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Mike Leahy

This is going to cost a lot, either to Tilman or else us poor beleaguered taxpayers. I wonder which of us will pay for her lawsuit.

George Croix

What kep the woman from seeing an 18 to 20" minimum diameter hole in front of her?

Steve Fouga


Kathy Maddox

Business as usual with the thieves in Galveston stealing manhole covers for scrap metal?? Just saying.

Kevin Lang

According to the article:

"It’s unclear why the manhole was open. The cover was on the ground near the open hole."

Apparently, they hadn't gotten around to hauling it to C&D for a wad of $2 bills.

Carol Mitchell

The story says it happened at 10:40 PM. I would think darkness would keep her from seeing an open manhole.

George Croix

The place is lit up like a Christmas tree.
Maybe the lights were out....

I saw a woman at WalMart a couple days ago walk into one of the outside cart holders and nearly fall down when she ran into one, in broad daylight, so I guess anything can happen...
She was talking on her cellphone while walking along...

Lars Faltskog

Hope she's OK now. Did she finally get to go to the IHOP after she was treated?

JD Arnold

Strange things happen in or near that Ihop. I once spotted Elvis there.

Lars Faltskog

My aunt said she saw Andy Kaufman there.

Dwight Burns

Good the lady is okay.

Someone dropped the ball here. If work was being done, the manhole should have been roped off with yellow caution tape for all to see. It would be hard for me to believe that a City worker would knowingly leave a manhole cover off without securing the work site.

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