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Victor Krc

Here we go again!

I am just flabbergasted at the spin that Smith puts on the issues here.

First, there is the issue of lawsuit settlement. The spin is that COM "had to settle" about one third of the lawsuits. COM did not "have" to settle any lawsuit. The Plaintiff's did not have to accept any settlement offer, they could have gone forward with the litigation and probably gotten more than an average settlement of $25,900 per lawsuit since things are so "grievously, grievously wrong" at COM. But they did not. Why not?

The fact is the Plaintiffs decided to settle since they reasoned that that was the best they could do given the merits of their cases. Settlement of a lawsuit in no way indicates culpability of the defendant, it is the result of a reasoned cost - benefit analysis given the cost of legal defense, and, again, plaintiffs did not have to accept.

I think that there is a prima facie case to be made that there has been a campaign of harassment against COM since efforts have been made to weed out the lazy and incompetent members of staff. The are "shotgunning" these lawsuits so they can get press coverage.

Another bit of verbal puffery by Smith: "He would also challenge some of the dismissals issued by the by the judges in regards to those cases, Smith said". What does that mean? Since he used the passive voice, I am assuming he means that there is nothing substantial to his challenge to these dismissals, he just thinks the dismissals were wrong because his side lost. So what?

I am still open to any evidence of gross mismanagement at COM, but so far I have not seen any. All I have seen so far is an active campaign of harassment at the public's expense driven by self - serving, self - centered opportunists.

Ann Derek

And it's worth every penny spent if it gets rid of profs like avowed communist David Michael Smith, who now works for the Galveston Daily News. People like him have no place in academia, but unfortunately they are more the norm than the exception.

Victor Krc

I did not know that he is working for the Daily News. One other thing to be annoyed at the News besides that irritating Ashley Furniture pop - up ad flashing in my face when I navigate around the website.

Seriously, if that is the case, and I have no reason to doubt you, that can explain the slant on the Daily News coverage in the past. There was always a lot of innuendo but very little substance in those "guest columns" regarding COM that were published in the past.

Victor Krc

Also, another observation:

If Smith is indeed an employee of the News then why wasn't a disclosure of that fact printed in connection with the story?

Taylor is always banging on about the difficulties that he is having in getting public records released, probably rightly so. But it seems to me to be a tad hypocritical in this case to not disclose when an employee of the News is a principal player in a news story.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Former professor David Michael Smith does not work for The Galveston County Daily News. And he never has. He contributes guest columns, just like other members of the public.
Michael A. Smith is the associated editor. They are not the same people.

Victor Krc

Thank you for the clarification, Ms. Elder. I will now drop my subscription renewal check in the mail tomorrow morning in spite of the annoying in - your - face - pop-up ads. People who pay for access should not have to put up with this type of advertising.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Glad to hear your renewing!

Miceal O'Laochdha

I suggested the Editor hire Smith back when the community college canned him, since he has shown a real talent for getting attention for this newspaper. Plus, as an individual who has pursued his professional career at the community college level, he surely works cheap.

So, maybe GDN took it seriously and hired him?

COM ain't Berkley; Smith ain't Abbie Hoffman and...GDN ain't the Daily Worker, either.

David Smith

Ill join the " what a great job revue club " when she quits spending taxpayer money to fund a college in an area of the county that contributes nothing to it ...not one red dime...until then.....

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