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Terry Moore

What a heavy cross to bear to know your actions caused the death of your child and hurt the other children but to discard evidence and even have that on your mind to do so is unbelievable! BLESS THE LITTLE CHILDREN AND THE OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS!

Patricia Barrios

Reading this just gave me chills. What a horrific thing to happen.I can't even imagine killing one of my children. He life as he knew it is well over. Prayers to those innocent children. Hope they recover quickly.

Andy Aycoth

I agree, what a shame.
You know Doctors kill just many as drunk drivers but hardly ever go to jail !

George Croix

It's the steering wheel's fault that the driver was intoxicated and driving with his kids in the car.
Now I understand...

As for the killer Doctors comment....
No, never mind...

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