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Can't help but wonder about police chases. While attempting to capture criminals on the street when is it too much to chase.

Kevin Lang

It's been proven over and over that it's stupid to try to outrun the police. I'll bet this idiot is really boastful about how well he avoided getting caught, now, isn't he. The clown was driving stupid. Instead of taking a chance with the laws of the state, he chose to challenge the laws of physics. As his previous experience should have indicated, your chances are much better against state law than physical law. He now has proof of the unforgiving nature of physics.

There was nothing about the police behavior that I know of that made that fool plow his Durango into that family's car. From my understanding, he didn't even have lights in his rear view mirror for the final mile or so of his "joy ride". Only one person gets blame from my perspective. I only hope that his eternal justice comes as swiftly as he ended the lives of the 4 people in the other car.


Boastful to all the rats he is facing in hell. He was killed also, I believe.

Kevin Lang

Exactly what I meant.

Keith Gray

When will our leaders execute our current laws and protect our citizens?

Suspected Illegal Immigrant Kills Family of 4 in High Speed Chase
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457 on Breitbart TV 12 Aug 2014 340post a comment ABC 13 in Houston reports that a car accident that killed six people, including a family of four, was caused by a man who was believed to be in the country illegally.
Juan Garcia Ahuezoteco fled from the police at up to 100 miles per hour after he was pulled over for a traffic violation, and ran a stop sign, causing him to crash into a family of four. The family, Ahuezoteco, and his passenger were are all killed in the accident. “Ahuezoteco had an outstanding felony warrant for Driving While Intoxicated” according to ABC 13.

The station also reports that Ahuezoteco's girlfriend, who says she was on the phone with him during the chase, told them that Ahuezoteco was afraid of being deported.

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Kevin Lang

Yep, this bleep violated immigration laws, DWI laws (at least twice), and felony bond laws. If our local leaders had at least managed to enforce the felony warrant and felony DWI, he'd have been in safe keeping Sunday night, waiting for INS to ship him back home when his sentence was over. Sure, no excuse for the illegal immigration, but a failure by the feds is no excuse for the local failures.

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