NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans police were still searching Sunday evening for a missing 18-year-old Galveston woman who was last seen at the corner of Bourbon and St. Louis streets at about 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

Hailey Kristine Cokins’ family told KHOU she was found safe but New Orleans police were still searching for the teen.

Cokins was wearing a striped black-and-white dress, authorities said.

She was not carrying a cellphone or identification and is not familiar with New Orleans.

Police are asking that anyone with information on Cokins’ whereabouts call 504-821-2222.

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Dwight Strain

If the family says she safe, don't put these sensational headlines out there.. ever heard of the little boy who cried wolf.

Linda Vaccaro

@DRS47-I know. This article didn't make sense to me either. She was found safe but NOLA Police are still looking for her? What?

George Croix

10 hours later, a followup, please, without two different kinds of status for the same situation.
Thank you.

Kevin Lang

KHOU's website doesn't seem to indicate that she's been found safe. Everything indicates that she was last seen around 2:30pm Saturday. Also, the KHOU article says she's 18, but the photo caption says 19. In any event, I wonder why she wouldn't have identification? These days, you wonder, too, why she wouldn't have a cell phone, either, but that's nowhere near as odd as an 18-year-old not having ID.

Paula David

The girl posted on her own FB page: "What A Hell Of A Day, Talked To Police Numerous Times Letting Them Know Im okay Yet They Still Asked If I Was Ok lol, Well Here's a Tip; if You Wanna Ruin Someone's Day Fausly Report Someone Missing. Ha.".

She also posted several pictures of her looking like she is having a good time with someone (wearing the zebra striped dress). Sounds like she isn't "missing" after all.

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