LA MARQUE — A former school board candidate and outspoken critic of former Superintendent Ecomet Burley has had his record expunged of charges that he assaulted a former school board member.

After a tense school board meeting Nov. 4, 2011, William “Bo” Hunter was charged with misdemeanor assault after then school board member Cynthia Malveaux accused him of pushing her against the door of her truck as she was leaving.

Four months later, Justice of the Peace Sonny James dismissed charges against Hunter. Soon after, the court agreed to clear Hunter’s record of the charges being brought.

“All I have ever wanted is to clear my name,” Hunter said. “That has been my priority. I’ve been assassinated all over Galveston County by The Galveston County Daily News, and I just wanted people to know I was exonerated.”

A Daily News story on the charges being dropped was scheduled to run in 2012 but did not. When school district officials and some of Hunter’s supporters complained to The Daily News, editors agreed to follow up with another story.

Hunter, a longtime community activist in La Marque, had maintained that he never assaulted Malveaux but was only stepping between her and another school board member as they argued.

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Walter Manuel

"but was only stepping between her and another school board member as they argued".

It's too bad that that the district didn't have camera's outside the administration when this occurred to have proven the real truth just like all of the people who lied and said that a district employee didn't slap my hand during a board meeting last month despite the camera catching her in the act!

It's amazing how Nakisha Paul's original statement that she told to LMISD police changed when they went to court, as well as, all the liars that packed Judge James' courtroom in an attempt to discredit Mrs. Malveaux.

This dismissal obviously was an agreement made between Mrs. Malveaux and Bo Hunter so why doesn't that come out? The whole story needs to be printed and not just one person's side.

Mr. Hunter reports having had this character assassinated in the paper by the GDN, however he willingly assassinated his own character in April when he stood outside of the administration building with Russel Washington and others laughing at Mr. Burley while he cleaned out his office and yet his name wasn't mentioned at that time as Russel's was. Why was that???

Everybody knew exactly how dirty politics in a small town would allow this to play out in court, especially when you have liars and hecklers showing up to try and assassinate someone else just because they can.

Don't believe everything that you hear coming from the majority of people at LMISD because trust me camera's don't lie for friend's like you will find out about the people over there do!

What a joke and a mockery to the justice system....

Walter Manuel

"camera's outside the administration "building"

Walter Manuel

"When school district officials and some of Hunter’s supporters complained to The Daily News, editors agreed to follow up with another story".

Why in the world would school district officials be calling the GDN complaining about a follow up story needing to be printed in regards to Bo Hunter's assault case?

Could it be simply taking care of their own people? Obviously!

Anyone with any working brain cells could clearly see that LMISD district officials have far more important issues requiring their full attention rather than focusing so much of their efforts and attention on protecting the public image of one of their supporters!

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