Santa Fe teacher charged with sexual assault

Jaimie Dominy Page, 25, was arrested Thursday and charged with sexual abuse of a child; having an improper relationship between an educator and a student; and online solicitation of a minor.


SANTA FE — A Santa Fe High School teacher has been charged with three felonies following allegations that she sexually assaulted a teenage student.

Jaimie Dominy Page, 25, was arrested Thursday and charged with sexual abuse of a child; having an improper relationship between an educator and a student; and online solicitation of a minor.

Page was booked into the Galveston County Jail on bonds totaling $50,000, authorities said. She posted bond and was released Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

Adam Poole, an assistant district attorney with the Galveston County district attorney’s office, said all three charges relate to Page’s relationship with a male student.

Authorities allege Page sent an explicit photograph to the student, who is not being identified because of his age, and had a sexual relationship with him.

Poole said there was an investigation into whether other students had been involved. He said the investigation began after Page was put on administrative leave by the school district in February.

According to jail records, Page was arrested at 2:10 p.m. during a traffic stop on FM 646 near Interstate 45.

Page was placed on administrative leave by the Santa Fe Independent School District on Feb. 20 after the school began an investigation into the abuse allegations. According to a statement released by district Wednesday night, Page resigned from the district during the course of an investigation into the allegations.

“SFISD believes these are serious charges and believes that such conduct, if it occurred, is unacceptable and despicable,” said district spokeswoman Patti Hanssard in the statement.

According to a class website linked to on the school district’s website, Page was an art teacher and began teaching at the school in the fall of 2012. The website was taken down shortly after the Daily News asked the district to confirm it belonged to Page.

Page graduated from the University of Houston Clear Lake with a bachelor of fine arts degree and teaching certificate in May 2009. According to the website, she graduated from Dickinson High School in 2004.

According to the website, she was an art teacher and cheerleading instructor at Angleton Junior High from August 2009 to May 2012.

According to the website, Page is married and has a 5-year-old son.

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Lars Faltskog

I still don't know why anyone would go through 4 or 5 years of college, go through the effort to get credentials, and then throw it all away by getting it on with an adolescent.

Must be some unfulfilled aspect of these people's youth where they later feel they need to "hang" with minors. It's beyond comprehension.

I think somehow the scientists should examine the brains of deceased sex offenders so that the "bad" gene can be isolated and hopefully eradicated for next generations. That would be a true advancement in science.


Before everyone starts piling on, have some respect for the poor husband and child please

Kevin Lang

I don't think there's much to say here beyond if these allegations are proven, I hope the criminal justice system is able to make sure she gets all the help she needs for quite some time and that proper counseling will fix the harm caused to the victim, and if the allegations are false, I hope that the criminal justice system is able to make sure the claimant gets the help he needs and that the system is able to undo any harm done to the accused. Regardless of how this plays out, I hope we can all show enough class to leave the families of both the accused and her accuser out of this.

Lars Faltskog

Ditto here. Suffice it to say that in these types of forum venues, it is best to speak in generalities. Until this woman's case is adjudicated, that's really all we can do.

Now, what I do wonder is if, in some way, there can be incorporated in teacher training courses in college - an ethics course. One that touches on the need to keep clear and professional boundries between student and teacher.

With internet, texting, social Facebook medias and the like, the boundries among most of us gets blurier every day. I have heard that in reality, teachers have been discouraged to have a lot of activity in Facebook, etc. I know that sounds a bit extreme, but teaching is almost as much of a "calling" as the ministry/priesthood and such...a more stringent set of boundries.

Such an example: teachers best not get together at a public place like Chili's and invite strippers to jump out of a cake. But, it seems that if perhaps a group of businesspersons in the corporate world did the same, they'd get a "free pass" since the businesspersons don't almost exclusively deal with minors 18 and under, like teachers do.

Kevin Lang

Lars, I'll bet that's something taught to every teacher, and is probably discussed during the credentialling process, and, I'm sure, is also discussed at least once a year in faculty meetings and training sessions. If this happened as alleged, it's not because the teacher didn't have probably cause to know it was immoral and illegal. I'm sure my old circle of HS and College friends wasn't the only one talking about "15 will get you 20" (sex with a minor will get you 20 years). There will be no "ignorance" pleas here that anyone would believe.

Lars Faltskog

Response to kevjlang posted at 12:38 pm on Fri, Mar 8, 2013:

Well, I'd be willing to bet that it's taught very little in some training programs. And, sure, they talk about "harassment" in general once a year - I'm sure in every business environment.

But, what I'm thinking is that there should be an entire college preparatory class focused exclusively on ethics, with opportunities to write papers and do research on ethical quandries such as "confidentiality", "release/discussion of records", "do's and don'ts of giving opinions regarding mental state of client", along with studying legal results of real-life harassment cases, et cetera.

It seems as though folks these days have set themselves up for trouble by throwing themselves in the gray areas of these types of things. Obviously, we're not doing a good job "teaching the teachers". I still blame "social media" on a lot of this. Once you have a friendly exchange with someone who's not your peer - either teacher or student will probably become infatuated and blur those lines. Then comes the trouble.

Kevin Lang

All of these teachers were students once. They learned a long time ago what it's like to be a) infatuated by someone you can't have and b) that responsible adults respect the boundaries despite any tempation.

This isn't the first generation that had students wanting to get their hands inside their teacher's pants, and this is certainly not the first generation of teachers to have to respect the fact that having a sexual relationship with a student is absolutely and totally taboo.

If we're at a point where we don't think teachers can understand the separation between them and their students, giving them a semester-long course complete with a thesis assignment is certainly not going to fix it.

Dorothy Holt

This was going on when I was in high school in the '60's. It happened back then, it has happened now and it will happen again. Best thing to do is to educate your children about a predator's behavior and pray they know when they are being set up and targeted by someone who is supposed to be a mentor to them, such as a teacher, relative or friend of the family.

Kevin Lang

I don't know the facts here, but one factor in some of these situations is that the kid is often not lured in, but makes moves on the teacher. That, however, doesn't excuse the teacher--the teacher is supposed to be the adult and enforce the barriers. It's not good for the teen to be "hot for teacher", but it's ultimately up to the teacher to keep the relationship appropriate.

Dorothy Holt

It is typical for a male teen to be hot for a teacher, especially a young teacher making advances to him. If this is true he will absolutely suffer mental stigma from the encounter(s). That is a fact. However, if proven to be not true then the accuser needs some serious help. This teacher is still innocent until proven guilty. I believe we still have that right...for now anyways.

Steve Fouga

I guess I'm not clear why the male teen would suffer in any way from having sex with a hot teacher.

Could someone expound on this, please?

Lars Faltskog

Response to Jake Buckner posted at 5:35 pm on Sun, Mar 10, 2013:

Well, Jake, I will take a two-fold stab to try to answer your question. First, a teen (regardless of male/female) is thought of as being not yet mature enough to make good decisions about dating/courting/sex. It's considered "dangerous" and scary enough when 'age appropriate' dating and courting is going on. That is - teen boys and teen girls have their quandries, ups and downs, and, as we know - in most cases the boy has the hormones to do the sex act, while the girl may or may not have the "readiness" - but she surely has much more at stake when getting physical/having sex...i.e. - getting pregnant. Not to mention the emotional state of being "damaged goods" and not being ready to be a parent. So, when a relationship is between a male teen and a female old teacher goes on, similarily, the emotional state of the young teen is more fragile and undeveloped. We all remember the Lifetime movie (based on true accounts) where the female teacher "hired" her teen schoolboy lover to kill her husband. Teen-to-teacher relationships end in emotional angst or tragedy.

My second attempt to answer the question about male teen suffering due to having sex with a hot teacher simply lies with the boy's parents. Overprotective mom, especially, would be appaled at her sweet boy being corrupted by a vixen-like older woman who, in mama's mind, would surely emotionally manipulate her son. Teen son's mama isn't ready to deal with another woman as "competition". Junior is her son, pride and joy. She doesn't want her son running around with an old Jezabel who, by day, gives the students worksheets, grades their papers, and has all kinds of boys oggling over her. Rightly so, mom would be correct in thinking the teacher would simply move on to the next awkward boy to corrupt. These teachers who do this indeed have a sickness.

Steve Fouga

Well, Lars, I can certainly understand and believe that the teen's mom would be upset -- furious with the teacher, and possibly with the son also. So, the mother could choose to make a big deal of it with the kid, and possibly damage his "fragile psyche." I think that would be a bad choice on the mom's part, but that's just my opinion.

If this had happened to me as a high-schooler, I would have been eternally grateful to the teacher, a hero to all my friends, and to most of my adult male acquaintances as well. My Dad wouldn't have liked it, because my Mom wouldn't have.

Dorothy Holt

Mr. Buckner, I have a dear friend who was a boy toy for a female teacher back in high school but he kept it to himself. He did not brag about it nor did he tell the world when it was happening. He tells menow how it affected him then as it does today. Why it affects him I don't know but I suspect it did because he knew it was wrong and he struggled with it in the moral fibres of his subconscious mind which is a good reason, to me anyways, why he kept it to himself. I was never a boy toy for a teacher but if I was my dad would have been furious not to mention my Mother's disappointment. To put it bluntly, teacher - student sex is just not morally right and it certainly ain't cool as you purport it to be. Period. Guess we were raised with and evidently still have different moral and ethical standards which is fine. However, look around us and one can see that the moral fibre of our country is declining because of this kind of decadence. Call me a prude but it is what it is.

Steve Fouga

Dotty -- I was actually raised with moral standards similar to yours. For years I adhered to them and mostly still do, but as I grew older I realized there's room for tolerance. I think I would have grown up a better person without all the moral strictures I endured as a child. Some of them, sure, but not all.

I'm certainly not advocating teacher-student sex, I'm saying I don't believe it would damage most teenage boys' psyches.

Kevin Lang

My guess is that if this happened, one or both was trying to live a teenage fantasy. Presumably, one or the other didn't do very well at keeping it "their little secret". When I was a teen, I heard classmates talk about wanting to go out with certain teachers. You even heard people whispering that someone was dating one of the teachers.

There is a lot of peer pressure on teenage boys to "score", and I'm sure some feel that they can get "extra credit" both in class and in the halls if they "score" with the teacher. Most of us know that the peer pressure in high school is pretty fake, but when you're living it, it can be hard recognizing it.

Lars Faltskog

Who remembers that old movie, "Summer of '42"? The 2 other boys lived vicariously through the one "lucky" boy who got to have a tryst with the older army widow summer neighbor.

That whole thing really dealt a blow (no pun intended) to the teen involved with that woman. I would think that any psychologist would agree that an underaged boy or girl who has sex with an older person - the teen will surely suffer a stigma that in no way would help his/her later development as a person.

I've heard it said that people who go through having underaged sex with older adult may never be able to develop a healthy sexual relationship with a similar-aged contemporary in the future. It's not unlike prostitution in a way. They don't end up high on the scale of having healthy sexual relationships in the future.

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