LA MARQUE — Trustees unanimously agreed late Thursday night to wait until early June to take definitive action on an agenda item deciding the fate of the school district’s police department and its chief, Timothy Fields.

However, Vice President Nakisha Paul indicated that the board would be moving forward with previously reported plans to outsource work done by the department, which consists of four officers, including Fields, and seven crossing guards. Fields has been head of the district’s police since 2010, and his contract is up in June.

“In order for us to transition our police department, we need all the processes in place,” she said.

The board emerged from behind closed doors with the decision after more than two hours spent deliberating. Trustees Davey Jones and Stacy Crawford were not at the meeting.

The district will be seeking bids from a variety of places, Paul said, naming the constables’ office, the La Marque Police Department and Texas City police. She ruled out the district contracting with any private security companies, saying the students of La Marque would be better served by trained public officers.

The district will require a memorandum of understanding with any potential bidder before dissolving its existing department, she said.

Paul cited the board’s efforts to scale back spending as the main reason behind the trustees’ decision.

“Outsourcing the police department is something we need to do to save costs,” she said.

The department was budgeted about $315,830 for the current school year. Trustees weren’t able to specify Thursday night how funding or personnel would be reduced in an outsourced department.

The district’s financial woes continued Thursday, as a state-ordered financial solvency plan was rejected by the Texas Education Agency.

The board also approved one contract nonrenewal notice for an unspecified school employee.

Prior to the closed meeting, trustees recognized distinguished La Marque graduates, La Marque High School collegiate graduates and the salutatorian of the high school with certificates. Beaming parents took photos as the accomplished students posed with trustees and and the interim superintendent.

Trustees will meet again May 20 for collection canvassing and will take action on the future of the district’s police department in early June.

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Walter Manuel

"The district will require a memorandum of understanding with any potential bidder before dissolving its existing department, she said.

Paul cited the board’s efforts to scale back spending as the main reason behind the trustees’ decision.

Outsourcing the police department is something we need to do to save costs, she said.

The department was budgeted about $315,830 for the current school year. Trustees weren’t able to specify Thursday night how funding or personnel would be reduced in an outsourced department".


First rule for contracting out services to another agency, KNOW EXACTLY HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE TO SPEND AND FOR WHAT SERVICES PROVIDED!

"Memorandum of understanding"? Do you really think that an outside agency basically wants a hand shake agreement from someone who doesn't have any money to pay them for their services just because you are LMISD????

What qualifications does Dr. Hudson think that Thomasine Allen and Del Senna Frazier possess that qualifies them to work with the finance department in working out the details of outsourcing the police department?

I guess sista' Paul didn't get the email that LMPD isn't interested either in the LMISD police department just like the Galveston County Sheriff's Office wasn't? As far as the Constable's Office goes, I'm sure that would have to be worked out with the county commissioners and anything less than the already under budgted $315,830 would be laughable.

The school district is broke and can't prove that they can pay their bills now, so how do they expect anyone else to come in and provide the same service for less?

They ALL must be smoking either dope or dog food is all I can say! [wink]

eric ward

Do you have a life? You point fingers all day and night. Let me ask you, what are you doing to help resolve the problems in LMISD? Have you volunteered your time to help the district? Have you walked the hallways as a volunteer in any school? We all know and understand the state of the district. Knowing that, we should all be focused on trying to help solve the problems instead of "armchair quarterbacking" Maybe the current board is not meeting your expectations, however Missionaryman, why don't you do something to help with the problem.. As much as you blog, Im sure you could be a great asset to the district. Just Saying

Leonard T. Payne

As Gomer Pyle would say, " Well Gooollllleeeeeeeeeeee."

catering28, Walter has done more than point his fingers about this bunch of clowns that claim to know what they are doing than you have done, i'm sure. Were you at the meeting that he was illeagally escorted out from, for handing out information while the board was in another one of their executive sessions. ( eating twinkies ).

I was at that meeting, and he was not disruptive in any manner.

I wonder what the "Buzzard" in the "Eagles Nest" has to say as to who is to blame, surely not this board.

MissionaryMan (Walter) keep up the good job you are doing for all of us LMISD taxpayers that do pay thier taxas.

George Croix

Who helps the guy with a compound fracture of the upper leg and a resulting knicked femoral artery more. The one who sits by him stroking his forehead and telling him everything is going to be alright just like before the injury, or the one who calls 911 for help to fix the injury and then directs the responders to the victim?
LMISD is broken and bleeding.
The cure is not to be found in continuing to do feel good but ineffective things.

eric ward

Mr. Payne you dont know me nor what Ive done for the District , or the students of LMISD. . All this talking is not getting anything acomplished. Going to meetings has not changed anything so for. By no means am I talking for, nor against the school board. Mistakes have been made for the last several years within the District. No one person is to be blamed. All interested parties need to come together and stop finger pointing.

I never once said that Missionary Man did anything wrong. Im encouraging him to get involved, like join the school board or become a volunteer to help meet some of the expectations. Tryst me, Ive done my fair share of work in the District and I am still doing what I can do. Are you a volunteer? Is there something you can do to make LMISD a better place besides placing blame.

Leonard T. Payne

catering28, your right, I don't know you, because you don't use a real name. What are you afraid of.

MissionaryMan is involved, he has done more with his posts, informing all what a lousy job this board has done and is doing. His information is factual.

If you were a volunteer as you state, what did you do ?

Walter Manuel

Thank you Mr. Payne for your comment, I intend on making sure that these board members are exposed for everything that they are doing since WHAT they are doing is self serving and has nothing to do with the what's best for the children, school district nor the tax payers of this district.

Gecroix, you hit the nail on the head! Why sit around and tell everybody that everything is ok when it is not? This has been the problem in the past and is still the problem today, none of us knew what all was happening because no one wanted us to know?

Catering28, you sound like the same person wanting to be appointed to Mr. Cantu's seat who thinks everything is wonderful and thinks that this board is doing a wonderful job.

As to your question whether I have a life, the answer would be yes I do and it's because of the excellent education that I received at LMISD and is the sole reason I will do everything in my power to see to it that each and every child in this district receives the same education as many of us did even if that means "armchair quarterbacking".

If these board members won't leave on their own then so that the district can grow then I'll help them leave by making sure that TEA and every taxpayer in LM is aware of what they are doing or have not been doing?

Catering28, you appear to be more of the problem rather than I am seeing how you don't like my posts or the factual information that I provide to others. If you don't like seeing how the cow ate the cabbage then you very well might want to stay out of the garden! [wink]

Island Bred

Yes there is something we can do............ we can vote this board OUT and look for some folks with a moral compass. Too bad we have to wait for that because IF they had a moral compass they would step down, allow folks with a clue to help save this district.

I heard about another district just this week that had gotten crossways with the state education agency. They fired all the teachers and closed the district. This board won't be happy until they suck the last breath of air from this ISD's mouth. They are slimey b*st*rds and they should be run out on a rail for what they have done to this district.
This board reminds me of kids that break something then trying to hide the fact that they broke it.. They place the blame everywhere but squarely on thier own shoulders - where it rightfully belongs. I'm sick sick sick of them. They burned up everyone's good will now they want to whine cause there is none left.

Gary Miller

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

The LM ISD board isn't "the" problem.
The ISD system is a problem.
ISD schools succede when enrolement increases, fail when enrolement declines.
A classic "ponzi scheme".

Walter Manuel

Your absolutely right Margurite, the voters who can vote for Mrs. Mable Pratt need to because Shirley Fanuiel has had 18 years to prove what she does not know and what she will never be able to learn about directing this school district.

Next year voters have the same opportunity to replace Annie Burton, Nakisha Paul and elect a new board of trustee for Mr. Cantu's seat IF the school district even still exists.

eric ward

Missionary Man, I never said all was great. if you are a fair person, then you will be honest and acknowledge that the problems of the district did not start with this board. These problems started long time ago. It is now being poured on the current board as if they created this problem. Im not saying all of their actions have been great, but im not gonna blame the current board for the current state that the district is in.
We are all in agreement that change is needed. Im just saying since you feel that the board is so horrible, why dont you run for a seat on the board, so that you could assure the taxpayers that all will be okay. You are a product of LMISD. Im sure we would all support you since you are a product of the District,

Stop the finger pointing and get these so called bad people off the board by replacing them with someone else. If you cant do that, then we just have to accept the choices that are made by the current board.

Island Bred

We all know Walter doesn't live here - so what's with the catty remarks?

Walter does more for this town at a distance than most who hold board seats do being present. This board needs to be replaced. Not in due time - NOW. They have burned thier time by burning our money to the ground then trying to rob our corpses of whatever else they thought they might get.

When THAT didn't work they went out and borrowed what they could to endebt us even further. They are worse than a kid climbing out a window after the parent said NO you can't go. Then crying when they come home and get caught. I hope TEA comes soon and I hope they clean house. It's a pretty dirty house in my opinion.

Walter Manuel

Catering28, if it wasn't that I work out of town on contract I would gladly run for the board despite knowing that I would be out voted by the majority every time and this is probably one of the reasons that Mr. Cantu resigned.

With the redistricting of the district it makes it virtually impossible to get these people off the board and you and I know it. The best way for me to help the district start building trust again is to make sure that I keep the board members and district officials transparent and I think I'm doing a pretty good job so far if I say so myself.

The pressure that the board members are getting from me and the community is the exact same pressure that they put on the previous board members. I'm sorry that they can't seem to swallow the same bad tasting medicine that they doled out for everyone else to take.

I agree that not everything started with this board, however their actions or lack of actions today and from this day forward is all that matters for saving LMISD. From the games that we are currently witnessing being played out by the board members no one should feel ANY empathy for them as they have done all of this to themselves.

You go right ahead and keep looking at the glass as if it's half full and I'll continue being the fair man and realist that I really am despite what you might think and see that the glass is actually half empty. [thumbup]

George Croix

Let me get this straight, if I can.
Once elected, everybody has to just accept whatever the elected folks do?
That should be an amazing statement, but unfortunately it's common these days, starting at the nation's top office, all the way down to Podunkville.
It's another example of how 'progressive', isn't at all.
In the effort to defame or marginalize people who don't 'walk the halls' or live locally, it's overlooked or forgotten or ignored that many, many of us who went to LMISD schools ourselves and/or had kids in the system, ALREADY put in time and effort working to make LMISD a better place. People grow up and move away, one reason why the City's population is about the same as it was 50 years ago.
But while they can't be here in person, there's no reason their LMISD alumni status and concern is no longer important, or potentially instructive or helpful. Or, given the antics reported on and revealed routinely, quite helpful to show that the Emporer is naked.
Being unable to run for public office for whatever reason is why we have a few representatives and millions of voters, not vice versa.
That would seem to be a good thing, considering the mess a relative few can stir up when things go south.

eric ward

First of all, I dont know who Missionary Man is, nor where he lives. Now that I do know, I clearly understand that he is not able to run for office.

I agree with holding people accountable for their jods and duties in all capacities. Its nothing wrong with lighting a fire underneath them to get the job done.

What bothers me is when we get to name calling. Continue to do what you think and feel is right, however can we leave all the added adjetives out. you and I agrre with some things as well as we disagree with some. Through this conversation, niehter of us disrepected the others differences. I respected you as well as you have done me. WHy dont we do the same for others. Thanks for your continued support for the Kids and Staff of LMISD.

Walter Manuel

Catering28, I'm glad that we can agree to disagree, however the name calling comes strictly from the board members actions including the "chicken dinners" which is not at all racially motivated as some people may want others to believe, but rather comes from a board member telling Mr. Burley some time back to check on the price of chickens and all the trimmings in order to help raise money for the districts budget deficit.

Grecoix, your right again! It's none of our jobs to walk the halls or volunteer our time when that's what our parents did while we attended school. It's now the responsibility of these parents with children in the school to do this themselves as we're already doing our part by paying our taxes for services to their children like others did for us when we were in school.

It's time more parents became more involved in their own child's discipline and educational needs rather than using others in the community in order to free them up of their responsibility so that they can do other things.

LM is my home and unfortunately my job requires me to work out of town, however it does not prevent me from fighting for our school district.

James Dotson

Do your research , missionary man. The board member that said to sell chicken dinner to raise money was Cynthia Malveaux, which is not on the board now.
I agree with catering 28, that it is a racial tone in most words that you say.

The rules on the top says:
Be Nice.
No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person.

The newspaper let you do it all the time.

The next one is:
Be Truthful.
Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything.

You always think that you are right,but you have your cheerleaders that cheers you on.

Walter Manuel

James Daniels, as a so-called preacher man you know that people go to hell for lying just like they do for stealing.

I wasn't going to say any names, but since you brought it up it was actually Annie Burton who said made that comment, not Mrs. Malveaux.

If your going to post here you too need to remember rule #3 "Be Truthful. Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything".

Then again, the Imaginary and make believe Empty Eagle's Nest is used to lying and covering up for people perhaps that's why ya'll should step to the left and let people who actually know how to run a school district do so! [wink]

Walter Manuel

"Annie Burton who "made" that comment, not Mrs. Malveaux.

I also failed to mention that the Bible states, "Thy shall not lie" or was this page deliberately torn out of yours for some reason?

James Dotson

There were several people at the meeting, and everyone there heard Cynthia's statement concerning the chicken dinner.

Just as you made false statements about a year ago concerning Cynthia's vote, that she did not vote against Russell W. You made a fool of yourself then, someone put the minutes from the board meeting on the blog where she did vote against Russell W., and all you can say was "I stand corrected".

Don't worry about the empty nest, worry about the emptiness of your head and how prejudice you are. Tell about friends and the 3.5 million dollars that is missing from the city of La Marque.

Robert Buckner

Predjudice? I don't see any predjudice in anything written on this thread.

Walter Manuel

James Daniel's I find it awfully funny that anything that you send into the paper for publication dates back to the days of racial segregation and racial division and you have the nerve to sit behind your computer and call me prejudice?

You say that your group is friends with Russel Washington and ya'll support him because his father gave African American men jobs back in the day at the local 116 and you have the never to say that I am prejudice?

You say that the Eagle's Nest represents the old days at Lincoln and you have the nerve to call me prejudice?

Well James Daniel's, I must be pretty dang good at being prejudiced for fighting for a school district that is comprised of over 86 % African American students, having fought for Mr. Burley and Chief Field's when you and your friends wanted to illegally suspend them and they are African American and I am Mexican American and then again recently standing up before the board fighting for righteousness and fair treatment regarding Chief Field's contract and he's still an African American man and I'm still Mexican American.

Only when someone has absolutely no defense to take on someone else do they use the race card and that's what you and your group does so often. Perhaps if you could actually read and understand what you read in the thread then you would have seen that it was MY comment to Catering28 NOT the other way around that stated, "the name calling comes strictly from the board members actions including the "chicken dinners" which is not at all racially motivated as some people may want others to believe, but rather comes from a board member telling Mr. Burley some time back to check on the price of chickens and all the trimmings...".

So I suppose you can put your race card back in your pocket for now as you threw it out for nothing and go stand in front of the administration building holding your sign "SAVE OUR SHOOLS" while supporting Shirley Fanuiel in order that you and your group can continue further destroying the school district and educational needs of the children while supporting your friends wasting thousands and thousands of federal and local taxpayers dollars in lawyers fees and giving illegal gifts to ya'lls friends.

And lastly, what do I have to do with anyone at city hall and the $3.5 million dollars of missing money? Obviously, you really didn't have anything significant to say after all with your last post so you really should step to the left with the rest of your friends so that others can get some work done here!

Walter Manuel

Here James Daniel's here's something else for you to chew on while talking about me being prejudiced.

Here are the employees of the district that I am also fighting for and who the maroty just so happen to be African American. I will provide for your entertainment the ethnical breakdown as of about 5 months ago:

School District Employees:

African American Females 205

African American Males 65

Caucasion Females 71

Caucasion Males 34

Hispanic Females 29

Hispanic Males 9

Asian Females 3

Asian Males 0

Indian Females 0

Indian Males 0

Total: 407


African American 270

Caucasion 105

Hispanic 29

Asian 3

Indian 0

Now, who's the one really prejudiced now???

I've provided my facts to support not being prejudiced James, now it's your turn to prove therwise that I am! [wink]

Walter Manuel

"majority" not "maroty"

Walter Manuel

Danggit! LOL "prove otherwise" not "prove therwise". That's exactly what happens when your battling with satan!

Island Bred

[beam] Well done - yep - Well done! Game Set Match

JED you can get your umbrella and go home now.[wink]

George Croix

MissionaryMan, there's no law that says you have to buy bait that anyone tries to sell.
Ignore it for what it is.
Let the guilty talk loudest in protest.

Cynthia Bell-Malveaux

James Daniels leave me the hell alone. It wasn't me with the chicken dinner directive to Ecomet. Why am I of interest to you? I do not comment on that silly mess you send in nor YOUR PAST so do me a favor or whatever and stop lying on me. Be big and find God for real. Try prayer, it works.

Walter Manuel

Hallelujerrrrr Mrs. Malveaux!

"Today is indeed the day that the Lord has made"!

You go Mrs. Malveaux!

Your right Gecroix, I really shouldn't waste my time with such insignificance, but I always like to back up my posts with facts rather than lies like certain people have no problem trying to convince others of.

Robert Buckner

A wise old man once told me to not argue with an idiot, he will bring you down to his level and beat you with experience. Walter, one of the things that made me read your post was that you could always back it up with the facts. I haven't always agreed with you in the past but you've got this ISD stuff in your back pocket and I appreciate what you have done to rectify the problems.
James Daniel's post and mickey mouse columms about his imaginary Nest and whatever aren't SQUAT. His Reverend status is malarky. He has never stated where he preaches and/or when/ where it happens. What's
is this emty nest roster? Who elected him chairman? Where do they meet? How do I become a member? Where did is preaching credentials come from?
JED, put up or shut up. C'mon danniels, many are wandering the same thing.

Walter Manuel

Your right Robert, James Daniel's has never been able to back up his claim of being a preacher, minister, missionary, rabbi, monk, brother or anything else for that matter. Obviously the "reverend" title in front of his name is nothing more than instant gratification and questionable at best!

No where has anyone including myself been able to find the Eagle's Nest registered or listed as a non-profit organization the last time we checked.

I suppose as I stated previously his church is the 4 walls at the administration building because that's where you can find the most sheeples (vulnerable and often times followers) in one place. Their mission statement for their board meetings probably starts out by saying, "We, the Sheeple's of the Empty Eagle's Nest....",

The polls have now closed and hopefully the people of district 2 voted for change, however 200 and something early/absentee votes for early voting is what Shirley Fanuiel and her supporters usually gets by walking the neighborhoods and helping people get their early mail in ballots, as well as, helping them mail them back in. I hope Mr. Sullivan and his crew reviews the mail in ballots for any voter irregularities and patterns that were quite obvious during the TRE election. I must say that I have no reason to not trust Laurie Alexander who ran the election locally, but next year it might be questionable?

If Shirley wins her seat again then obviously the people in her district support the district either being shut down completely or taken over by TEA. We all shall see shortly and they will get what they got coming!


Well guys the elections are over.

Walter Manuel

Your right Mr. JBG, I hope all 359 people who voted for Shirley Fanuiel feel good about helping to have this district consolidated with an area school district in the near future.

It's only a matter of time before the legacy of LMISD will be in the history books and only a past memory....

Very sad!


I would like to thank Ms. Pratt for being the kind of individual who saw a need and did not hesitate in rushing to the point of need, trying to make a difference. When you smash your finger with a hammer, the BLOOD rushes to the place of hurt to prop it it up, and aids in the healing process! Like BLOOD, Ms. Pratt jumped in election arena and tried to rush to the place of hurt in this community, BUT the place of hurt REJECTED that help, just as the body will reject an incompatible limb surgically attached by doctors!
So, we shall see what becomes of LMISD now, and who will they now blame for whatever end that comes? If my understanding is right Ms. Pratt is one of those, who came along years ago, and made the kind of contribution to LMISD which SHOOK the foundations of the educational processes in Texas.
The legacy of excellence she helped to build here years ago, is secure and forever planted in the annuals of the educational history of Texas Schools, which cannot be erased and will NEVER be obviated, the radical decline, it's third rate operating methology, and the incompetent institution LMISD now represents!
To the Pratts I say bravo, and thanks you! You guys tried to bring those qualities of yesteryear back here, but it was not to be so! Being on the bottom for so long took it's toll, and as if a cement ceiling has been erected preventing any escape, from there, it would seem LMISD is now on life support.
God bless.

Walter Manuel

Very well said Mr. JBG!

We do owe a lot to Mrs. Pratt for wanting to make a difference by running. At best, she made Shirley have to get out and actually work to keep her seat. There are people already in line to repeat this same thing next year when Annie Burton and Nakisha Paul run. Those elections will be much easier to beat seeing how both of them barely won their election the last time.

Kudo's to Mrs. Pratt for caring enough about LMISD to give it a try once again, we can't thank you enough! [thumbup]

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