LA MARQUE — More than 550 students who would have normally attended La Marque schools transferred to neighboring school districts, costing the financially strapped school district about $2.8 million in potential state revenue.

According to records from the four open enrollment school districts in Galveston County that are taking in those La Marque students, the number of transfer students is expected to increase for the 2013-14 school year.

That’s not good news for the La Marque school district, which has struggled for years to get more students in its classrooms.

According to records provided by Texas City, Hitchcock, Dickinson and Galveston school districts, 563 students who live in the La Marque school district attend schools in those districts.

Those figures do not take into account the number of La Marque students who attend charter schools — such as Mainland Preparatory Academy and Premier Learning Academy in La Marque — or private schools.

La Marque is also an open enrollment school district but did not respond to The Daily News’ request for transfer data.  

Santa Fe, Friendswood and Clear Creek school districts are not open enrollment districts.

Student flight

La Marque school officials, who are under a mandate from the state to right the district’s financial ship, have said that keeping students in the district is a priority. A “good news” campaign in hopes of slowing the flight is part of that effort.

Past efforts, including a well-publicized door-to-door campaign a few years ago, proved unsuccessful. Last summer, the district’s administration predicted that 3,155 students would attend La Marque schools.

The October enrollment numbers for the 2012-13 school year showed 2,700 students. Now, the interim administration and the district’s consulting superintendent are projecting that enrollment for 2013-14 will drop to 2,450.

If the school district could capture the $2.8 million in revenue lost to transfers, that would represent about a 12 percent increase over La Marque’s projected 2013-14 revenues of $23.03 million.

Open enrollment

Historically, students had to attend the school district in which they lived. But in the 1990s, as a means to increase school competition and school choice, the state legislature introduced open enrollment laws. Those school districts that adopted open enrollment policies could take in students — and the state revenue that comes with them — from any district.

“A district that accepts transfers may or may not charge tuition,” Texas Education Agency spokeswoman DeEtta Culbertson said. “Also, the decision to accept transfer students is a local decision adopted by the local school board. A district does not have to accept transfers.”

Districts set their own guidelines for accepting transfer students, and in most cases, the students have to reapply year after year. Transportation to and from school is up to the parents.

Students can transfer for a variety of reasons, not just the quality of the school district in which the student lives. Sometimes a students will transfer to another district due to the parents’ job requirements.

Such may be the case in Galveston, where some parents work at the University of Texas Medical Branch but live elsewhere in the county.

In some cases, the parents may live in one district but are graduates of the district where their children attend school.

Districts did not provide a breakdown for why parents sought transfers, but those that did respond said for the most part, La Marque parents were dissatisfied with what that district has to offer their children.

By far, La Marque made up the majority of transfer students attending Galveston County schools in open enrollment districts.

Triple-digit transfers

Dickinson has the largest number of La Marque students at 228. That’s more than half of the 401 transfer students attending Dickinson schools, according to district figures.

That’s also about $1.4 million in lost potential state revenue for La Marque, which is trying to close a $1.6 million shortfall for the 2013-14 school year after having already cut costs by about $5 million because of the reduction in revenues. In turn, Dickinson will take in about $1.64 million in state revenue for those La Marque students.

The revenue figures are based on the baseline compressed rate revenue paid to the districts per student based on the district’s weighted average daily attendance data. The latest data was included in a June 20 report filed by the districts with the Texas Education Agency. School finance officials said that figure was the best “apples-to-apples” revenue comparison.

According to the reports for each district, La Marque would receive $4,994 per student, while Dickinson’s state revenue cut is $5,105 per student, according to the TEA report. Those figures could adjust up or down slightly based on several factors.

During a recent school board meeting, Dickinson school trustees worried that their ever-growing district was being forced to hire new teachers because of the La Marque transfer students.

Not so, Dickinson Superintendent Vicki Mims said.

The district only allows transfer students to attend those campuses where there are enough teachers and classroom space to accommodate them. While parents applying to send their children to Dickinson schools can request a specific campus, they are not guaranteed that choice, Mims said.

Incidentally, 74 students who would otherwise attend Dickinson schools attend classes in either Galveston, Hitchcock or Texas City schools.

Texas City’s $1M gain

Next in line for the most La Marque transfers is Texas City, which last year had 177 students from the neighboring school district. That resulted in more than $880,000 in lost revenue for La Marque but about $1 million extra for Texas City.

La Marque students account for 70 percent of the transfer students who attend Texas City schools, according to that district’s data. Texas City offers limited open enrollment and cuts off application for the next school year on Monday.

According to data from responding districts, 83 would-be Texas City students attend either Dickinson, Galveston or Hitchcock schools.

Jennifer Earl, 36, is the mother of two of those La Marque residents who attend schools in Texas City. Her daughters have attended Texas City schools for a decade.

Her 10-year-old will attend Fry Intermediate next year, and her 15-year-old will go to Texas City High School.

“One year’s experience in kindergarten for my oldest was enough for me,” Earl, a 1995 La Marque High School graduate, said. “It is not the same school district I went to.”

She said discipline problems and the lack of gifted and talented programs for her daughters prompted her to seek open enrollment in Texas City.

Everyone in the family works to get the girls to school.

“Me, my husband, my parents ... we all do what it takes to get them there,” Earl said. “They love it there, and we have never had any problems.”

Worth the drive

Parents in Tiki Island take turns getting their children across the causeway to attend Oppe Elementary in Galveston.

Candice Weaver is often the one hauling most of the Tiki children to Galveston. She said nine of the 16 Tiki Island students who would go to La Marque load up in her SUV each morning for the drive to Galveston.

“Not one kid here goes to La Marque,” she said.

The number of La Marque students attending Galveston schools is also in the triple digits. According to Galveston’s data, 114 students from La Marque walk the halls on the island.

That’s more than $560,000 in lost state revenue for La Marque.

In Hitchcock, 44 of its 64 transfer students come from neighboring La Marque. That is another $219,000 revenue hit for La Marque.

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(32) comments

Robert Buckner

Good article TJ, I expect those tranfer numbers to increase as well. That's about par for LMISD to not respond to the News' request for any data. As far as I can see, that "Good News" campaign is just another phoney attempt to prevent the final demise of LMISD. It is good to see the many parents refusing to be the sheeple and follow this board's baloney while caring enough about their children's education. Maybe a good follow up story about how many superintendants each ISD has or how many TREs they have had to have to stay afloat.

Paula David

Those are just the numbers of students who legally are attending other districts. You could probably double that to get a real number. Many of them just use relatives or other addresses to get around the system.

Walter Manuel

Robert, perhaps district officials were unavailable because they were at Lending-Tree.Com or Quicken Loans trying to obtain desperately needed money that they don't want anyone to know about?

Your right TCLocal, there are probably far more students using relatives addresses in order to attend other schools than anyone really knows about?

I wonder if district officials have any idea THIS YEAR how many students have now transferred to other districts, dropped out, moved out of state or for many other reasons won't be returning back to LMISD in August?

The person in charge of tracking these students in the past has done such a pathetic job of keeping track of these students that the district has been required to hire an ex-district employee, as well as, district employees and spend thousands and thousands of dollars during the Summer trying to locate their COHORT students.

One ex-employee was paid $25.00 an hour during the Summer and I was told that person made over $21,000 and only brought back 3 students to the district. I suppose when your best friends with someone in administration it really doesn't matter because afterall it's just somebody else's money!

I suppose we were all hoping that the "Good News" was that the Empty Eagle's Nest and their lost sheeple's had left and had found something else to destroy, but seeing how there was a recent guest column in the paper supporting LMISD I guess it was only wishful thinking.


First, I would like to say how wonderful and good it is for those other districts named in this article, to provide the "love" needed to take in these students RUNNING away from a third rate, incompetent educational process in LMISD. The love and consideration, they should have gotten at LMISD, had to be PROVIDED to them as EDUCATIONAL REFUGEES, by GISD,TCISD,HISD,and DISD. I say well done and thank you to each of those school districts! I agree with the other posters who posted before I did, because there are probably more than those who are known to be transfer REFUGEES,in those schools. Nobody mentioned CCISD, but I KNOW there are some up there too! Thank you too CCISD!
Second thing, I would like to say,.. all this is a %!* shame, this situation is going down like this, because of what seems to be LMISD Board's lack of knowledge, incompetency, and their blind loyalty and discipleship to the EAGLES' NEST! You cannot compete with these other school districts, walking in the science of "NESTOLOGY!" They will hand you your heads on a silver platter, like they ARE doing!!!
"Well we are doing okay in football!" For real? Question: For how long? Look closely, is going downhill here too, and it is not about football anyway, but, I'm just saying......
So,..that leaves these kids and parents no other options, but to leave this place for better opportunities, better diligent educators,and leaders who know what these kids will need in the future, and are qualified,focused,...and energetic toward providing them what they need.
Notice what one ex-LMISD parent in the article was quoted as saying:
"She said discipline problems and the lack of gifted and talented programs for her daughters prompted her to seek open enrollment in Texas City." One of them said,"WE all do what needs to be done in order to help our children to get better educated!" There is LOVE for a child "RAT" there!
JUST AS I HAVE BEEN HARPING ON FOR YEARS ABOUT LMISD!!! NO DISCIPLINE, or LACK OF DISCIPLINE, HAS PLAYED A MAJOR ROLE IN THE DEMISE OF THIS DISTRICT!! People can say what they will or may, but here it is in black and white quote, from a parent who was not AFRAID to tell it like it happened!! This parent is not the only one! I have talked to many who says the same, &%$ thing! It's like the animals running a zoo, instead of the zoo keepers! Think about it!!
When you don't have order, you have CHAOS,....and CHAOS, is the slipping point,...because everything, start going downhill toward the bottom from there. Nobody wants to admit that, but my fellow Smack-Talker, Mr. Walker and myself,..and I struggle trying to figure out why. I've said it once and I'll say it again, I'm "A-political" when it comes to these community kids' education. I know what it is like to go face a world where you have been left behind educationally! I had to play catch-up, and I was one of the blessed ones who came out of the tailspin okay, but there were many more, who did not, and they were lost to the lower elements, and opportunities of society.
Now, what Mr. TJ Aulds has written here, draws a picture of which LMISD, and their leadership should be shamed, and apologetic toward, but I don't think they care. I really don't, because I don't think their mission is educating children. I think their mission is creating and maintaining high paying jobs, for themselves and their friends,...otherwise they would all resign, to help rectify dysfunctionalities, and correct problems needed for a better school district conducive for educating.
Love is an action word, and so if a parent says they love their children, that to me means they will seek to give that child the best opportunity they possibly can and a better, more productive life, that parent I mentioned above did. If that is so, then why would they enroll that child in an institution, which is rated unacceptable by the state, and where CHAOS, UPHEAVAL, and DRAMA, is constantly on display,..and manufactured there daily,..when there are other options available? I realize everybody has a choice, but a bad choice concerning this now, could come back to bite that child later when he/she goes out in the world to COMPETE, locally, nationally, and internationally for positions, and jobs in this world against superior educated young applicants. I use to hire and fire people, so I know what I am talking about, but to each his own.
Somebody from West Texas told me once, "JBG"...."What wisdom,..can't get you to see,...The SWINE PIT of life,...( EXPERIENCE) ...will make 20/20 clear to you!
So, what is this Old Plow Boy from Central Texas trying to say? I'll tell you! Experience is NOT THE BEST TEACHER, the world claims,....WISDOM, coming from GOD is!! Another thing, when you get WISDOM,...don't leave, until you get some UNDERSTANDING to go with it,...then and only then, are you good to go!
This is a good place to say Amen, so let me do that,...AMEN!

Walter Manuel

"La Marque is also an open enrollment school district but did not respond to The Daily News’ request for transfer data".

This seems to be the norm lately for district officials as they obviously don't know how to answer the simplest of questions on their own due to their lack of qualifications in their positions so they just chose not to answer anyone's questions at all.

There's no longer any transparency in this school district and the public should start to question what exactly those in charge are doing in the dark that they don't want others to know about?

Where there's smoke there's usually fire and this smoke is not coming from a camp fire in their village....

Walter Manuel

Well it seems that everybody is jumping LMISD's rapidly sinking ship!

I heard today that Mr. Hawkins the principal at the Middle School resigned last week. Add on top of that Newt Simpson who was over Technology retired and Mr. Gurnell the principal at the High School unexpectedly recently resigned as well.

Does anyone else see a pattern of where the men are leaving or are being forced out of the district because incompetent women are now in charge and some people are saying that they have heard that they are leaving because they can't work underneath them?

It appears that Thomasine Allen has her own agenda as to who she wants where in the district and therefore is making sure to make life hell on district employee's until they've had enough of her nonsense and leave the district.

Roaches do the same thing when they take over a place and finally force you out. Kinda looks like exactly what is happening with LMISD right now, the roaches got in and now are bringing others with them!

LMISD is taking on so much water now that their ship is barely afloat while school board members sit back and turn a blind eye to the real problem facing the district because their being directed by a certain board member to do as they are told to do whether it's the correct thing to do or not?

You can bet the farm that tomorrow I will be asking through an Open Records request the ethnical and gender make-up of ALL district employees for the entire school district following the reduction in force including all voluntary resignations! And they should remember, I already have the prior ethnical and gender make-up information before this year's RIF and voluntary resignations [wink]


The LEGEND and SAGA of the great demise of LMISD should serve as a warning for every school district in Texas! Yes, let this be a warning especially to other constituents,...letting them see what putting politics over the welfare of children will get them!
LMISD is a poster child, the best example one can gaze at today, demonstrating what apathy,..selfishness,.politics, greed,..incompetence, shrine building,..and lack of knowledge, will get you,...WHEN infused in the process of running and maintaining a school district.
This whole LMISD system, day by day, in the hands of the present leadership has become a laughing stock,....a JOKE, the eyes of those who adheres to excellence in compliance with Texas Education Standards. I suspect, because they answer to a religious Sensei whose mind is still at this late date, buried in history, and enslaved in the annals of our old ANTEBELLUM SOUTH!
It is truly with deep regret, and great dispair that I had the unpleasant opportunity to watch arguably one of the greatest, well operated school districts in Texas history, maybe even the nation,.....come tumbling down to be no more than a MERE JOKE, being laugh at as an embarrassment, as insignificant, and being rated bottom of the barrel state of quality.
There are some, as there always are, who will look for "effective ammunition" in order to defend what has happened here, but even a mere child with little understanding, can look at what has transpired here,...and know there is no defense, nor justification for this fiasco occurring here.
Yes, last there are those brave souls at LMISD who tried to weather the storm, but are now witnessing the ship rapidly and steadily going under! So they are jumping overboard, for it is the only rational, sensible thing to do! I applaud you brave souls, even though you are late! So I say to anyone who is hedging,...or debating a move, take care of your families,..and be sensible. This gig is done!
There are those who saw the demise of LMISD coming years ago when many others remained blinded to the truth. Those wise ex employees who had eyes to see, jumped ship then,and move on for more stable opportunities! Lastly, sound doctrine says, is better to jump ship late, than to drown! Your choice though!

Robert Buckner

It is sad JBG but along with the school district sinking fast, the entire community is being drug down as well. Folks are leaving town and no new residents are arriving. A quick drive around town will quickly prove my point. Vacant houses everywhere, once nice neighborhoods have become dumps. I know my next move is out of this town.

Walter Manuel

Robert and Mr. JBG, both of your post are right on the money!

Recently a developer wanted to build some apartments off of Main Street somewhere and the bank denied the developer their request for money because the apartments would be located within the LMISD.

Now that's sad and down right pathetic when the development and future growth of LM has been halted as a result of our school system!

It's time that these village idiots pack their bags and go back to their own village and destroy it any way that they choose to because they've already done enough damage to LMISD to last a life time! [angry]

Island Bred

Just another nail the way I see it. This coffin is taking longer to make than any coffin I ever saw made........ just a damn shame. LM city proper may never recover from the damage this ISD board has done. Our council should of said something - they may not of legally been able to "do" something but I sure blame them for not standing up and saying something!

Walter Manuel

Margurite, Mayor Hocking and City Manager Carol Buttler attended a board meeting last year and extended an olive branch to the board members and district offering any help that they could and the board members basically told them to buzz off and mind their own business.

I think when the district is finally consolidated with surrounding school districts those board members living in West Texas City will certainly be history because the people of Texas City would never tolerate such incompetence, poor leadership skills and foolishness.

This is why the Empty Eagle's Nest can't "fly" in Texas City because the people there are much smarter there than the lost sheeple that follow a wanna-be reverend and community activist in LM.


Margurite, I'm super glad our City Council kept their noses in their own business and away from what these other public servants are doing! That is job enough for them in itself, than for them to become involved in this contagious mess which is happening across town.
We are talking about an A Number One, "NESTOLOGY" mindset here, and these people only listen to orders of the Voices coming from the,... "High And Low Royal Order Of The Nest!"
My second point is "The Nest" is synonymous with the words separation, and division. That is what the mentality they practice is all about! It's about,..DIVISION, SEPARATION,...separate systems,...separate accountability and separate ways of measuring. I deduced that when the LMISD BAND was carried in another direction, instead of competing with bands from other schools at the UIL competitions! They instead,...became a swing band of sorts.
It is rumored that one band member years ago, told the parent,... the LMISD band leader, told the band that they were NOT going to win anything at UIL competition! It was rumored he told them, "WE ARE NOT THIS TYPE OF BAND SO DON'T FEEL BAD,...because we are not going to place here!" To me that says it all, that in itself would have been my key to remove every child I had enrolled there,.. out of that school district,..but that is just they way I roll.
Allow me to drive my point on home now, IF OUR CITY COUNCIL, had involved themselves in anyway as trying to fix, LMISD, we'd be having so much racial dissension,..finger pointing, and discord by now, we would "ALL" be in the dung heap instead of just the ISD. Under normal circumstances I would agree with you but in this specific case, our Council did the wise and prudent thing of doing what they were elected to do, and letting others do what they were elected or ALLOWED to do. That limits who they can blame for this mess and also keeps the focus on the and nobody else!
It is the constituents' responsibility who elected these individuals and allowed them to stay in office, who shares blame for their actions, an the lawmakers of the state who crafted ineffective laws allowing them to hind behind, as they continue to tear down instead of building up!


Correction*** Second to last paragraph:

That limits who they can blame for this mess and also keeps the focus on the and nobody else!--------should be :
That limits who they can blame for this mess keeping the focus on THEM, and nobody else!

Island Bred

JBG - the issue I have is that those who elect LMISD board do not all live in LM. LM on the other hand suffers economically by the decsions made by people who have no vested interest in the economic development of LM.

The council I know tried to intervene on occassions and even tried to help on others. I just think the council should not be scared to say - hey - our economic development is directly tied to this ISD board. I think they should say it as publically as they remain silent on thier antics. Disapproval is not something you are not allowed because you are electe. I don't give the council a pass on passing..........

Robert Buckner

Remember Margurite, this council is still learning how to count and trying to remember where they place funds.

Gary Miller

More than 550? How many more? How many transfered to private or state charter schools. Did LM ISD lose any to home schooling?
The story leaves more questions unanswered.
What it fails to say is the state money doesn't belong to LM ISD. It belongs to the students. LM ISD didn't lose money they drove students to better schools where their state funding is funding their education. LM ISD's loss is the students gain.

Walter Manuel

Your absolutely right IHOG the money is following the student and exactly how the system should work.

No low performing school district should be supported with the same amount of money that a better performing school district is getting for educating someone else's children.

The reason that nobody knows any true facts or figures from district officials at this point is because the board members made a pact when they got on board promising not to let the public or the newspaper know what is happening with the school district.

These board members and district officials obviously believe that the district now belongs to them. Certain school board members feel that because they are elected officials they don't have to answer to anyone..... well at least for this very moment anyways.

Gary Miller

Eagle nesters think doing away with "open enrolement" at other schools would save LM ISD.
Wrong. It would just increase the loss of population in the LM ISD district. Instead of increased enrolement LM would have more empty homes and a reduced tax base.
LM ISD once claimed over 5,000 students. Twice todays total.
Where are that lost 3,000 now? Living with parents in other districts.
550 transfers is only 1/6 th of the decline.

Eagle nesters on the LM CC drove population out of LM. Thats where LM ISD problems started. Population decline in the district.
LM CC can save LM ISD by making LM a better place for business to thrive and a better place for parents with children to live.
Starting with cleaning up the crime and getting away from CAD's constant property tax increases. Stop spending money by schools and city residents can't afford.


I'm sorry IHOG, you lost me with this City Council controlling LMISD thing. I understand Margurite saying that LMISD is hurting LM City development by being atrocious, and I can see that, but you are going to have to explain HOW can the City do anything with LMISD. This whole thing could very well be determined by what parents think about the quality of education their children are getting.
If the parents keep pulling their children out and carrying them to other places, then LMISD is doomed,...and there is no question about it! That is a given! Right now, I see no reason why any parent should settle for what LMISD is offering, when much better can be had, from the NORTH, SOUTH, WEST, and EAST of them. I mean parents of LMISD have their choice, TCISD, HISD, GISD, DISD,.....who are all much better than what their children are getting at LMISD! Ohhhhh, if only I could go back and have a do over! TCISD, would have had one of the greatest student athletes of all times, ....of all T-I-M-E-S!

Gary Miller

I was refering to the underlying problem with LM ISD.
The decline of population that goes back to the policies of Eagle Nesters who dominated the LM CC in the past.
LM was once a prefered village to live in. Eagle Nesters did all they could to discourage "any but us" living in LM.

Gary Miller

LM ISD hasn't lost any state money. It never belonged to them. Students own it and take with them when leaving LM ISD.
The ugly thing about state funding is private school students don't get their share. It is education funding provided by state taxpayers. Parents of private school students are taxpayers. Forced to fund ISD and private schools by the political power of unions.

Dorothy Holt

Great post and on the money.

Mike Meador

They CHOSE to put their children in private schools. They KNOW they have to pay more for their children. If they think private schools prepare their children better than the public schools, then they have to budget better to put their children in these schools.

Their share is what they decided to do. Like it or hate it.....but it's the law right now.

Gary Miller

You are right. They choose better schools for their children. Why then can't they chose to use their education money to fund those better schools. Why are the taxes they pay reserved for funding unacceptable schools?
Nothing but union political power in Austin explains that unfair use of their taxes.
In the final anallisis their taxes are not used to fund education. It's exclusively used to support unions. Unions are why unacceptable schools are not acceptable.

Mike Meador

If was what you really wanted, then you would go where you wanted to use your taxes.

I read what your saying, and I probably know you knew what the state funding for education and I were paying taxes for education even if we didn't have any kids. School them yourself. Still pay taxes. Put them in private school. Still pay taxes. Until it changes, your stuck!

Your taxes are going to pay even if you don't want to.

And to be saying it again, teacher's do not have unions in Texas. No unions are funding teachers or schools. Do you think LMISD is going down the tube because of unions?

The people running LMISD and the people voting for those trustees are making this district fail. If you live in a neighboring district, maybe you should be thinking/wondering about the students coming into Texas City, Dickinson, Hitchcock, Galveston.....many students coming with poor educational foundation.

What are these districts going to do? Most do not have the buildings, teachers, etc. to teach 500 more students in TC, Dickinson, Hitchcock, Gal. You won't have a decision. Your district must take them and try to educate them.

No unions are coming to your door to help you.


Mr. Aulds putting this article out there was a very good thing! It draws a very GOOD TANGIBLE picture of how bad LMISD really is, and what actions parents are taking to ensure their kids are properly educated!
I do agree with everybody, that this chart and breakdown Mr. Aulds put out there could be just scratching the surface of the real amount of LMISD children who are EDUCATIONAL REFUGEES at other schools!
I'm also glad IHOG, that the state money follows the children, and that is GREAT, considering the mismanaging we know is going on over here. Hey be not deceived, there are some LMISD kids as far north as Clear Creek ISD. I know this to be true.
I'm happy as a tick on a dog about it all! The reason is I was a recipient of an education, tainted under "NESTOLOGY" conditions, and I worked my _the_ off trying to overcome that! I did a good job,..but it took a lot of work. Nobody should have to be left that far behind,...that's all I know!

Walter Manuel

I had someone bring to my attention that one of my post may have been on the line of being "sexist", however what I posted in no way was intended to be sexist. but rather a statement that is repeatedly being made by district employees. If my statement came across as being sexist than I apologize as I said it was certainly not my intention.

Dorothy Holt

Don't apologize for what you say. Those who throw "racist, sexist, etc." daggers at your comments have no other way to counter your arguments. To heck with them until they can intelligently counter your posts with something substantive. Don't ever apologize to those kind of people.

Walter Manuel

Excellent point Cougargator!

The sad part about sending a child to either a private school or another school district is that the parents still have to pay local school taxes to an underperforming school district, as well as, tuition and transportation expenses which doubles the cost of educating their child.

It's no doubt that spending the extra money is well worth the education that a child would not receive in LMISD right now!

Gary Miller

Every time ISD school taxes go up it increases the number of parents who can't afford to fund a better education elsewhere. If you think that is accedential you don't understand how progressives think.
If all parents could use their education taxes for school choice all schools would be better. Bad schools would be replaced by good schools and a good education would cost less because we wouldn't be funding bad schools.

Gary Miller

SCOTUS offered taxpayers and voters a way to cut education costs and greatly improve education quality.
Several American school districts took the offer.
They fired "all" the employees of their ISD and replaced them with State Charter or private management.
Taxpayers own "all: the infrastructure of the ISD. ISD employees own nothing and are owed and deserve nothing beyond their last paycheck.
It was an easy choice to give or lease the ISD infrastructure to the charter and private schools who used it to cut costs even after paying extra teachers more.
There is enough waste in ISD budgets to hire twice as many teachers and double their pay.
All the best ISD teachers got better jobs in the new schools, low quality teachers got jobs in the private market. Most ISD schools have more good or great teachers than low quality teachers. The ISD system won't let them teach because failing is sold as a reason for more money.


Mr. IHOG,..Hey Mr. IHOG! Sir, you just don't understand! Coming in here talking sense, about good management principles! Who does he think he is? We don't operate like that around the EAGLES NEST!!!
I suppose to bring him on board, I'll have to go give him a crash course in the ways the NEST operates. JBG knows "NESTOLOGY!" LMISD is not about educating. LMISD is about maintaining jobs, and shrines. Come on now,..even Little Stevie Wonder, Ronnie Milsap ,......and Ray Charles could have spotted that!
Not that I don't agree with him because he is talking miles of good educational sense,...but I'm just saying.......

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