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Walter Manuel

"Before the 4-3 vote to fire Washington, Burton brought up a concern about a conflict of interest involving then-trustee Cynthia Bell-Malveaux, who at the time had a pending defamation lawsuit against the former police chief, she said".

"Burton, a friend of Washington’s and a trustee for seven years, said the former police chief was wrongfully fired and not given a chance to defend himself".

Well Mrs. Pot meet Mrs. Kettle... it would seem Annie's friendship with Russel would have also been a conflict of interest and she shouldn't have voted either?

Seeing how Annie lacked leadership skills back then herself just as she does today, she shouldn't be expected to understand such simple rationalizations.

"Fanuiel spoke highly of Washington’s tenure at the school district".

“He was the police chief during a time when the district flourished and everything was in harmony,” Fanuiel said.

"When later prompted by U.S. Circuit Judge Gregg Costa to elaborate on changes in the district, Fanuiel said the district had been regularly recognized for academic achievement from 1995 to 2000".

Like jurors are really going to believe much in a witnesses credibility when they themselves are currently being accussed of stealing money from the elderly as a public servant?

My, my my,,,, it's amazing what friends will do for friends. It's almost like watching starving buzzards stand by waiting for the kill in order to see what's in it for them?

The ONLY thing that Shirley Fanuiel got right when asked by the judge what has changed in the district IS IN FACT LEADERSHIP, including her own!

I'm sure the judge and jurors see exactly why LMISD is failing so poorly year after year when they have a bunch of pathetic excuse for people trying to run the school district.

All of them have every reason to be ashamed of themselves for their outrageous lack of ethics and self integrity! [sneaky]

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