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Walter Manuel

"The board also directed board president Nakisha Paul to meet with Blazinbrook Preparatory School to finalize a contract renewal. The agency supplies the district with about four teachers, including a band director and welding instructor, at a lower cost than hiring full-time employees with benefits".

So why was it so difficult last night for Shirley Fanuiel to understand Blazinbrook's contract that everybody and their grandmother had to try and explain it to her as if they were speaking to a 2nd grader and she still couldn't get it until they finally had to take a recess and attempt to call Blazinbrook???

I seriously doubt Nakisha Paul is in any better position or possesses any special qualifications or skills above that of Shirley for obtaining simple toilet paper for the school district more less working on contracts for teachers through Blazinbrook!

The district is paying Ann Dixon thousand's of dollars to do what ended up essentially looking exactly like what Mr. Burley and Laurie Alexander created with their own solvency plan with the only exception being Ann Dixon made the board member's sign a piece of paper begging TEA to accept their solvency plan saying they swear to be good little girl's and little boy's and not over spend the little bit of pocket change that they have in the bank for the next three years.

Did I mention toilet paper? Obviously that's all the majority of this board's signature on a piece of paper is worth to the district, students, parents and taxpayer's of LMISD because these people lie so much they can no longer remember when it's tie to tell the truth.

Sure the board had Dr. Dixon come up with their budget through 2015-2016, however I'm sure she did not include any extra money that the board is possibly considering giving Russel Washington during the mediation process above the $4,500 and one month's attorney fee's? We'll see if they lied while signing the "Resolution of Financial Integrity" once Dr. Dixon rides off in the sunset and the mediation process is completed?

So, why wasn't there any mention of the LMISD Police Department last night in all of this? Is that why there wasn't an officer at last night's board meeting because they've already let the department go without giving the public an opportunity to hear as to their reason why? Looks awfully shady and certainly unfair to all of the police department employees and their families having to live day to day wondering if they will have a job or not when everyone else who was let go in the district already knows their fate?

Why did the board have to go into executive session in order to discuss the solvency plan like they had publically posted would be discussed in public? Perhaps board members had to hide in the dark while trying one last time to save some of their friends or family members from being cut?

This board using OUR schools as collateral for their loan is nothing more than a game of Russian roulette seeing how so much rides on the district improving academically and financially in one year and possibly losing their accreditation status and funding in 2014 leaving them no way to pay back the loan and having to surrender the buildings by default to the bank that loaned them the $3 million dollars.

It's no wonder the district wants to hurry and get the $3 million dollar loan before TEA possibly gives LMISD their Academic Probation rating this year due to another year of poor test scores and no one will give them their $3 million dollars.

Oh and once again, where was Annie Burton last night who started ALL of this mess in the first place by making sure she stacked the board in order to get rid of Mr. Burley and Chief of Police Field's? Perhaps she's still recoverying from being kicked so hard to the curb that she doesn't want anyone to see her wounds out in public??

Mark my words, with these board members running the district and two interim superintendent's who don't have the qualifications to effectively run a neighborhood lemonade stand it's only a matter of time before the sand is finally thrown over the grave of LMISD!

RIP LMISD....[crying]

Walter Manuel

Ooopps, that should be, "they can no longer remember when it's "time" to tell the truth".

Paul Hyatt

MissionaryMan.... Why didn't this so called solvency plan address the issue of 2 superintnedents and the cutting of one of them.... That would be an extra 100,000 to add to the plan.... Why didn't they have anything about closing of schools that would no longer be needed and the support staff like administrative aides being cut???? There would seem that there is a whole lot of fat that is still out there on that hog that needs to be cut....

Walter Manuel

I failed to mention that we will see if the school board members act in the best interest of the district by opening up Westlawn and renaming it the Simm's Renaissance Academy when they only have 91 students for that entire program?

How much money will it ultimately cost LMISD taxpayers for bus transportation, Armark food service, district employee salaries, modifications to the bathroom's that's age appropriate, water fountain's, desks, lights, gas and everything else financially necessary to run this school seperately in order to please Nakisha Paul and the Eagle's Nest?

I can assure you these children could easily be put at the high school just like they originally planned for which which the parents of these student's overwhelmingly approved in the survey's that they completed for district officials.

Oh and Mr. JBG, I should be getting the LMISD police activity log today that I've been requesting since May 3, 2013 and if I don't I'll be on the phone with the Attorney General's office in the morning.

You and everyone else will get the information that I promised you despite Thomasine Allen wanting to play games while trying to make me dot every "I" and cross every "T". Thomasine Allen will lose at her won game I can assure her not me. She forgets I'm not one of her friends from the village that she's dealing with.

Transparency, transparency, transparency.... [wink]

Walter Manuel

"Thomasine Allen will lose at her "own" game"

James Dotson

What kind of game are you playing?

Walter Manuel

Your right Paul, there's still too many things being done in the dark to trust any of these people including Ann Dixon who you would think would be aboe the rest of them and explain to the taxpayers that showed up last night who are paying her $10,000 plus for service what all is in the solvency plan that they are submitting to TEA.

That's what I keep saying you can't trust these people for minute their still playing by their own rules. I also didn't read where the board voted on accepting this solvency plan in an open meeting? Did I miss something or did the paper simply not mention it?

I'll be asking today for a copy of the solvency plan for sure!

Walter Manuel


Ron Shelby

Annie not there again??? Is she not wanting to be on the record voting for cuts?

Walter Manuel

Yep, you got it Ron!

None of these spineless board members wanted to take credit for having to make these cuts so instead they chose to hire a consultant to do it for them so that they could tell their friends and family members, "See, we didn't make the cuts the consultant did".

My question is since when does a board president who has no education certification or degree in education whatsoever have the qualifications to work out the details of the contract with Blazinbrook instead of the superintendent who's job function is to do this?

This is one more instance where Thomasine Allen and Dr. Hudson have proven that they lack the necessary qualifications to be the next superintendent of LMISD if they can't oversee this simple contract agreement themselves!

Speaking of the next superintendent, when will the board members be publically discussing when they will be performing a nation wide search for the next superintendent and then the public have an opportunity to meet the candidates who applied and see for themselves if the candidate would be a good fit for the district or not?

Any high profile position such as the superintendent's job, as well as, the chief of police must be discussed and voted on out in the public, not behind closed doors despite what these board members think, otherwise they have once again violated the Texas Open Meetings Act.

We've already seen Thomasine Allen on numerous occasions saying "No comment" or "I don't know anything about that" so that just goes to show everyone that she dang sure don't fit the bill in what it is going to take to save this district in the future despite her being the boards "home girl"!


I have a question this morning, and I would like for somebody to answer it. Then I ill have more to say, Question:

What nationality or ethnic background is Ms. Dixon? I've never seen a picture of the lady , or heard it mentioned.

Gary Miller

When LM ISD was growing they asked for, and got, funding needed to educate 5,000 students.
Now that there are half that many students why haven't they announced reducing the staffing and infrastructure by half?
They built schools to handle 5,000 students. 2,370 students don't need all those schools.
They staffed new schools for 5,000 students. 2370 students don't need so many staff.
Available classrooms and staff should be cut back to half what was needed when LM ISD had twice as many students.

Robert Buckner

Is this important JBG? Why?

Norman Pappous

@Jbgood - what nationality is Ann Dixon?!!!!!

Are you aware of any non-American citizens working as Superintendents in the Texas state public education system? I think I am on solid ground when I say that American citizenship is probably a pre-requisite for holding that position.

Gary Miller

Too many classrooms, too many employees, too few students.

Why hasn't the LM ISD board cut back to the needed levels?
Because people who spend OPM enjoy it.
Wasted spending buys more friends than required spending.

Norman Pappous



Well Mr. Nappous, I think I'm on solid ground when I say you did not fully answer my question! For your information I assumed the lady was an American.
Here is the question again IF somebody want to answer it. I'll cut and paste what I asked before so there won't be no misunderstanding.
"What nationality or ETHNIC BACKGROUND is Ms. Dixon? I've never seen a picture of the lady , or heard it mentioned.
Now, anybody else want to address this by answering the question WITH AN ANSWER INSTEAD OF A QUESTION? If not, it is perfectly alright to say nothing.


jbgood , look at the GDN on May 22,2013 it show Ms.Dixon picture and her 20 years experience as a superintendent in various Texas districts.


Thank you Magpie, now that is the kind of information I was looking for. I appreciate it.

Paul Hyatt

I did a search on that date for Dixon and a photo and could not find it.... Must have input something wrong on the search criteria....



You are speaking to much logic here, and laying to much common sense principles of operations on the table here my friend. However, like the old West, the buffalo, the fast draw, and the great plains horsemen of years ago, those things you mentioned, are gone forever away from this place.
Not that I don't agree with you though, and if the kind of management and skill sets you are alluding to were in operations over there, LMISD probably would still be 4A rated.

James Dotson

[wink] I wonder if missionary man boss is ok with him blogging as often as he does while on the job. He blogs constantly day and night, I will be requesting public information from his employer about his job duties , his responsibilities and if they are understanding with his constant blogging and racist remarks.

He is good at requesting public information, I have learned a few things from this stupid idiot. I wonder if the people of color he may be providing medical services to would be offended by his insensitivity with the constant name calling, village idiots, ghetto fabulous McKinney members, selling chicken dinners, and incompetent village idiots.

What kind of educational degree does he have to questions everyone ability?
Yes, La Marque school and city are having money problems that needs to be solve. Missionary man has all this energy to give all information, good & bad about everything, where is the city concerns? Everyone that reads and follow him, believe everything that is reported, like he is the police for LM. I want to hear about a problem from both sides, and not only the personal feeling of his.

I am waiting for him to grow up, quit whining and be a man. Is that hard to do? Maybe one day, I will see writing of an intelligent concerned man that is talking about the true issues with real solutions.


Paul Hyatt

Wow.... Do we have a burr in our saddle today???? first of all I doubt that Missionary Man is a public servent even though what he is doing is a public service as he is doing his best to keep the ones who are foolishly wasting taxpayers money from being even more foolish than they have been.... My question to you is why in the world would anyone with any sense be defending the asinine mess that has been going on with the LSMID board.... BTW, you can call and check on my any time you want as I am retired and answer to no one but God and my wife.... What Missionary Man is doing is trying to bring the truth out into the light instead of the lies that have been done in the dark.... After all even the Bible states that what is done in the darkness will be brought out in the light....

Paul Hyatt

Ooops should have been me instead of my in the 3rd to last line....

Walter Manuel

ROFL James Daniel's!

You don't wear the look of "LOSING" too well do you???

How does it feel having your friends exposed for who they really are? Everything was perfectly ok when I was involved with the city and now you want me to return there because you don't like what I exposed for everyone in LM to see and why you and your friends have totally destroyed this district by keeping your traps shut and turning a blind eye to absolute incompetence.

Why does the amount of time that I blog concern you or how many times that I request public information? It's just that....public information that the public has a right to know despite your and your friends wanting to keep it from others.

Your pathetic excuse for using the race card against me only serves to show others that you lack any other defense to attack me with other than to show your own weaknesses like that of the very people that you support.

Perhaps losing for you means lowering yourself just enough to now look beyond pathetic, almost like watching a fish out of water struggling to breath while trying to survive....

Let me know how losing works out for you and your friends.... [wink]

James Dotson

I don't know that I have lost anything, but let you tell it I have. You can Thank
Mr. Burley,and Lorie Alexander for all of the financial problems that LMISD has. As Dr. Ann Dixon said in the newspaper financial problems started as early as 2005 and the past board members rubber stamp everything that Burley wanted.
They questioned nothing. You always make statements not is not valid.

* Burley , Lorie and the past board used the district attorneys, costing the district more than a million dollars in fees.

*Burley constantly brought in businesses for the purpose of outsourcing such as, our substitute teachers. Big problem-BLAZINBROOKS, EDUTEMPTS, and OSBUDSMAN. This companies should have never been employed by LMISD., which helped put the district in a financial crisis.

Administration building is overstaffed as a result of your friend, Burley.

Walter Manuel

Thank you Paul, it only seems to reason that the only reason anyone would want me to go away would be so that things can return to way life once was for these same people who got this school district in this shape in the first place.

I'm not near done so if anyone feels the need to call my boss, please do so in order that you have one less concern on their plate to deal with. It appears they've obviously given me more power than their really willing to publically admit?

In case any of the "Concerned Citizens" should happen to be interested in my agenda for the rest of the day while at work it would include contacting TEA and the Attorney General's office.

Again I say it's all about transparency, transparency, transparency....

James Dotson

Keep working hard, and give us the notes...............


Alright Friday night where are YOU?
Waiting for the game which leads gold,white and BLUE!
You want some football? JBG want it too. Hey JACK, it's a fact, the show's back n TOWN;

Etheredge is rocking', so crank up the SOUND.
Cougars are ready.... Old JACK is toooo;
Time to get some coke, &,...go watch dat BLUE!

Robert Buckner

Good point Paul Hyatt. I appreciate the work Missionary Man has done to keep us informed. He really stepped it up to defeat that TRE last November which would have given Daniel's little friends more funds to waste. So far, he's been able to back up what he states. I honestly believe Daniels is afraid of him and will lose his stroke at the administration building pretty soon. Daniels little "feel good" editorials about his one man organization are useless since the writer has no credibility. He never states where the nest meets, criteria for becoming a nest member, what church he preaches at. He's unable to back up any thing he says.

James Dotson

Again, this is not James Daniels.

Why do you need to talk trash, or name calling to describe what you want to say?

Island Bred

Wow - public meltdown - LMAO.......... JED I'm not a prayin woman but I sent one up for you just now - bless your heart![wink]

Walter Manuel

Thanks Robert, I can assure everybody that nobody who's not qualified to earn more money for what their worth will NOT be afforded the opportunity to upgrade from a wig to weave while under my watch! [wink]

Island Bred

I rely on your good solid information and your particularly interesting way of expression....... no worry - my bet is your bosses admire that in you as well. LOL LOL

Ya know when no one has anything left they start throwing any trash they can find in the gutter that they live in......... glad to see that you are very much aware of that. Then again I know you to be a pretty big boy that doesn't scare as easily as obvioulsy JED does. He shakes up pretty easy...........He is a hoot!!!

James Dotson

SCARE of what? You and missionary man....Wrong answer!!!!!!!!!

Missionary man and his friends on the blog always throwing trash in the gutter. You won't understand, because missionary man is on your mind...

I understand!!!!!!!!!!

Walter Manuel

Oh and JED, that last statement wasn't intended to be "racist" statement as just as many Caucasion and Mexican American women these days are wearing weaves these day just like African American women, so I just wanted to clarify for the record before you pucker your lips trying to "holla" racism!


You bought up a good point yourself Mr. Buckner, ...concerning beating that tax vote! I personally was as glad as a VAMPIRE in a blood bank that thing failed, and for more reasons than one.
Mr. Manuel's fingerprints was all over that effort, and there is no denying that! Neither is there any question about his untiring efforts and diligence in doing what needed to be done to help this community then and now!
We just don't have a problem at LMISD, WE HAVE A CATASTROPHIC DISASTER OVER THERE, FROM TOP TO BOTTOM! We should not stress out about everyone not being able to hear nor see what's wrong over there, because that is not going to happen. The spiritual reasoning for my statement is many who can't see this, is befuddled by a failed spirit, soul relationship, which advances the agenda of the "FLESH" over the agenda of righteousness and truth.
In fact Jesus told a bunch of SO CALLED SMART people of HIS day,.. that they COULD NOT even hear the truth! ( John 8:43 "Why can't you understand what I am saying? It's because you can't even hear me!" ).
See I can say this, because I won't make excuses for nobody for failures, see. The only funds I receives are from on high, therefore I don't have to appease or placate anybody, because I'm FREE ! There are many who cannot say that! The SON set me free from the LAW and from ME. JBG was his own worst enemy, and I was a SLAVE! Everything else is miniscule in comparison to being a SLAVE to one's self. If you don't understand, keep grinding and studying, it comes with diligence and hard work, studying the scriptures. I know some people around City Hall who know what I'm talking about!
Mr. Buckner, You also alluded to knowing criteria for having a "NEST" mentality. Well, that is a rhetorical question, and the answer is being played out daily as we sit back and watch a once proud school district being systematically and politically destroyed in front of our very eyes. It is so outrageous that many are still so apathetic and unconcerned about that mess over there. It is discouraging!
Sure taxpayers are mad, what else are we supposed to be, when we sit and watch out hard earned tax dollars misused, mismanaged, and misappropriated? Being angry is the right response or reaction a normal, intelligent person would have. Not having those reactions to something like this would relegated one to be a FOOL!!!!
There should be no more excuses, no more affirmative actions, no more quotas!!
I say STOP SENDING these messages to the young of this community! Stop coaxing them that they can get something for nothing! Replace all that with pride, hard work ethics, and a will to compete against anybody! So for that to be in effect, and affective, we must give them the same OPPORTUNITY, the other kid across town is getting, a second to none educational opportunity! That is NOT happening here in LMISD, and I don't care how many preachers line up to say otherwise!
JBG will,... and have competed with the best who stepped up, and I mean from here clean around the world! Now, as Mr. Buckner said, "We Need Mr. Manuel, and I will piggy back on that by saying, "WE NEED MORE LIKE HIM TO HELP HIM , STAND UP FOR RIGHT!"
Lastly, we are not going away,...we mean to see to it these kids who are left behind in LMISD, WHO COULD NOT OR DID NOR FLEA WITH THE REST, get what they deserve even though slimy mouth politics is in full bloom here!
-----I'm JBG

Walter Manuel

Ooops, that should have read, "Caucasion and Mexican American women these days are wearing weaves just like African American women".


Another thing, we need to put on the table! This is NOT a Black,White, Hispanic, Asian, Pink or Poka Dot issue. Neither will we allow it to become one. This issue is and has always been about a failed group of public servants who have operated in the same political, and economical climate as other school districts and they did not make the right decisions, or planned for success! They did not measure up, plain and simple! Amen!
One can call it what he will or may, but Hitchcock, Texas City, Galveston, Dickinson, Clear Creek, and Friendswood exists in the same County as LaMarque! The difference was they were unified where LMISD was divided! They planned where LMISD was looking out for relatives and friends! They watched over their students while LMISD watched over JOBS for BFF(S)!
So we don't want to hear all this convoluted BS,divide and conquer talk, because some of us old stuff dipping PLOW-BOYS from West Texas knows that MO.
The reason I know it is because I've seen this HORROR flick before! I was victimized by it too! I not only know this system,.....I've lived it!!!!!

Walter Manuel

Amen Mr. JBG!

A preacher in town preached on a verse out of Matthew this past Sunday and had people talking all over town about references he made to "It comes with the territory".

I believe the preacher to be absolutely correct in that a lot of what we do as people is because " it comes with the territory". Whether we're doing something good for the sake of others or just the opposite in doing wrong for the sake of others "it comes with the territory".

I fully expected to have a battle with LMISD and certain village supporters when I took on the challenge to investigate what happened to cause the district to collapse and it was the result a certain group of Concerned Citizens as they call themselves that showed the last board members their opposition simply "comes with the territory".

Now isn't it quite interesting that the territory boundaries have been expanded to such a far distance now that those that were originally throwing the stones at others before are now the one's being attacked and they can't stand it when it still just "comes with the territory".

I've always been told that if your going to hang out with the big dogs you can't act like a little puppy by hanging out on the porch!

I have a call into TEA in order to find out if the board approving the solvency plan was actual legal or not seeing how they purposely mislead the public into believing that they were only "considering the submission of the modified financial plan to TEA", as well as, "discuss, deliberate and consider the direction for the implementation of the modified solvency plan". Never did the board post in public that they would "discuss, deliberate and possibly take action" on the solvency plan. Period!

It appears that this solvency plan could very well be null and void in terms of the district employees that we RIF'd because #1 it wasn't posted correctly and #2 it wasn't done in the public like it was supposed to be done according to the law. This solvency plan discussion should have never been done in executive session because the public has a right to know. It appears as though LMISD could have problems with employee lawsuits based on the district not following "full disclosure" guidelines.

Well, it's just been just another fine day at the office and I feel well accomplished with my job performance at both my jobs just in case the "Concerned Citizens" felt the need to know. I'll let everyone know what I find out with TEA when I get my return call back from them.


(Old JBG is always talking smack!! Why they let him on this forum anyway? If nothing is brewing by Tuesday, he will stir the pot!!)( asking about ethnicity and all that!)
"I heard that!" Yes I did! I had my reasons and that should be enough. Also there was a poster who was kind enough to help me out so now I know, what I did not know!
Anyway the biggest pot stirrer I know lives in Washington DC!

George Croix

I see where a card game got started, btu it looks like a game of solitaire.
Even the smallest of lapdogs will, when backed into a corner, try to bite somebody.


Years, ....years ago I whupped the race card out and "THE WEST END CRUSADER" from the East end of Galveston drug me all over the forum, Then she would not quit! She drug me from being a Liberal minded Democratic voter to being a Moderate Minded Independent voter! lololololol
You talking about somebody who could back you up on the issues, with straight up debating, ....it was her. You had to do your homework while dealing with the Crusader! I think she moved.

Walter Manuel

Thanks Margurite, your right about my boss as she and I am make a great team and it just so happens that she's African American and has said in the past that for anyone in LM to call me a racist is the most absurd thing that she could imagine.

Gecroix, I suppose those that feel the need to use the race card do so only because they obviously lack the intelligence necessary to tackle any real debate with facts in an all out attempt to support their baseless claim?

I got a call today from a parent who has a child at the high school saying that their son reported to them that everybody was laughing and talking about 2 seniors that were caught last week school having sex at the high school. I told this parent that it was 2 students at the middle school that were caught having sex and she said well then this is different incident.

It's obvious by all reports that LMISD needs police on their campuses because for these things to go on now even with police patrolling the halls what will happen when the kids know that there isn't any police immediarely available next year? I hope LMISD is ready for any and all lawsuits as a result of trying to save money at the cost of the district's children's well-being and safety.

So why was this incident at the high school kept such a secret especially right before the board decides to dissolve the police department? I can assure you that LMPD does not have the time nor the manpower to be working the school campuses for free like Ann Dixon might think!

Walter Manuel

Ooops! Excuse the typo's,,,,,

Walter Manuel

Well, well, well....

Seems some of the friend's of the board member's can't hold their ice water and have been doing a bit of bragging to other's on the street that didn't mind sharing what they have been told.

Here's the break down of the rumors that board members have reportedly told some of their close friends.

1. It's Thomasine Allen's first priority to get rid of the chief of police in her role as the new superintendent.

2. The board members secretly voted to dissolve the police department in executive session last night.

3. The police department is to receive letters of termination and they are to quietly just go away.

4. A security company will be hired to replace the LMISD police department and should any arrest need to be made then the security company will call the LMPD to come and arrest the student.

5. Beverly Saldana will be trained to take Nancy Rogers place when Nancy retires at the end of August making her the new superintendent's secretary.

6. Diane Duron who was originally on the RIF list became such good friend's with Ann Dixon that she has now been taken off the list and made the districts new Finance Director despite not having the necessary qualifications.

7. The board will vote to make Thomasine Allen the new superintendent no matter what anyone in the community says despite her not being qualified to be a superintendent since she's never even been an assistant superintendent.

It seems some people on the board shouldn't be so quick to tell other's who they think that they can actually trust because some of their own friends actually think that they are doing a lousy job directing the district and would actually love to see them gone!

We'll see if in fact this is exactly how things play out in the next couple of weeks and then the board members will know that they have violated their code of ethics that they swore to uphold by sharing this information with their friends!

Paul Hyatt

Sounds to me like a few open meeting act violations have happened once again in the LMISD board room.... Will the LMISD ever learn???? Will they ever learn that hiring friends will not solve the problems with their finances???? I do see TEA coming in soon to shut down the once vaunted LMISD which in the early 70's was the cream of the crop in this area.... Now it would seem that they are the bottom of the heap....

Walter Manuel

JED, your sounding more like Edna Courville now than you do James Daniel's by what your posting!

Why are you ok with having 2 interim superintendents and a consultant doing what Mr. Burley did on his own except he met resistance from the board no matter what he tried and these incompetent interim's can do no worong? Now please explain to everyone the reason for that?

You speak about having to use Blazinbrook, Edutemps for teachers and the Ombudsmans. Perhaps your still a little bitter because your tail got sent packing from the Ombudsman's office and your still not over that yet?

It's all really irrevelant who you or your friends are because we're soon going to send this board packing by a recall once once Governor Rick Perry signs SB 122 that's sitting on his desk awaiting his signature.

Once this board hires Thomasine Allen we'll have enough right there to start the recall process, so ya'll might as well have all the fun that ya'll want now because your soon going to watch board members being recalled starting with Nakisha Paul and Stacy Crawford. If you don't believe that we have the power to do it just ask your friend Geraldine Sam, she'll tell you just how easy it happened!

Now, I should really focus back on working hard and keeping my notes like you instructed me to do, seems board members have problem directing others even when they have absolutely no authority to do so....

Paul and Mr. JBG, I found Ann Dixon's picture and story on the E-Edition of the newspaper for May 22, 2013. I'm not sure if there's a way to go back through the E-Edition section to locate it at this point? I hope that helps!

Walter Manuel

Your right Paul, it's just a matter of time before TEA comes in and investigates LMISD and probably starting with the suspected illegal use of their grant funding and how they have colorfully offset the 199 budget for some time now.

This solvency plan gives TEA carte blanche to walk in any day any time and investigate everything going on within LMISD little do these district officials know....

Walter Manuel

Several people have called me this morning asking if they read my post correctly last night regarding recalling Nakisha Paul and Stacy Crawford if they appoint Thomasine Allen or Dr. Hudson as our next superintendent and the answer is "YES".

Once Govenor Perry signs SB 122 and the board votes to approve Thomasine Allen or Dr. Hudson as the next superintendent we have plenty of people ready to walk the streets, work the phone bank in order to get the necessary signatures needed to have both Nakisha and Stacy removed from their seats.

Our district now needs a competent/experienced superintendent to run this district, not one that required a high paid consultant at the tune of almost $20,000 to the district which included salary, hotel, meals, travel etc, to come in and do what 2 interim superintendent's proved that they did not have the first clue as to how to do the job.

Nakisha and Stacy are first on the list, then after six months into Edna Courville and Shirley Fanuiel's term we'll go after their removal. That's a promise!

I hope appointing their "home girl" as our next superintendent is important enough that they don't mind losing their seat over it? [wink]

Walter Manuel

Danggit! "Governor" not "Govenor"....

Robert Buckner

It's my bet the TEA will beat the ISD voters in removing the incompetents. They will not have to do it by district/position.

Island Bred

I'm thinking you are right Robert - at least I hope you are. If not thos my money and my feet are for recall - you can count on that!

Gary Miller

The real disaster at LM ISD is 2,700 students learning less than taxpayers paid for.
LM ISD taxpayers are financing a top notch education, better than good really, but a school board with greedy friends is using LM ISD funds to keep friends happy or employed.
The issue gets mixed up with "race" because some greedy friends are colored.
The board needs to close campuses it doesn't need and lay off all staff those campusses kept on the payroll.
Teachers should be evaluated so only the poorest are fired.
Good teachers are an asset money can't buy. Poor teachers are a liability taxpayers can't afford.
Adequate classrooms with good teachers will better educate all their students than surplus classrooms with poor teachers.

Gary Miller

When evaluating teachers it must be remembered that tenured teachers are most likely to be the worst of the worst and rarely better than any.
Still employed because they can't be fired.
They don't resign and move to a better job because no employer with a better job wants them. The tenure pool becomes a haven for the rejected.


One thing which is not being mentioned, or considered in all this demise, is
"Nestasillitis"..."Nestallectomy".. and "Nestology!" Two out of the three are our enemies! Do you know which they are? If not it is most imperative that you find out!
Years ago, I was victimized by two of the above, and I did not realize it, and neither did my parents. They are not easily recognized. People laugh at old JBG, but I am for real! Better recognize!! In the right conditions and circumstances, this stuff, spreads like Anthrax or Cholera.


Say what? You don't believe me? I got two words for you, LMISD and NFISD.
I rest my case.

Walter Manuel

Well, it's official LMISD is the laughing stock of Galveston County and surrounding counties as well.

I went to a political rally tonight and lot's of people were laughing and talking about LMISD and how the board members dissolved the police department Tuesday night.

The rumor going around about the Galveston County Sheriff's Department taking over the district is not true. It is being said that a security company is replacing the current police department.

There will be no more crossing guards as the safety of the children will be left up to the parents of each child and the LMPD when they are available and not out on other calls within the city.

It's obvious the board violated the Texas Open Meeting's Act under the watchful eye of Ann Dixon because the police department was not listed as an agenda item for the meeting which I highly encourage any employee of the police department to file a grievance against the board since this disbandment of the department should be null and void.

When will these school board members learn to follow the law? Nakisha Paul especially needs to read the law on directing district employees and how that is not her job as much as she would like to have that much power!

I'll be checking into filing another Open Meetings violation against the board for discussing dissolving the police department in executive session instead of it being discussed in public in which falls under "full disclosure" to the public.

Yet another reason justifying our recall of Nakisha Paul and Stacy Crawford right now and I'm sure the list will go on by the time we have the OK to start the petitions.

Lyra Mitchell

While I have seen tenure in area colleges, this is not true for K-12. Teachers are not offered tenure, and are all capable of being fired. To state that tenured teachers are "the worst of the worst" is factually incorrect. Lets not turn one district's leadership failures into an opportunity to bash teachers. Honestly, give me the name of one single tenured k-12 teacher in all of the state.

Take off the tinfoil hat, their is no collective bargaining or union control in TX public schools K-12.

Mike Meador

IHOG - I don't know a district in Texas that has union members.....please advise me as I've been un-unionized for my whole 33 years tenured teaching experience, and want to take it up with the union for not telling me I was "the worst of the worst" and probably "rarely better" than the rest.

You think being a teacher is a piece of cake, go for it!

You think you could go in the classroom today and put up with un-parented children and out-of-controlled parents?

I think I've responded at least three times telling you we don't have unions for public school teachers K-12. Maybe you got that information from that "worst of the worst" and "not better than the rest" teachers you use as fact.

Gary Miller

Didn't you join the union to get your "teaching certificate?
If not you must be a private or charter school teacher.
I taught for two years and was dismissed because I would not join the union.

Mike Meador

I'd like to know what public school district, K-12, fired you for not joining a union. I started teaching in 1972 and retired in 2005.
Again, what union are you talking about and in what school district are you speaking of?
Since we do not have unionized teachers in K-12, there are NO tenured teachers in Texas public schools.

Gary Miller

You claim there are no K-12 tenured teachers but Cougergator claims she was tenured for 33 years.

Mike Meador

Huh? Where did you get the idea I was tenured?


I agree with much of what IHOG says on this this issue, but I'll lean with Cougargator on this teacher thing. I think under the right leadership, an average teacher could be a top performing teacher, in most cases. Will there be low performers, yes. That occurs everywhere.
An organization should get it's signals, goals, benchmarks, and achievable points for success from it's leadership,...who should then be mandated to manage such issues for group consistency, proficiency, and competence.
To bring my point on to the house, as they say in West Texas,.. I don't think LMISD has a teaching problem, but as I've so often stated, LMISD has a Leadership problem.

Gary Miller

I agree LM ISD's problem is not teacher quality. It's management failures.
They may have more good teachers than they need. As many of those should be retained as possible after they audit all their teachers to learn which are good and which are not.
Not based on how many friends they have on the LM ISD board.
Getting rid of 10 poor teachers would pay for a 20 % raise for 50 super teachers. Good teachers aren't paid enough because bad teachers are sucking on the system.
Getting rid of low quality teachers and giving raises to good teachers would quickly improve the chance of a good education at LM ISD.
Students would return and help solve the financial position of the district.


IHOG, I'll buy that,..but how do we convey that kind of logic, reasoning or good principle of managing personnel over to a format the people managing LMISD can understand? This should be an ongoing constant process being managed, tweaked, and scrutinized.
If these things are not being performed within any kind of enterprise or business, the process for success will become compromised,corrupt, and it will began to slowly fail. When that happens, instead of flourishing, enterprise, project, school district, or business will begin a trend of demise, just like we are witnessing at LMISD. Sorry I misunderstood you.

Walter Manuel

While on the subject of LMISD keeping good teachers and getting rid of the slackers, I saw on the RIF list 2 teacher's that had perfect schools in the evaluation process for determining who stays and who goes. You can't tell me that the district didn't have a choice of keeping a bad teacher over a good teacher.

It's all about who you know or are friends with and NOT what you know with LMISD.

This is a prime example with the LMISD police department. The school board members proved at the end of the day that they just couldn't beat Chief Field's by his job performance or anything else being wrong in his department so in order to finally get rid of him they had to dissolve the entire department causing not only him, but all of the other officers to lose their jobs and taking food from the everyone and their families table.

That's OK though, perhaps this is God's way of moving these people away from such evil and mean spirited people to a better place. One thing for sure is that some of these board members and their supporters are obviously such miserable people in their own lives that they don't mind causing misery on others just because they are in a position to do so?

Once these officers and the chief of police move on to their new jobs they will soon be able to look back and see that these same idiots will be still stuck in their miserable ways for years to come and be perfectly happy where they are stuck in their lives.

Chief Field's can laugh and mock each of the village idiot's as the victory is clearly his!

Unfortunately, the board members didn't mind throwing the students and district employee's, as well as, their safety under the bus in order to get their way....

Walter Manuel

Danggit! That should have been "2 teacher's that had perfect scores" not "schools"

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