe COM can give you two a discount on some remedial courses in reading and writing.

Marine One

I think they sit across from each other at Shady Oaks Retirement Village clacking away into oblivion until bedtime....

Lars Faltskog

Well, the way I see it, I'm certain I'd get high marks for creative writing skills. Interesting how it's the "law and order" conservatives who like to take jabs at other intelligent writers just for their practicing the right to speak and write on a forum.

With being such guardians of "Amendments" (first, second, and otherwise) - you'd appreciate the first amendment which allows you to read the other view - the more intelligent ones. For all we know, we're reading postings from two ammo stockpilers at the rifle range exchanging and re-iterating Wayne LaPierre blunders. Did y'all see Chris Wallace reading LaPierre 'for trash' on Sunday's morning news show? Chris showed the reactionary goon for what he is.

Y'all can keep being miserable until 2016, but I just heard the stock market is opening up this morning - the highest in 5 years. Guess that's O-Bama jelly's fault.

Lars Faltskog

Fearmonger = tea party/republicans. Political theory based on fear.

Outlaying members - NRA, Klan, American Family Assn., Eagle Forum and others.

Chris Gimenez

Lars, you must not be listening to your president-the Greatest FearMonger who's ever held political office. Along with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and all the rest of the Entitlement Party as they take us full speed ahead into the kind of third-world fiscal irresponsibility unlike anything this country has ever seen. The Entitlement Party will go down in history as the party that destroyed the greatest country in the world in the most massive social experiment known to man. You and Margarite seem to believe spewing your garbage ad nauseum will somehow make it true but it won't work. It just confirms the sickness that is consuming the Entitlement Party.

Lars Faltskog

OMG, bv - you must be a joy to be with at your family reunions. Do you think the fat cats who make multi-millions are going to defend the likes of folks like you and me here on a barrier reef island?

Do you have children, or grandchildren, who are struggling to get up to some kind of semblance of a middle-class existence - but can't, even though they worked hard for a degree? How are your discussions with your young offspring workin' for ya? Much of the problem is the concept of "the few who have the most". And we all know it. The gods should bless folks like Mr. Buffet, who know they must pay their fair share.

As for our current administration - all I know recently is that Monday began with the highest stock market opening day since 2008.

Now, to the subject at hand on this thread - I'm still awaiting the full-scale martial law directed by our marxist President. Where are they? If Hussein Obama can pull this off and overtake this great country - then it shall be another rare day in infamy. Maybe he'll start with Trump, and go on to the northeast elitists. GO OBAMA 2013!!

Chris Gimenez

Margarite, you not only drank the obama kool-aid you swallowed the container. You spew the same googy rhetoric he uses to pull the wool over the eyes of the gullible in this country who feel it necessary to always blame someone else for their shortfalls.

Yes, I have friends and family who are struggling but they all have something in common-they aren't blaming those who have been successful and they aren't depending on the government to bail them out and take care of them. You and yours obviously are on the "taking" side of the equation.

Please explain how you believe increasing taxation on small business owners will increase the availability of jobs in this country? That's the crazy talk from your president who's never hired an employee in private business, or made a payroll, or been responsible for providing what consumers need and want. He's a media-fabricated illusion of a faux job-creating genius. And if Mr. Buffet is so keen on the government being able to wisely use his money just exactly why is he giving his all his money to to charity (can you say tax deduction) rather than handing it over to his president? Hypocrisy at it's best. As for martial law and the stock market, you should hold off on the crowing until his next four years are over and we see what he left us and our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren besides a legacy of creating the largest entitlement society this country has ever known.

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