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George Croix

I guess Mayor Doyle would, himself, be happy to get ripped off on his tax payments, and would never demand a refund when overcharged unfairly?
TC has milked enough out of the industry cash cows to turn a cow flop covered coastal prairie into a reasonably decent small town in way less time than it would have taken with just the tax revenues from a small population.
Give the Valero people their money back, and 'moo-ve' on.

Gary Miller

Valero isn't a taxpayer. They collect taxes from customers.
Valero's only sourse of money for taxes is customers.
G CAD overcharged Valero's customers.
Higher taxes must be paid by higher prices.
G CAD made the mistake, why aren't they repaying any of the overcarge?
Mistakes are a deliberate, budget growth, policy of G CAD. The more mistakes they make the more employees they need to settle disputes. Mistakes not challenged bring in extra money.
Look at the amounts of the refunds.
If Valero hadn't chalenged G CAD numbers their customers would have had to keep paying for the overchgarges. TC, TCISD, COM, GC would have kept spending money illegally added to Valero's prices.

Gary Miller

G-CAD illegaly over charged Valero's customers. Their customers are Valero's only sorce of money to pay taxes including illegaly excessive taxes.
Attacking Valero insted of G-CAD is political corruption.

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