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Tanya Fabian

This is a terrible statement......
Police Chief Henry Porretto said officers are concerned about the spread of methamphetamine in particular, describing it as a “challenge we’re trying to keep from progressing.”

“We’re worried about it permeating the neighborhoods,” he said. “Once it becomes prolific in lower socio-economic neighborhoods, there will no longer be any demographic lines on where it is.”

At the same time, just about every person east of 61st , and north of stewart road knows about the crack heads all over the island, mostly from broadway and 21st to the seawall..
The police just figured it out....and you want more money....Are you joking.

Dwight Burns

Drugs in any socio-economic neighborhood is a bad thing.

As I read the Chief's statement, it reminds me of a scene from the "Godfather" movie, where the Bosses who wanted to enter into the drug biz said they would keep the sale of dope in the darker neighborhoods because after all, they considered them to be animals and losing their souls wasn't a big thing.

George Croix

And some people want to legalize dope.

Steve Fouga

I've heard people say they think marijuana should be legalized, but never cocaine, illicit prescription meds, or meth.

Kim Etheridge

Ralph Nader has built an entire political platform on the legalization of all drugs.

"On the war on drugs, Nader said that the United States should entirely decriminalize and move to regulate all drugs in the same way alcohol and tobacco are regulated."


Steve Fouga

OK, I'll give you Ralph Nader. I meant anyone relevant.

George Croix

Legalize the gateway, and open it wide.
Don't worry, nothing else will go through....

It would seem that there are enough intoxicants and mind altering devices and substances as it is, without helping others get a stronger hold on more people.
But, that's just me, and I freely admit I absolutely despise dopers.....etc......

Carlos Ponce

If you legalize marijuana, the drug pushers will move on to something stronger to peddle, legalize that and they'll push something even stronger, etc. No good will come of this.

Steve Fouga

Well, Carlos, they already do that anyway. But don't worry, TX won't legalize marijuana in our lifetime. Probably not our kids' either.

It'll be interesting to watch what happens in the places that do legalize it.

George Croix

You need only look a short way north to Colorado...

Steve Fouga

I know. Hasn't been legal long enough to see long-term effects.


Bring back gambling and let the Italians run it. I heard that there was not any crime on the streets back then.


We need to legalize get off your butt, quit using foodstamps and get a job

Andy Aycoth

Put all thugs in jail !

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