LEAGUE CITY — The city is proposing to reverse the on and off ramps on Interstate 45 north of FM 646 in League City.

By switching the south exit 20 to an entry ramp and switching an entry ramp about half a mile north to an exit, motorists should have an easier time making their way to the stores at shopping centers at FM 646 and the interstate. The changes also should improve access to new developments near the Big League Dreams Sports Park.

The road project doesn’t have a formal schedule, but city leaders are looking to accelerate the work, said John Baumgartner, League City’s public works director.

“It’s important as you look at the vacant land north of FM 646,” he said. “It essentially enhances the access to those properties.”

Pinnacle Alliance Fund, a Houston company, is planning a mixed-use project of retail, restaurants, hotels, offices and possibly multifamily dwellings on 100 acres near Big League Dreams Sports Park.

The work also would ease traffic heading to H-E-B and other stores north of FM 646 and help alleviate traffic congestion in the area, officials said.

The city is waiting on environmental approval from the Texas Department of Transportation. Approval would likely come by summer, Baumgartner said.

The project is budgeted at $1.25 million. There are several ways the project could be funded, and the city staff and council will work through those possibilities, Baumgartner said.

By the time the environmental approval comes from the state, the city should have a clearer picture of whether it can fund the project or whether it should partner with the development community, Baumgartner said.

A partner with the Pinnacle Alliance Fund told The Daily News the company expects to begin work on its mixed-use development within six months to a year.

Reversing the ramps would make the west side of the highway a little bit more traffic friendly, said Mayor Tim Paulissen. It would help commuters on their way to stores that already exist in the area and the ones likely to come with new development, he said. 

“It is good for the overall flow of traffic,” he said.

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League City does not need to fnance this project. A good developer would have included this cost in his development expenses before he bought the property. City funding is strictly adding funds to the developes pocket. Look back at the Business article about the purchace of this property a few days ago.

Chuck DiFalco


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