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Lars Faltskog

These two sound like nice people, geez. I don't understand why when people kill someone, they don't do something like load them up and dump them into a river. Kind of like "What Happened to Aunt Alice" movie. Or, just poison them and let them sit hunched over in the chair for the authorities to find.

But to wrap them in plastic and put them somewhere where they'll obviously be found? And, they called the authorities to tell them what they did? Sounds like something from a crime show. They have quite an M.O. - kill and wrap.

Walter Manuel

"And, they called the authorities to tell them what they did? Sounds like something from a crime show".

"At about 3:30 p.m. Sunday, "A COUPLE CAME TO THE KEMAH POLICE DEPARTMENT" and told officers they left the body of a man inside a trailer in the 3700 block of Harmony Lane in Bacliff.

Kemah police called the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office to investigate. When deputies arrived, they found the body wrapped in plastic in one of the trailer’s bedrooms".

Lars Faltskog

K W C- Kill, Wrap, and Call

Island Bred

I'm not so sure these 2 actually did the deed. Sounds like they just found the fella tried to salvage the carpet and went to go tell the authorities. I'm just thinkin if you aren't from here or even if you are you can't possibly be dumb enough to kill someone then go tell.

I'm thinkin they were just being good samaratians. Glass 1/2 full thing I suppose.... LOL

Lars Faltskog

Fair enough....so the people who called weren't the perpetrators. Seems like the story could have been written more clearly, IMHO.

Either way, what a way to die.

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