Discussion continues on red-light cameras

The city is working on ending the red-light camera program before the contract with the provider Redflex Traffic Systems ends in 2014.

Photo by Kevin M. Cox

LEAGUE CITY — Red-light cameras have been a discussion item on the council’s executive session agendas for several meetings, including during a workshop this week and during the past three regular meetings.

The council has not taken any action concerning the cameras, but officials said the city is still working on ending the red-light camera program before the contract with the provider Redflex Traffic Systems ends in 2014.

“They are working on it, and something will happen soon,” said city spokeswoman Kristi Wyatt.

The future of the city’s cameras was put in voters’ hands last November, and League City residents overwhelmingly voted to remove the red-light cameras last year. Seventy-seven percent of voters wanted to ban them.

The cameras are at three intersections along FM 518 — at Marina Bay Drive, Interstate 45 and state Highway 3. The first of League City’s red-light cameras, the one facing the right turn lane on the southbound Interstate 45 frontage road at FM 518, was turned off and taken down in January.

“We are trying to find some amicable settlement with Redlfex that would allow us to comply with the wishes of the electorate as soon as possible,” said David Benson, the city’s chief of staff.

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Kevin Lang

Unsolicited advice to the League City City Council:

Yes, the voters did vote out the cameras. Yes, the voters would prefer they were gone sooner rather than later. However, we know the latest date on which they will be gone for good. It would be nice to get rid of them sooner, but it's not the most pressing issue for the city right now. Additionally, we know that there are problems just around the corner that we need to be planning for.

Certainly, the City Manager and pertinent staff should keep communication lines open with RedFlex in order to find an amicable conclusion to the camera program. I say let them work on it, and when they have something tangible, you should be able to review it in a workshop or executive session. But, until then, I'd prefer you spending your "proactive" moments on things that are really bothering us now, or will bother us in the not too distant future.

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