GALVESTON — An early Wednesday morning vehicle pursuit ended with a crash, and said they caught the fleet-footed driver when he tripped on the sand.

Police accused Blake Allen Talerico, 19, of driving away from a 2:30 a.m. traffic stop in the 4400 block of Avenue Q 1/2. Talerico remained jailed Wednesday on felony charges of evading arrest with a vehicle and a warrant related to a misdemeanor criminal trespassing charge, jail records show. Bond was set at $4,500.

Police accused Talerico, a Galveston resident, of evading a traffic stop in a Chevrolet Aveo as the officer returned to his patrol car to check to see whether there were warrants on Talerico or his two passengers, police Lt. Michael Gray said.

Police accused Talerico of driving east on Avenue Q 1/2 and of running several stop signs until he hi a one-way street sign at 37th Street and Avenue S 1/2. 

“An officer saw Talerico running across the seawall and onto the beach,” Gray said. “He was running toward the water, but when he looked back over his shoulder, he tripped and fell on the sand.”

The Galveston County District Attorney’s Office authorized a felony evading charge. The two passengers gave statements to police and were released without charges, Gray said.

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Lars Faltskog

Sounds like a fine (and sure-footed) Galveston denizen. I'm sure someone who knows this freako will come forward to say what a wonderful person he really is. Am ready to hear it and be entertained.

Maybe he won a blue ribbon accolade for his BBQ rib recipe. Or, a Big Brother award certificate.

Mike Meador

I guess he went to LaMarque ISD.

Lars Faltskog

Wonder if he passed the TAKS test. But with the way he tripped in the sand, he may most certainly have flubbed in PE class. Sounds like the kind of guy who would tie his shoe strings from both left and right shoe together, stand up and start walking - then trip.

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