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GW Cornelius

Sounds like something right out of 1930's or GAIN either way it is a bad idea. Every restriction placed on development decrease the value of every property on the Island. This is a really dumb idea.

Steve Fouga

South of the seawall between Stewart Beach and the South Jetty, developers should be able to build as big and tall as they want. Between Stewart Beach and the seawall, 5 stories seems appropriate.

I don't understand why it's important to spur development north of Seawall Blvd at the expense of the beach side. If the beach side is developed, yes, the areas north are "damaged," as McMorris says, but developers will still build there, and then we'll have both.

And has anyone been to South Beach Miami lately? Yes, there is beach visible from Ocean Drive for a few hundred yards, SURROUNDED BY SKYSCRAPERS. I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing it's revenue from the skyscrapers that makes the beautiful beach viable.

Kevin Martin

As a 3rd generation BOI, when are all these people that move here going to figure out that this is NOT Key West etc.? All these wanna be islanders are trying to change this island into something this town is not. When I was a kid, this isalnd was a sleepy little beach town that us true local's enjoyed. Now, with all these carpet baggers that have come through, things have gone down the drain. Perfect example, Diamond Beach, darn near vacant. Emerald Beach, darn near vacant, etc. etc. Give it up. No one wants all that development on the beach.

Ana Draa

Love this idea!!

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