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I must say I am SHOCKED, APPALLED, and DISMAYED! This is outrageous and gross incompetence to an unparalleled level. It is preposterous, and utterly ludicrous!
First of all, there was one important member of the board, who was not even present for this so called important meeting. Why? Why all of a sudden that member of the board, seems to be always absent? Second....
Several of the board members was quoted as saying this:
"Trustee Edward Crawford said tough decisions were needed to keep the district alive, but predicted that trustees would likely be called “every name under the Sun” in the coming weeks.

“We’ve got to put the friendships aside, we’ve got to put the family aside,” he said.

Trustees will look at the hard numbers before approving a final plan on Monday, and will be ultimately responsible for decisions on staff reductions and other cuts.

“We need to make these decisions based on what’s best for the children, not the employees,” Terry Pettijohn said.

Here is what I got from this article. First of all everyone on that board, might get mad and if they do, so be it, but they should know now, the people were right, they did not have a clue! NOW WE HAVE BOARD MEMBERS REALIZING AT THIS LATE DATE, THAT FAMILY AND FRIENDS FACTORS NEED TO BE TAKEN OUT OF THE RECOVERY EQUATION! ( Go figure that!)( Did it take Ms. Dixon to convince them of that or did they finally arrive at that conclusion on their own?) I vote for Ms. Dixon having to tell them!!!!
Now we are finding out they owe the State of Texas more than a million dollars because of "SHODDY" math and "INCOMPETENT" projections! That is on top of what they paid Mr. Burley to leave, and what they are paying Ms. Dixon to come in!
Wow, did you know that Mr. Manuel? I don't ever remember hearing that.
Now we are, on top of that, going to borrow millions more to throw in the kiddy for individuals who have no idea of what the hell is going on. I don't know who decided to bring Ms. Dixon in here, but whoever did, deserves a medal, because it would all be over NOW except for that knowledge and expertise being involved, and even that might not be enough now to snatch LMISD back from an approaching grave!
To me all this goes down as exhibit "A" illustrating that I, and others who have been highly critical of this board's, management of a dysfunctional learning institution was right on target. They were, as lost as a goose in a hail storm, and DID NOT KNOW IT! That in my opinion compounded the problem!
What they are saying to all of us who can see beyond the trees, is that this district is not about the KIDS,.... as our newest board member seems to think. That concept is so far from the truth. How could it be? This district is on it's last legs grasping for air, how could it be about the kids! This district for all practicable purposes is about JOBS, so lets be honest about that. Even an Ole Ploy Boy can see that, so there is no sense in lying about it. It is about not being humiliated, and scorned if LMISM slides in the grave. ( Not that they have not had enough of that already).
So they should stop lying about the kids, because nobody with a brain is buying that lie! This is not about kids anymore, this is about saving butts,jobs,and reputations!. Kid are just the fuel needed to keep the vehicle running! Like it or not, it took Ms. Dixon to come in and set them on the right pathway in order to even attempt to recover! I applaud that move because it represent the ONE SENSIBLE, INTELLIGENT thing done over there in years!
On the other hand it should not have been necessary! This community is still blind to the truth about the people running LMISD not being worthy to be there! They are very fragmented ,selfish, and don't know what they are doing. Opportunities comes and goes which would facilitate change, and ill-informed constituents vote to keep the same people over there, sucking the life out of LMISD like zombies or vampires!
I think it was Margurite who said the taxpayers voted down a tax increase so these individuals run an end around the tax vote, by borrowing money to keep their jobs even though they are incompetent and have proven themselves to be so.
So to sum it up, these,.....AHHH... Board Of Trustees had to go out and hire someone to come in and prove they didn't know squat about running a school district when certain constituents were telling them the same thing for free!

Ron Shelby

Sounds like a good proposal. Make sure to get a clear and open commitment to "no exceptions" to cuts and reductions, otherwise your savings will get whittled away as everyone's exceptions add up fast.

Ron Shelby

Job- all pretty valid points, now it's time to move on and apply the unavoidable medicine...

Walter Manuel

"By the beginning of 2014, the district could have about $2 million in savings, which will signal sustainability and financial responsibility, Dixon said".

How do you have any savings to start out the year with when you have roughly $1.2 million coming straight off the top of the budget in order to make your first of3 installment payments for the $3 million dollar loan on top of paying back payments for the $1.6 million owed to TEA?

One thing for sure, Dr. Dixon got a first hand opportunity to see the real problem that exists with LMISD and it's the incompetence of their board of trustees knowing their roles, as well as, school district official's having the knowledge to know better.

It appears Dr. Dixon is expecting 500 students to leave the district next year which every one has already said that if they lose 200 students the district is history.

Just as I had said before the district is paying Dr. Dixon roughly $12,500 to come in and re-write their solvency plan, as well as, create their budget for 2013 and 2014 when they are paying 2 interim superintendents and a finance manager way too much money to do absolutely nothing!

Mr. Pettijohn hasn't been on the board except for 3 weeks or so now and has mastered lying to everyone just like the others on the board by saying this is all about what's best for the children. What a crock!

Walter Manuel

I posted this on the other thread, but think it's worth re-posting:

"I saw the proposal yesterday that Dr. Dixon gave to the school district. How many incompetent school board members and district officials hands did this proposal pass over that did not see what I immediately saw when looking over the report?

This is what I found that board members and district officials obviously didn't because it's not their money spending:

Hotel------$100 x 3 nights per week x 3 weeks $9,000

I contacted the school district and offered to come help them count all of their fingers and toes together to show them that the hotel would actually cost the district $900 not $9,000.

Now we all know this was simply an honest mistake on Dr. Dixon's part, however what the sad part is that noone found this mistake in order to change the numbers except for me which further supports my claim that nobdy has any business being in their role either on the board or in the administration building".

This is why every last one on the board needs to be replaced along with those 2 interim superintendents who are stealing taxpayer's money by being paid
for services that they are unable to provide to the district.

Bottom line after reading and re-reading this article, what Dr. Dixon has done regarding the solvency plan is exactly what Mr. Burley created and has been telling these idiots for the 3 to 4 years but couldn't get the board support unlike they are now having to give Dr. Dixon in order to try and save their humiliated and dying tails!

Gary Miller

Fire Burley because he told them what must be done.
Hire Dixon to do what Butley said must be done?
Doesn't anyone suspect someone on this board is NUTS?

Owe TEA over $1 million for missing students.
Get out of debt by borrowing $3 milion?
Pay it back with state funding which is declining by 400 students a year?

George Croix

Where's the return to 'glory'?
Did I miss it?

Ecomet Burley


Where is the logic here. Pay someone 12,500 to tell them what was told to them by Burley. Makes Burley look like is a genius and a pretty wise man for knowing when to cut his losses. Life experiences is sometimes the best "whipping boy'" for ingnorant choices we sometimes make in life. Its time for them to bite the bullet and swollow the bitter medicine to come.


Ohh stop trying to make a folk hero out of Mr. Burley, because many of us are not swallowing that lie either. There is still that little issue about Ecomet Burley having for years,... a 4-3 majority vote on the board, and doing WHAT with it? Did he close any schools? Did he make any lay offs? Talk back to me you can!
Yea! Ummmha! Nobody wants to talk about that, just like they won't answer my other questions about the police department! Where is all the data I ask for! This is one of my fields of careers and I was hell in it! I know how to get to four, if I get my hands on 2+2! I don't have to have that, if I get 3+1 I'll do the same with it! So PLEASE!! Sell that story to the Red Chinese, ...naw,...better make that the Russians, because the Chinese won't buy it either!
Answer my questions and I ill climb on that ego train with you, and dance with you! Truth is, as I have stated before, there were many others, outside of this particular group of incompetents who contributed to the demise and the dysfunctional state of LMISD! This group is just in the driver's seat as the ship is nose diving, that's all!
Another thing is, if this ship sink, the EAGLE'S NEST should have the LION'S share of the blame laid at their feet over on Carver Street! They are the blame for standing behind a bunch of people who are not qualified to do anything!
They are the blame for running their mouths when they should have kept them shut! They are the blame for playing politics with the future of the children of this community! They are the blame for DESIRING to be PHARISEES of this community, and with the same mentalities of those long ago, instead of dedicating themselves to the high call of GOD for their lives, and walking upright in them for the greater good!
I am LIVID with them! This whole thing stinks and reeks of incompetence and excuse making! Ahhh yes excuses! Excuses are tools used to build bridges to "NOWHERE" and monuments to "NOTHING!"
I want to say this before I quit, somebody has been lying for a long time! Today is the first I ever heard of having to pay the State Of Texas over one million dollars back! Times have changed and many other things have changed too. Work ethics have changed, integrity has changed, morality of mankind has changed.
Will we ever see, the likes of a George Drake, Steve Bock, Lillian Lockhardt, Thelma Bowie, Mable Pratt, Superintendent Black, Superintendent Moses, Dr. Armstrong, Superintendent White, on this board again? I think not!! Nawww, those were the individuals cut from fabric of greatness, who thrived on being great, and on top! Now, they are all gone or have moved on to other things to be seen around here no more! I will always remember what they accomplished for this community though!

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG, I want you to call the LMISD administration building and ask them why they refuse to give me the information that I have been asking for since 5/3/13 and that's for a complete breakdown of the LMISD police department's activity log including school year 2010-2011 and 2011 to 2012, as well as, a complete breakdown of incidences at each LMISD school, building or area.

You want to know what I got from the administration building today? A copy of how many officers and crossing guards the districts employs, what officer is at what school etc, etc??? I know that the last time that I requested something from the police department when Mr. Burley was in charge I got exactly what I asked for! That's no longer the case with who's in charge!

OK, Thomasine Allen or Dr. Hudson, you tell these people who pay YOUR salaries just who is it that is preventing the chief from giving me what I am requesting because the police chief has NEVER given me the crap that I'm having to pay for that your now giving me!

Thomasine and Dr. Hudson put on your big girl drawers and tell everybody instead of throwing others under the bus like you like to do so well, AND "I don't know anything about that" doesn't count either!

Everybody should be prepared to see huge cuts made to the budget that will be voted on next Monday night. Also don't be surprised to find the police department eliminated all together and the city of LM and TC police departments being called when there is a disturbance at any of the schools. Also don't hold your breath on school crossing guards being around much longer either as apparently that is a luxury that LMISD had and is ultimately the responsibility of the local police departments to perform traffic control not the school district according to certain individuals.

It's time that ALL parent's move their children to another district if you want to make sure that your child's safety is more important than the money that the district receives for them being there and that their educational needs is just as important.

With no full time police force on school campuses that 273 number of incidences last year will soon escalate off the charts! Trust me....[thumbdown]

Ecomet Burley


With all due respect, check the minutes and talk with others in the know, some of the four he had did not want to touch closing schools. His job is to make recommendations. If the board rejects them , should he be at fault? The district lost students when the eagle's nest group could not control Mr. Burley. He would not be their "lap dog" so they set out to take him down by bad mouthing the ditrict and its leadership. This group cause the nose dive or certainly did not do anything to help right the plane. Do your homework and the truth will set you free!!

The bottom line is that a superintendent is dependent on a boarfd for support. It that is lacking, it won't work. " A house divided will fall"

Mike Meador

What I want to know is WHO is going to loan LMISD 3 million dollars?......and if they can't pay them back, then what?

I think I'd like to find that banker to do some banking for me.


Okay Law Dawg,
I'm buying what you just put up for sell, I just wanted SOMEBODY, ANYBODY to say it! That it was a variety of people, staffs and Board Members from past times who made contributions to the demise of LMISD, and who did not want to CLOSE SCHOOLS nor LAY OFF PEOPLE, and not just the one we have in there now! I have long preached that, and of coarse I will buy it, if you are selling! I've never heard anybody come right on out and say what you just said, but me! I'm buying!
Oh, Law Dawg, I thought the EAGLE'S NEST kissed and made up with Mr. Burley right there before the vote? I thought they were working together in a collaborating way to get the vote through? I guess I was wrong.
Mr. Manuel, I'm not blaming you for not procuring that info, I was merely making a point that we should uncover all the "FECAL" residue on the ship and not just that which smells the worst. What I attempted to do is level and spread it out, so it would all be easily visible, to the eye, and not part of it hidden.
Remember now, I have already said the information I want to lay eyes on, YOU will never get, to no fault of your own. It would be to much of an embarrassment to many people and organizations, and maybe even more than that,... if proscribed, mandated procedures by law were not properly adhered to. I know what I am talking about on this, just like you know your medical field. So, the fact that YOU are having a hard time getting that information or being stonewalled concerning it, is not surprising, and actually proves my point. If I was in the positions some of these people would be in if that information got out, I don't know, ....I just don't know!! Anyway, that is not on you or me, it is on them!
It is probably all academic now anyway, so don't let it bother you. I don't trust nobody over there no more than you do.

Walter Manuel

Oh trust me Mr. JBG, I WILL get that requested information no matter who it is attempting to hold it up!

I will also post all of the information for everyone to see long before school starts so that if the district should do away with the school police department then parents will know what their child will be faced with having to wait on an outside police force to respond to any crisis situation.

By the time a fight starts between 2 students and the police are notified how much damage can be done to a student while waiting for an officer to finally show up?

What about a student or someone with a gun on campus? These are the things that the district needs to be concerned with, not some high paid consultant who's objective to cut and reduce everything possible in order to get the numbers down for a balanced budget and simply pick up her check and leave town for the city of LM and it's school district to work out the small details of the chaos for which she created!

Walter Manuel

OK, so a friend of mine just called who attended LMISD's graduation tonight and asked where was Annie Burton's tail at??

Here we have a woman who started all of this mess from the very beginning by getting people that she thought that she could manipulate on the board in order to get rid of Mr. Burley and now that she's been kicked to the curb by Nakisha Paul and the others she's now nowhere to be found?

Wow, she owed every child that graduated tonight the respect that they deserved by having attended their graduation ceremony. This just goes to show that it really wasn't about the children like these people profess to afterall, but rather serving their own person agendas!

What a disgrace to the district and Annie certainly needs to resign her position on the board immediately, our children deserve much better than what they are currently getting from any board member excluding Dr. Hooker since he was just elected to his seat. We already know what we have with Terry Pettijohn and that ain't worth bragging about....

Congratulations to all of the LMISD seniors for your hard work and accomplishments! [thumbup]

Ecomet Burley


Check the record, Cynthia Malveaux, Bill Spillar, David Rac and Joe Cantu voted yes on the RIFs Mr. Burley recommended. The others stuck their heads in the sand and wanted to do what they thought was popular to their audience and supporters. For the record ,the minutes reflect at least three RIFs and two program changes recommended and approved by the four above mentioned board members. These board members showed the courage to fight against overwhemling criticism and make some unpopular decisions. Had they not done what was right, the district would be sunk and TEA would have been in the district two years ago.

My hat goes off to the "fantastic four" !!


Lololololol! Well he might be like the other guy who said his most pressing move was to just work with the others. ( doing what they were doing,....nothing). However, according to the significance of "NESTOLOGY" ....there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
You can never understand "NESTOLOGY" unless you have been down with a bout with "NESTILLITIS!" I know what I am talking about. The Eagles Nest should beware of this, it is very contagious I might add! I wonder if that is covered under the new insurance. I should call and see,...yea I'll take that agenda item.

Walter Manuel

Here's everybody's last laugh for the night!

Look at this BS resolution that the LMISD is going to sign during June 3rd's board meeting:


WHEREAS, The La Marque Independent School Board Trustees is committed to restore the financial integrity of the district by pledging to the following actions;

WHEREAS, the LMISD will only approve revenue positive budgets and avoid deficit and even balanced budgets;

WHEREAS, the LMISD will reserve revenue from any approved budget to restore and build the fund balance;

WHEREAS, the LMISD, will avoid amending any budget which will signficantly decrease the originally approved budgets' provision for a fund balance;

WHEREAS, the LMISD will plan and budget staffing proportionate to realistic projected enrollment.


The La Marque ISD will follow all financial practices that ensure solvency and financial integrity.

PRESENTED AND PASSED on this 3rd day of June, 2013, by a vote of _____A YES and ______Nays by the Board of Trustees of the La Marque Independent School District.

Now, in layman's term's:

"We the La Marque ISD Board of Trustees don't have the spine or backbone necessary to have to tell all of our friends or family ourselves who work in the district that we are being forced by our paid consultant and TEA to fire you because we did not do a better job in our roles as being responsible and competent school board of trustees. It's with much regret that I can't back out since I already signed the resolution saying that I won't alter the original solvency plan once it's been submitted to TEA for approval".

What a total disgrace and lack of integrity that these village idiots have stooped to by signing this resolution instead of growing some kahuna's and doing what any responsible board member should be doing without having to be told or by signing a ridiculous 3rd grade resolution!

Perhaps these board members need to hang out with some of the children earning money at their lemonade stands across the county in order to see what it's like to be a real professional business entrepreneur!

Geez.... Man Up Dude! [scared]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! That would be "Look at this BS resolution that the LMISD "board members will be" going to sign during June 3rd's board meeting".


Ahhhhhh, but you don't realize sir, that we are not operating this district with the aid of common sense, wisdom and sound business, and financial practices! There obviously has been some kind of secret agreement to operate, and practice the art and principles of "NESTOLOGY" in the operation of LMISD!
Think about it, for it is the only answer. I'll bet "His Royal Highness Of The High And Low Order Of the Eagles Nest, is the one who call the shots!" Think about that nowww! Other school boards operate out of a sense of loyalty and duty to their students, constituents and taxpayers, but LMISD seems to have only ears to hear, the EAGLES NEST! Ahhhh the NEST who has visions and Hallucinations of going back to the past, and foolishly languishing, and dwelling in Auld Lang Syne (times long past). That is enough right there to close the joint down, and throw away the keys! They are doing TEN TIMES MORE DAMAGE TO THESE KIDS THAN SEPARATE BUT EQUAL LAWS OF THE PAST,..EVER DID!
Yes amen! It is the only answer! I took the time to revisit the principles and doctrines of "NESTOLOGY" because I got away from them early in life after observing them up close in school.
Operating on a shoestring, third rate mentality, dodging competition, "this is enough for us thinking," .....and I don't mind being on the bottom... feelings!
Every job I have ever put hands and mind to, I have fought this foul demon from hell with every fiber within me! A mindset which THOUGHT it was embedded within me from my past! I know what I'm talking about here, somebody ought to be listening up! Consequently, I have always migrated to the top, and I mean top echelon of all workers in the fields I've worked in, and not just, "THOSE" workers over there in the corner, having a "PITY PARTY!" Anybody following me this morning? Don't think "THAT JBG got an over inflated, big head!!! Naw I don't! I JUST GOT A LOT ON MY MIND THAT'S ALL! You have to look closely, to see the difference.
Also I have that unrestrained love enough to say what needs to be said, when others are afraid to say it. It might be some young kids reading this stuff. Hear me now! I don't want NOT one young child, NOT ONE, to ever look at what LMISD LEADERS are doing,... and think it is okay to be like that! I don't want one to even think they,(LMISD leaders).. are anything but individuals who HAD A CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING GREAT FOR THEIR COMMUNITY BUT FAILED MISERABLY BECAUSE OF LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, SELFISHNESS, AND DIVISION.


The Eagles' Nest!!!!! Ahhhhhhh the Eagles' Nest !!!! Shot caller! Ruler of the air! Chi-Chi birds, and hawks don't stand a chance! Shot caller is what we use to call somebody like that in Houston! They put the word out, and the DISCIPLES under them,... JUMPS, and tap dance!!!

Walter Manuel

Well, here is the latest word on the street....

Some people are saying LMISD board of trustees are planning on using the schools as collateral in order to secure their $3 million dollar loan and because the school buildings are school assets if the majority of board approves the measure than it will happen.

What is being said is that it's THEIR WAY of paying us back for not approving the Tax Ratification Election last year. Well I have news for these village idiots THE SCHOOLS BELONG TO THE TAXPAYERS OF LM NOT THEM!

We already know that LMISD is more than likely going to receive an Academic Probation status this year because of their poor test results, decline in enrollment and financial troubles. This is too big of a risk for these board members to take with OUR schools since they've already proven to be poor stewards of our money two years in a row!

Should the district's student test scores, financial status and everything improve by 2014 the district will lose the accreditation and therefore will not receive any federal money from the government and the schools will be forced to be shut down leaving us with NO SCHOOL DISTRICT, NO SCHOOL BUILDINGS AND NO WAY OF PAYING BACK THEIR LOAN!

This is obviously the worst injustice that the taxpayers of LM could possibly witness by entrusting these incompetent school board members to play Russian Roulette with our financial assets based on their hopes that things will improve in which we've seen hasn't already happened in years.

All I can say is that they better make the deepest of cuts that they can on their new solvency plan and that includes putting those Renaissance students at the High School and shutting down Westlawn. It's ludicrous to open up a school with LESS THAN100 students in order to satisfy Nakisha Paul and the Eagle's Nest.

Dr. Dixon ain't worth her weight in salt if she even thinks of including this plan of putting less than 100 students in any school!

I suggest that everyone call their district representative immediately and tell them that you are totally against them jeopardizing our school buildings built on their pipe dreams and the hope that things will get better when the odds are stacked against them from the get go.

I will be looking to see if SB 137 AND SJR Bill 11 passed in the legislative session in order to recall school board of trustees and if it has then we will immediately start circulating the petition for those board members that qualify to be recalled! [angry]

Walter Manuel

That should have been "should the school district's student test scores, financial status and everything else "NOT" improve"....

Island Bred

This school board will bankrupt LMISD and further ruin LM reputation before the bill even gets out of State Affairs committee.

These jackasses don't even live in LM and they are allowed to directly affect LM with thier stupididty. It's shameful and it shouldn't be allowed to happen. If they lived here they would care more about LM than they do thier own little territory tucked around LM.

I wish that West TC would just go to TC schools and quit ruining our economic development opportunites. Truth is TC is probably happy they are over here rather than have these geniuses in TC. Course if they were in TC they sure couldn't of gotten elected - there's no doubt in my mind about that.

No matter how ya look at it LM has be screwed and will continue to get screwed by folks who have no buy in when it comes to LM. Ya can't run them out of town cause they already live out of town. This is why consolidating a bunch of poorly educated fools that are not committed to the city the ISD is in never will work very well - ya wind up with stuff like this.


Yea, but ....but....we do have a winning football teammmm! That has to count for something. Another thing, how many districts in the county or the state for that matter, has multiple single member districts with representatives which are absolutely clueless, and has a CULT leader, called the "Eagles Nest?" We need to recognize!

Walter Manuel

Well, OUR "GOOD NEWS" for LMISD and it's taxpayers is the passing of Senate Bill 122 "Relating to the removal from office of a member of the board of trustees of an independent school district". It is now sitting on the governor's desk awaiting his signature!

We will defintely be persuing this outlet starting with Board President Nakisha Paul since she doesn't seem to understand her role as a board member by directing district employees. A student from LMHS came home and reported to their parent "that fat lady on the school board told a secretary that she needed to go out and sit in her car at lunchtime and watch the kids in the parking lot".

No school board member has any business or authority to direct ANY SCHOOL DISTRICT EMPLOYEE, period! THEY NEED TO READ THE LAW IN CASE THEY HAVE DOUBTS!

If Nakisha Paul wants to run something then she needs to start by learning the rules and policies as set out by TASB for being a qualified school board member. Obviously this is more power than she has in her own life and therefore doesn't realize the true limitations of a school board member? She's the board president now, not the superintendent like she might think or want to act like!

"GOOD NEWS" coming to LMISD soon! LMISD PARENTS AND TAXPAYERS soon to be circulating lot's of petitions calling for the immediate removal of Board President Nakisha Paul! [wink]

Robert Buckner

If the governor signs this, would it become effective immediately? Aug.31st? Jan. 1st? I haven't read it yet. Does it contain a method of replacing the removed board member? Appointed by remaining board or special election?

Walter Manuel

My understanding Robert is that when the governor signs it becomes effective immediately.

Once the petitions are signed by a certain percentage of registered voters who voted in the last school election then it can be presented to a judge along with the reason why petitioners are asking for this board members removal and once removed the district would have a certain amount of time to call for a special election to replace that member.

Robert Buckner

Thanks for the answer Walter.


I wonder if sitting in the parking lot in a car, burning gas, or just sitting there in the heat, was included in the job description of the secretary. Oh, I can see that, being a possibility especially if there was an amendment of "NESTOLOGY" included in the fine print of the contract.
So, always read your contract down to the last paragraph now, and pay close attention to any amendments! lolollolo


Sounds like pretty good stuff Mr. Manuel. Looks like a shakeup is on the way. Will the recall be by all constituents, or just within specific districts? Won't much relief come if all constituents can't vote.

Island Bred

I'm holding my breath - just because it's sitting on his desk doen't mean he can pull himself away from the mirror long enough to read the bill. He also may not sign it...... wouldn't be the first time Perry has been stupid.

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG, the way the law reads is that you can't recall a member that hasn't been in office for more than 6 months is my understanding, so that would leave out Edna Courville and Shirley Fanuiel. Stacy Crawford and Nakisha Paul could be recalled since they've been in office long enough.

One thing that we can recall them for is if they sign that resolution tonight saying that they won't change the budget from what Ann Dixon did for next year by giving Russel Washington anything more than the $4,500 plus one month of attorney fee's that he's due according to the court system.

LOL. Margurite, your right about pretty boy and good hair Perry! [wink]

Kevin Lang

If the governor forgets to sign or veto the bill, doesn't it pass without his signature?

Walter Manuel

Kevin it was my understanding that if the Senate didn't approve it then it would automatically become effective September 1, 2013.

Sorry for the late response to your question? [wink]

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