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Miceal O'Laochdha

And the Tarris circus begins...

His triumph at the runoff box will probably resultg in failure of anything the new Council may try to do; as City business become subservient to the "Tarris Woods Show".

Glad to see the new Mayor believes that won't happen but, he pretty much has to say that, regardless of what he really thinks. Jim is hardly one to admit failure before he gets started but, Woods on Council will likely derail any issue other than those that involve him.

Allison Buchtien

I totally agree. This council was looking like it would be very productive. I hope they don't let Woods ruin those prospects. What is up with the voters in District 1? Do they have their heads in the sand?

Evelyn Clark

I think a bit of RACISIM is going on in this forum. He can not be as bad as soime of the others its just that his skin is BLACK. I do not live in Distric 1 but the voters wanted him in and he won.

[sad ][sad]

Mary Branum

I would like to know "what due diligence" the city has taken regarding his residency. Everyone knows he lives in Colony Park.
I also would like to know why everyone is afraid of him?

You are correct in the forthcoming "Tarris Woods Show"; it is all about him!

Evelyn Clark


GW Cornelius

Sad day for Galveston when someone like Woods can hold office at all.

Jarvis Buckley

I believe ,these comments are a sign of tremendous over reaction. I personally don't care where TW lives, just want him to do his job for this Island,as he has sworn to do. No doubt JY and BM will
Keep him in check. TW is smarter than many people give him credit for. I believe he really loves Galveston. He is smarter than most folk , that's for sure.

Mary Branum

According to the City Charter, council members are to live in their district. I do care where he lives as I reside in District 1.
TW is smart like a fox and quick to sue whomever goes against him. Is that really the representation we want?
I have seen no improvement in the district nor has he bothered to come around to introduce himself and ask what is needed.
He didn't do anything for this district before when he was on council; I don't expect anything now.

Harry Allen

I heard on the news today that the circus is in Houston...I am certain that would be a much better place for Tarris Woods than the City Council in Galveston...

John Merritt

Woods breaks all the rules and we are afraid to call him out. Walking voters into the courthouse? Where are the election officials?

John Merritt

Ask the firemen in Galveston and they will tell you about Woods. Go Matt.

Ana Draa

Mr. Woods opponent in the runoff election was the incumbant councilwoman, Cornelia Harris Banks, a beloved, dedicated public servant who also happens to be black. Its illogical to claim the complaints against Woods, in favor of Harris Banks are because of race when they are both black. The real differences between these 2 candidates, Cornelia actually resides in District 1 and broke no election laws.

Debra Criss

everyone knows where TW lives. The house in Colony Park is listed on the CAD as belonging to his wife.

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