LA MARQUE — The La Marque City Council is trying to stretch the final $350,000 in road repair bond money to cover as many streets as possible.

On Monday, the council went over a list of streets in each of the four City Council districts and came up with a list of projects that could be covered by the sum of money allocated for street repair.

There were more streets on the council’s list that needed attention than could be fixed with the city’s limited funds but in the end, the council identified about four or five streets that could receive attention soon.

The north end of Campus Heights, Volney Road, Dalian Street and Banana Street were some of the roads singled out for repair. Others, such as Bayou Road, Martin Luther King Boulevard and Maxwell Street, were some of the streets council members and the mayor also mentioned as needing attention, but those may be more expensive and would need to wait until a later date.

$170,000 of the $350,000 should also be kept in reserve for future repairs of Newman Road, Councilman James Osteen said.  

Mayor Bobby Hocking said city staff would come back to the council at a future workshop with more information on how much the short list of projects would cost to accomplish.

The $350,000 is left from earlier road bonds, according to city officials.

While the city may not be able to fix all the streets that need repairing right now, council members agreed it was best to take the time and effort to fix the few they can correctly the first time.

“We’re better off to do less streets, put more material on them and get the engineering done and we wont have to come back in three or four years and redo them,” Osteen said.

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